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Lithuania Vehicle Registration Process

Register A Vehicle In Lithuania: Process & Paperwork Registering a vehicle in Lithuania is fairly straightforward compared to many other overseas nations since it is now part of Europe, which has a fairly uniform process from country to country. There are, however, some specifics that pertain to Lithuania, which we will cover in the sections below and then provide some links for further information related to the process of registering a car, truck, or motorcycle. Vehicle Registration Documents The vehicle registration process in Lithuania is not overly complicated and required pretty much the same documents as other European countries when…

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Shipping Cars Overseas from the USA

Shipping Cars Overseas from the USA There is absolutely no doubt about it, overseas car shipping services out of the U.S. is beneficial and cost effective.  In actuality, shipping a car through auto transport professionals is the only way to get a car from the coast of the U.S., into another nation. The experts will care for your car as if it were their own using the right equipment and safety precautions learned, as long as you hire the most dependable car shipping services around. Luckily, it is easy to find a reliable transporter when you use the Internet to…

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Shipping Cars Overseas from Texas

Shipping Cars Overseas from Texas Auto transport companies relocate cars and other motorized vehicles all over the world on a daily basis. Every country sets its own import laws regarding the vehicles that they allow into their borders. Some allow used vehicles to enter and some don’t. Some have regulations as to how old the car can be when it is imported into the country. When you want to ship a car from Texas to another nation, you must make sure you remain in compliance with all the laws set by the other country. When you must ship a car…

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Shipping Cars Overseas from Florida

Shipping Cars Overseas from Florida It is possible to have your car shipped safely from the Florida to another nation. By hiring a licensed transport company to handle your vehicle’s relocation, you can rest assured that it will arrive lawfully and safely make it into the nation. An international transport company with a longstanding history and plenty of experience will have the knowledge and training they need to help you comply with the import laws set by the country you need to have your vehicle delivered to. Complying with the import policies of another country is one of the most…

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Shipping Car Overseas from California

Shipping Cars Overseas from California Shipping a car to another country from the coast of California is best done through a professional auto carrier. Trying to ship a car to another country any other way is nearly impossible, especially without the help of experienced professionals. You need a lot to successfully complete an international transport. It would cost way more to try and carry out the transport alone than it would to hire those already established in the industry. Estimating the cost of an auto transport cannot be done without supplying the transport company with a few details. Then, they’ll…

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Nicaragua Vehicle Registration Process

Nicaragua Vehicle Registration Process & Vehicle Import Limitations To register a vehicle in Nicaragua, you have to be a citizen or a resident. You can usually get residency status within a year of living in the country. Import taxes on vehicles tend to be high in Nicaragua and they are levied based on engine displace so you’ll pay more for larger vehicles. There are also limitations on the age of vehicle that may be imported: no more than 10 years old. There are some exceptions to this rule, but they generally only apply to classic or antique vehicles, which require…

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Monaco Vehicle Registration Process

How To Register An Imported Vehicle In Monaco In order to register a vehicle in Monaco, imported or otherwise, you need to be a resident with valid proof of your residency status (a residency permit). There is one exception however: you may register a vehicle if you are a nonresident that rents or owns property and are named on the lease. In this case, the registration must be renewed each year. Monaco Vehicle Registration Documents To register a vehicle you’ve shipped to Monaco, you will need to go through a process that involves presenting a number of documents (not unlike…

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Indonesia Vehicle Registration Process

Indonesia Vehicle Registration Process & Rules Of The Road Before we talk about registering a vehicle shipped to Indonesia, we should first address the steep import duties imposed, as well as the limits on what types of vehicles may be imported. Though there are some exceptions, most cars brought into Indonesia must have an engine displacement of no more than 3,000 CCs, and you may not bring in a used car unless you are a diplomat. Additionally, the import duty on vehicles can approach nearly 300% of its value making the total shipping costs very high. Vehicle Registration Requirements To…

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Dominican Republic Vehicle Registration Process

Registering A Vehicle In The Dominican Republic There are some things to be careful about when registering an imported vehicle in the Dominican Republic. It can often be a good idea, especially for expats and foreigners, to seek out the services of an attorney to help make things easier. It’s not uncommon for people to be taken advantage of while going through the process of registering a vehicle on their own. Another caveat: any vehicle imported into the Dominican Republic has to be less than 5 years old and most of what are considered luxury cars are not allowed. Nor…

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Costa Rica Vehicle Registration Process

Vehicle Registration Process In Costa Rica Unless you happen to be shipping an alternative fuel vehicle like an electric or hybrid car, the import taxes are very high for vehicles in Costa Rica. Though there are different levels of taxation based on the vehicle’s age, the low end still sits a relatively hefty 50%. For vehicles that are more than three years old, the import duties get even pricier. Vehicle Registration Information Vehicles brought into the country need to be registered as soon as possible—as of this writing, the window for registration is only a couple days. You can get…

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Virgin Islands Vehicle Registration Process

How To Register A Vehicle On The Virgin Islands | Process & Procedure In order to legally operate a motor vehicle in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you will have to get it registered, even if you’re shipping it from another country. If shipping from the United States, the duty is comparatively low (from 0 to 6%), but you will need to bring some relevant paperwork such as the bill of lading and vehicle title. The section below goes into more detail about the required documents. Many types of vehicles are used in the Virgin Islands, with some of the more…

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Tanzania Vehicle Registration Process

Registering An Imported Vehicle In Tanzania | Process & Required Documents The two main components of Tanzania vehicle registration are the roadworthiness inspection and the registration application. Vehicle inspection is a part of the overall registration process, which also involves submitting several documents to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (see section below). Import taxes are high for any type of vehicle brought into the country, with larger vehicles and those with higher engine displacement being the most heavily taxed. To give you an indication, most cars are assessed an import tax of 25%, a value added tax of 18% and an…

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Sri Lanka Vehicle Registration Process

Registering A Vehicle In Sri Lanka: Process & Requirements Before we discuss the details of registering an imported vehicle in Sri Lanka, it should be noted that there are a number of limitations on what type of vehicles can be shipped to the island nation. For one, only vehicles that are right-hand drive can be used in Sri Lanka so if you’re brining a car from the U.S., you will need to have a conversion done before registration. Additionally, most vehicles imported into the country must be no more than three years old (there are some exceptions). You should also…

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South Korea Vehicle Registration Process

South Korea Vehicle Registration Process, Documents & Procedures Import taxes for vehicles brought into South Korea range from around 20% up to 35%, with most cars from the U.S. falling into the 27% to 35% range. Some larger vehicles are not eligible to be imported into South Korea; for example those that weigh over 3.5 tons or those that carry 10 or more passengers. Vehicle Registration Documents Just like shipping a car to South Korea, getting it registered involves a process and submitting the appropriate documents. Here’s what you’ll need: Proof of ownership Vehicle registration application Vehicle import certificate Passport…

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Singapore Vehicle Registration Process

Understanding The Process of Vehicle Registration In Singapore Before we dive into the details of registering an imported car in Singapore, we should briefly touch on the limitations applied to vehicles brought in from another country. Any vehicle that is more than three years old (from the date of initial registration) is not allowed to be imported or registered in Singapore. Vehicles imported into Singapore must also be right-hand drive, meaning the steering wheel is on the right, rather than the left side of the car. Clearly, this can be an issue if you’re shipping a car from most places…

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Shipping Cars Overseas by Air

Shipping Cars Overseas by Air Anyone relocating to another nation is probably concerned with how they’ll get their cars and other belongings to the new location. While there are ways to transport cars and goods by ground or boat, some individuals prefer to use air shipping methods. Perhaps the biggest downfall with air shipping is that it cost much more than any alternative options. In fact, most individuals can’t afford to use air shipping due to its higher price. What makes air shipping so appealing is how quickly it delivers as well as the amount of security it provides. The…

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Vietnam Vehicle Registration Process

How To Register An Imported Vehicle In Vietnam: Process & Procedure One of the things you should be aware of before importing and registering a vehicle in Vietnam is that there are some restrictions and, in some cases, heavy taxes involved. Registering a used vehicle is not only a difficult process, but it is also an expensive one. If you are importing a used vehicle, you must be its original owner. Before applying for registration, any vehicle imported into Vietnam must clear customs. You will have to present all the relevant paperwork that’s related to the shipment of the vehicle…

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Venezuela Vehicle Registration Process

Venezuela Vehicle Registration: Taking The Guesswork Out Of The Process There is not a ton of information available on the internet about registering a car or other vehicle in Venezuela, but what is out there can be helpful if you plan to register an imported vehicle. On this page, we’ll sum up the best and most pertinent information available to help you with the process of vehicle registration in Venezuela. At the bottom of this page you’ll find some helpful resources to help you with the process of shipping and registering a vehicle in Venezuela. The website for the Ministry…

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Ukraine Vehicle Registration Process

How To Register An Imported Vehicle In Ukraine This page will detail the essential things to know when registering an imported vehicle in Ukraine. The first section will cover the process, including the documents you’ll need, as well as the relevant timelines and nuances of the registration tax. The second section covers information about driving in Ukraine, including some resources to help you navigate the roads while you figure things out, or if you just need a refresher on some of the local road signs. Vehicle Registration Documents & Tips The process of registering a car or other type of…

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) Vehicle Registration Process

Vehicle Registration Process In The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Just like any other overseas location, vehicles imported into the UAE must first go through customs clearance before being registered locally. Make sure that you hang onto any paperwork you receive during customs clearance since most (if not all) of it will be needed during the process of registration. Any foreign vehicle driven in the Emirates must be registered locally and the registration needs to be renewed each year. Required Registration Documents Every vehicle that is imported or driven in the UAE must be registered and insured. Registration is typically valid…

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Trinidad Vehicle Registration Process

Registering An Imported Vehicle In Trinidad: What To Know Before we discuss the various aspects of registering a vehicle in Trinidad, you should be aware that there is both a value added tax (VAT) and a motor vehicle tax that will have to be paid to register a vehicle in Trinidad & Tobago. The VAT currently sits at 12.5% of the vehicle value, however, the motor vehicle tax varies depending on the type of vehicle and its engine displacement. For vehicles with an engine size of 2,000cc’s or more, the tax has been increased 50%. There is also a sliding…

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Importing a Car into the UAE from the USA

Importing a Car into the UAE from the USA Shipping a car off to another nation is much too difficult for those that doesn’t have the right equipment or knowledge of overseas auto transport. That’s why people come to A1 Auto Transport for all their overseas car transport services. We will make sure your car arrives safely to its destination in the UAE. We are a reliable and affordable car shipping company with experience in domestic and international transports for vehicles of all kinds. The most important thing you can do before shipping a vehicle to the UAE is to…

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Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to UAE

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to UAE For secure and affordable ways to get your car shipped anywhere throughout the world, find a transporter. That makes it easier for you to ship a car to UAE without any hassle. There is a lot that must be addressed when it comes to an overseas auto transport. All of the country’s rules and regulations must be met before the import of the vehicle can be approved. Your customer service reps at the transport company you chose to hire will be familiar with the auto import laws and tax rates of the…

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from the USA to the UAE?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from the USA to the UAE? The cost of shipping a car to another country is often the greatest concern for anyone in need of buying an international transport. It is a common misconception that car shipping services are expensive and too unaffordable for most to take advantage of. In reality, auto transports are reasonably priced and you’ll have a variety of options so that you can stay within your budget a little easier. Most transporters will even modify your shipping services within your financial constraints whenever there is the possibility…

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Exporting a Car from USA to UAE

Exporting a Car from USA to UAE Exporting a car from the USA to the UAE is actually easier than one might think. About 50% of the UAE’s imports are motorized vehicles. In fact, they are the second largest automotive market in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). For American citizens looking to ship a vehicle overseas to UAE, the assistance of an international car shipping company is imperative. There is no easier, safer or more affordable way to ship a car to another country. As your transport company experts, they’ll guide you through the entire process of shipping. After urging…

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