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Exotic Car Transport Services

Exotic CarRemember that not all auto transport companies specialize in exotic car transport. Here at A-1 Auto Transport, we car about your exotic automobile just as much you do. If you need exotic auto transport services, fill out the form at the top of the page to get instant exotic auto transport quotes today!

Exotic Car Shipping Information

Owning an exotic car is a dream of just about everyone and a reality for a relatively few people. When you have the opportunity to buy or sell an expensive and you need to have it safely shipped from one place to another, it is important to choose the best possible exotic car shipping services available. It would be foolish to try to skimp on the shipping service after paying such a premium for your car or after selling the car at such a high price.  Any time you are dealing with an exotic car, it is critical to first think about the safety of the automobile. That involves keeping it safe from everything from flying rocks on the road to criminals who want to steal the car and even from people working at a car transport company that just want to take it out for a quick joy ride.

The safety of any exotic car is always of utmost importance when choosing a car transport service so it does not make sense to hire an amateur or a company that does not often deal with exotic cars. This process of shipping involves many extra items which need to be addressed by the shipping company that are not normally there for the typical auto transport. The main added concern is security. Many thieves would love to see an exotic car being pulled down the road by an amateur auto mover. This would be an easy target for them to hijack and steal for their own uses. An expert in these services would know that it is important to only use enclosed auto transport.

An enclosed transport truck will provide many advantages to both the buyer and the seller of any exotic car. The most obvious advantage is that nobody will be able to see what is being transported, so you won’t attract the unwanted attention of potential criminals who may want to steal exotic cars. Keeping the car inside an enclosed truck will ensure the safety of the car from flying rocks or road debris as well. Ensuring the car’s safety from all possible threats is job number one for any exotic vehicle transport service and an enclosed truck is just one of the many ways they work to ensure you have a successful experience using their transport services.


Why Use These Specialized Shipping Services?

Exotic Car ShippingOne of the reasons exotic cars are so desirable to many people is because they are rare and very fun to drive. This combination will make it hard to resist for some less reliable auto transport services to take it out for a quick test drive. If you choose to have your vehicle transported by an inexperienced shipper, you may have to worry that they will want to get in and drive your car a few miles just so they can say that they’ve driven such a fancy car. Of course, this can quickly lead to a disaster when they realize that they can’t handle such a fast and powerful car and they crash it. Some people don’t realize that driving these powerful machines is quite a bit different than driving a typical car around town. This could result in anything from a damaged engine or transmission to a completely totaled car from crashing into someone.

Exotic Auto Shipping Services Are Important!

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to exotic vehicle transport. When working with experienced professionals, you’ll find that the stress involved with a normal auto transport situation fades away. Knowing that someone who knows what they are doing and can handle virtually any situation with your vehicle  is a comforting feeling. Experienced movers will also typically be able to insure the specific car you are having them transport so you know the dollar amount insured is sufficient. Some lower end shipping companies may just have a generic insurance policy that is not sufficient for such a high value item. While it may be adequate for the vast majority of all cars they ever ship, it may not be nearly enough for a high end, exotic car.  It is for this reason it’s important that the company get a custom insurance policy for the exotic cars and that’s something a good exotic car transporter will be able to do without a problem.

When selling an exotic car it will be a good selling point to mention that you will be using an experienced and professional exotic car transport service, since the buyer will want to be able to know you are taking care to keep their new car safe every step of the way. Giving the potential buyer this added comfort can easily add to the final price of the exotic car and that can help cover any additional expenses associated with getting the specific exotic car transport service you want. The added price can actually make the entire experience more profitable in the end.

Whether buying or selling an exotic car, it is very important to make sure to get the best possible exotic vehicle shipping service to get the car moved from one location to the other. Most people would never consider trying to save a few bucks when doing a transaction worth many thousands of dollars and it would be foolish to do so in this case. Hiring an auto shipper with experience working with exotic cars is one of the best moves you can make to ensure the entire buying or selling process goes smoothly. It is amazing the amount of hassle and stress which can be avoided by simply finding the right exotic car transport services to help you through every step of the process. Let us make your car transport experience an easy one – fill out our quote form today for your exotic auto shipping quote!

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