Can I Rely on a Transport Company to Ship My Car to Turkey Safely?

You can hire a professional transport company to ship your car to Turkey safely. As an experienced international auto transporter, they have the right equipment and gear to secure the vehicle for its long travels ahead.

They also have familiarized their employees with international shipping and foreign import policies. Fortunately, Turkey makes it possible to have vehicles imported permanently or temporarily.

If you wish to have the car imported into the country temporarily, it mustn’t be there past 180 days within a 12 month period. Once your permit is up, the vehicle must exit the country’s borders. Retired individuals moving to Turkey can have a private vehicle imported for one year. Contact the Embassy of Turkey for more information on the current import policy.

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The Two Most Popular Shipping Methods for International Transport.

RO/RO shipping is an open air transport method. This is the cheapest and most cost effective form of international auto shipping. The automobile must be properly prepared and completely empty before it is secured on top of a flatbed ship. During the shipping process, the vehicle will be left open to outside elements. Fortunately, all overseas transporters are required to provide insurance coverage even though accidents are rarely a concern for the professionals.

Another favored method of transport is container shipping. Container shipping is a wonderful option for anyone who wishes to ship other possessions to Turkey along with their vehicle. Although this method of overseas transport is a bit more costly than the RO/RO method, it presents a lot more options. For instance, you will be able to choose between several container sizes and your possessions can be packed inside the vehicle and remaining container space. All belongings will need to be approved by the country. If you do not need all of the space provided within a shipping container, you can split the space and cost of the transport method with another individual.

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