Door to Door Service

Submitted by Morgan Nicole Miller
on 02/27/18

Door to door delivery is a concept that people tend to overlook and underappreciated. This type of service is defined as a company that is paid to deliver house to house. For example, the mail that many people wake up to and read every morning was delivered by this type of service company. Door to door service could benefit busy households who can’t afford the time to pick up basic necessities such as groceries. Door to door services impact society today by making it easier for customers, creating jobs for the unemployed, and moving goods from the buyer to the seller at a faster rate.

Door to door deliveries makes it easier for customers in modern society. For example, people have the opportunity for groceries to be delivered to their doorstep instead of leaving the house. Many families are too busy juggling activities such as jobs, sporting events, school activities, and many other time consuming tasks. It is difficult to find the time every two weeks to buy household necessities. Door to door services alleviates the stress of having to plan one more tedious event. For more advanced shoppers, the shopping can be performed solely online with a small click of a button. The service will package, ship, and deliver your purchase to your front door in a matter of days, depending on the location. Thanks to modernized technology, the common man can buy a variety of goods without leaving the comfort of his/ her own home. The only cost to this luxury is a small delivery fee that most companies don’t even make the customer pay. The most common online grocery stores in America today include Google Express, Instacart, AmazonFresh, Peapod, and Shipt. These companies thrive and invest in door to door delivery on a daily basis. Without the door to door delivery feature, online companies would lose customer business because the customer would have to pick up the packages at the company; therefore, defeating the purpose of online shopping. Also, online shopping does not limit a person to the amount of items a customer wants to purchase. Other examples of using door to door shipping and online shopping include: buying gifts for family members, preparing for future storms by buying supplies, and buying everyday items for around the house. Most things that can be bought in a store, are commonly sold online.

Many Auto Transport companies also perform these services by moving cars from one destination to another. For example, say a single owner of two cars is moving from Chicago, Illinois to Columbus, Ohio. The single owner cannot drive two vehicles on their own so Auto Transport companies help them. They will transport the second vehicle from one home to the desired destination which allows the person to travel smoothly.

In relation to jobs, it takes a working team of employees to manage this kind of service. After an order is placed it takes a supplier to make the product, a retailer to buy the product and resell to a bigger market, a package to gather the customers’ orders, and a door to door delivery service to deliver the product to the house of the buyer. All of these jobs must be filled in order to complete each individual order. Due to the need for workers, door to door delivery opens several hundreds of jobs for the unemployed to work in a variety of positions. In modern society, unemployment is affecting the lives of many people worldwide, but these services have supplied and provided opportunities for new jobs.

Door to door service creates many jobs in America today. According to U.S. Statistics Online Grocery Statistics, 14.2 billion dollars came from online grocery shopping in America and are expected to rise to 30 billion dollars in 2021. Roughly 1,500,000 jobs in America are door to door delivery jobs and truck drivers according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Online webpage. These jobs range from Pizza Hut delivery men and women to Amazon Prime employees. On a more common relatable level, a pizza delivery is considered a door to door service. The pizza guy delivers the customer pizza just like another company would deliver a package. Companies also have a tendency to promote the speed of the delivery process. For example, Jimmy John’s slogan is “Freaky Fast Delivery” which promotes the speed of their sandwich delivery which entices customers to order from Jimmy Johns. Companies may limit the mile radius for delivery in order to keep up with the quick demand for deliveries, but a door to door service is still incorporated in this process. Another example would be Amazon with their efficient two-day shipping. Customers rely on their quick two-day delivery which in return brings in more customers for the business. Door to door delivery has revolutionized the way businesses gain and keep loyal customers.

Lastly, door to door delivery service has decreased the amount of time it takes for a customer to receive a good. The competitive online shopping market has not only brought jobs to America but decreased the amount of time it takes to receive a package. In 2010, it was common to receive a package 2-3 weeks after the order was placed. In a modern delivery service date, it is common for a customer to receive the item within a week of buying it. For example, automobile repair businesses no longer have to wait for 2 to 3 week to replace a part in the engine block. Since every engine is different in different cars, it is nearly impossible to hold every part in stock. Instead, the automobile repair shop can buy it online and have it shipped to the shop by a door to door delivery employee. This helps repair shops get vehicles in and out of the shop at a more efficient rate. This is why the importance of quicker delivery is being affected by more door to door delivery service companies.

In conclusion, moving goods from the seller to a buyer at a faster rate has the ability to create jobs for many people and make it easier for customers. Door to door jobs can range from the pizza delivery employee that delivers your favorite pizza to your house during the big game, or it can be the Amazon Prime delivery employee that brings a new sink to your front step. A vast amount of jobs can be classified as a door to door service and has made the business world grow as a whole. These services have revolutionized the market in many ways and has made delivery more accessible to the public. The world has greatly benefited from the work of door to door delivery services and will continue to grow in future years.


Submitted by Morgan Nicole Miller
on 02/27/18

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