Choose between the Container or RO/RO Shipping Methods

Container shipping services are the more popular option for anyone planning to ship a car to Swaziland. This enclosed transport method is recommended to individuals moving out of the U.S. or anyone spending and extended period of time out of the country.

The reason for that is because you can store household goods inside of the extra space in the container and your vehicle as well.




With the roll on roll off method, you are prohibited from placing personal possessions inside of the vehicle. Before the ship date, all of your property must be removed and shipped by some other means. If you are only spending a short vacation in another country, this is the best choice you could make.

The roll on roll off method also requires shippers to have their car repaired if it has any leaks. Any leaks will damage the ship and could potentially damage the other cargo. The roll on roll off method is safe and reliable, but your vehicle will be exposed to weather conditions.

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How Much Do International Shipping Services Cost?

The cost for international shipping can only be estimated after specific details are received, but be sure to collect quotes from at least three different companies. Distance, the make, and model and the method of shipping are all factors that come into play when determining how much it will cost to ship a car. There are extra fees that the shipper might have to pay to enter the country. Taxes and duties must be paid in full so that the receipt can act as proof for Customs. The Embassy of Swaziland can provide you with accurate tax rates.

Prepping the Motor Vehicle Prior to Transport.

  • Wash dirt and deposits from the vehicle.
  • Make sure the security alarm is disabled.
  • Make sure the gas reading is no higher than a quarter tank full.
  • Document the condition of your vehicle.
  • Make sure the vehicle is undergoing maintenance before the transport.
  • Lock the vehicle before it is loaded onto the ship and hand the keys over to the professionals.


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