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Table of Contents
  1. Ship Your Car To Or From Poland
  2. Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?
  3. Cost & Time Examples For Shipping A Car To Poland
  4. Popular Shipping Destinations
  5. Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Poland
  6. Requirements To Receive Duty Exemption 
  7. Applicable Regulations
  8. Additional Documentation
  9. Specialized Vehicle Import Regulations
  10. Automobile Transportation Methods To Poland
  11. Upon Arrival In Poland
  12. Shipping Of Heavy Equipment & Oversized Cargo To Poland
  13. The Assortment Of Shipping Services We Have To Offer Our Customers With Heavy Or Oversized Equipment
  14. Frequently Asked Questions
  15. What Are The Most Important/Busiest Ports In Poland For Car Shipments?
  16. How Much Will My Car Shipment From The Usa To Poland Cost Me, Can You Give Me A Rough Estimate?
  17. Can You Please Break Down The Entire Cost Structure Of Shipping A Car From A To Z?
  18. Why Do The Prices For Shipping A Car From The Usa To Poland Vary So Much, Even On Fixed Routes?
  19. I Have To Plan My Car Shipment According To My Schedule, Can You Tell Me How Much Time Does It Take For A Car To Be Shipped From The Usa To Poland?
  20. Can You Give Me A Checklist Of Documents I Need To Ship A Vehicle From The Usa To Poland?
  21. How Should I Prepare My Car For Shipping From The Usa To Poland?
  22. Can Us-Origin Vehicles Be Accepted In Poland As-Is?
  23. Can You Summarize The Car Shipment Process From The Usa To Poland?
  24. Can You Summarize The Customs Clearance Process For Cars Imported To Poland?
  25. How Can I Register A New, Imported Vehicle In Poland?

Ship Your Car To Or From Poland

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Most auto shipments to Poland from the United States cost $2,900 to $4,600.
  • Factors that can increase the total cost are the type and size of vehicle, where it is being shipped from, and what method of transport is being used.

Cost & Time Examples For Shipping a Car to Poland

Las Vegas, NV to (California port) to Gdynia$450$3,2005+37
Portland, OR to (California port) to Gdynia$475$3,2006+37
Phoenix, AZ to (California port) to Gdynia$550$3,2006+37
Columbus, OH to (New York port) to Gdynia$550$2,2005+15
Charlotte, NC to (New York port) to Gdynia$575$2,2006+15
Chicago, IL to (New York port) to Gdynia$675$2,2006+15
Atlanta, GA to (New York port) to Gdynia$700$2,2006+15
Denver, CO to (California port) to Gdynia$775$3,2007+37
Miami, FL to (New York port) to Gdynia$925$2,2007+15
Dallas, TX to (California port) to Gdynia$1,025$3,2007+37

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and the type of vehicle.

*Save the ground transport cost by delivering the vehicle to the nearest port.

*Allow an additional 10 days to process the documents.

*Prices are for 1 car in a dedicated 20ft container. This is the safest and most reliable way to transport a vehicle internationally. Other items may be included in the container to help save you money when moving.

*Using the RoRo (roll on, roll off) method is less expensive and shipments can be completed in fewer days. Contact us now for a free RoRo quote.

When exporting a vehicle to Poland, certain requirements and specifications must be met in order for a successful transaction to occur. As is commonplace with shipments to any other country, there is paperwork to be filled out, documents to send in, and fees to be taken care of. For more information regarding the costs acquired by shipping a car overseas, be sure to thoroughly read this article on the matter.

It is also important to take into account the weather conditions of the country. Poland has a climate that can best be described as maritime and at times, continental, depending on one’s location within the country. While winters are often harsh, cold, and snowy, often dipping below freezing temperatures, the summers are warm yet relatively mild. Summer is often considered the best time to travel to Poland.

As always, it would be beneficial to gain knowledge regarding the weather patterns of the country to understand any shipping delays that may occur. It is feasible to travel and import goods year-round to Poland, especially considering that the coastline, where your car will be transported, features a mild climate.

It is easy to navigate through and have positive relations with a country like Poland, which has risen from a history of oppression to a stable and welcoming community.

Poland is benefitting from a steady increase of tourism, so their customs and laws regarding moving and shipping into the country are strong and efficient.

Learn more about vehicle registration process in Poland.

Ship Car To Poland

A-1 Auto Transport ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-518-8708 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Poland

  1. Registration from country of origin.
  2. Vehicle purchase invoice.
  3. Title.
  4. Passport.
  5. Proof of ownership.
  6. Residence permit.
  7. Declaration (if vehicle is used)
  8. Inventory list.

Visit the Poland Customs Page for more information regarding this matter. Be sure to reference this page to better understand any limitations and/or restrictions you may face upon moving or transporting goods such as automobiles to Poland.

Keep in mind that the banks in Poland are closed on both Saturdays and Sundays, as is common in most European countries.

Any external or non-permanent parts of your automobile should be removed prior to shipment, as they may cause problems during a long delivery process. Many companies will also ask you to completely clean out the inside of the vehicle; this is especially true if you choose to use a RoRo transport service (more on that soon).

Furthermore, be sure to steam-clean the inside of your vehicle prior to departure so that your vehicle will not be quarantined before being shipped. This will speed up the delivery process, as the shipping company you choose will not have to move your vehicle to a quarantine facility, a cleaning facility, and back to the shipping facility. Bypassing these lengthy procedures will ensure a faster delivery process, and provide a smaller chance of damage to your vehicle.

Be sure to remove all air-conditioning gases from your vehicle as well.

If you are unsure about the eligibility of your vehicle’s shipping status, refer to Title 19 of the U.S. Code Of Federal Regulations.

Requirements to Receive Duty Exemption 

It’s possible to import a personal vehicle without paying duty or tax, if you follow the regulations set forth by customs. You’re required to have purchased the vehicle at least six months ago and been personally using it during this time. 

Applicable Regulations

If you do receive duty relief, then you won’t be permitted to sell, rent out or lend the vehicle to others for at least the next year. If you fail to follow this guideline, then customs will levy a charge for violating their policy (1). Further, you must be planning to live in Poland for at least six months and your vehicle must be properly registered in your origin country before shipping. If your vehicle doesn’t qualify for duty exemption, then import duty and excise tax will be imposed by customs. You’ll also have to pay a 22% value-added tax (VAT) (2). 

Additional Documentation

In addition to the import paperwork for vehicles covered above, be prepared to provide proof of insurance coverage. Other documentation certifying that you own the vehicle may also be needed (3). Customs will also ask to see a valid driver’s license. Customs instructs that the required inventory list should state the vehicle’s make, model, chassis number and engine number. All shipments must include an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number as well (4). 

Finally, according to the highly knowledgeable International Association of Movers, a signed valuation for the shipment may be necessary (5). Be aware that a sworn Polish translation of at least the vehicle purchase invoice, registration and ownership documentation is mandatory (6).

Specialized Vehicle Import Regulations

You may be wondering if there are any other regulations, when shipping a motorcycle, RV, classic car, plane or boat to Poland. Customs only permits one type of each vehicle, motorcycle or trailer to be imported into the country. Also, if you wish to import a utility vehicle, or if your car is owned by your employer - then duty exemption isn’t available (7). 

Other than these straightforward restrictions, there doesn’t appear to be any additional rules enforced regarding motorcycles, RVs and so on. However, this information is far from certain - so you’re strongly encouraged to contact customs for more detailed information.

Automobile Transportation Methods To Poland

  • Roll On/Roll Off (Ro-Ro) Shipping: This is the most common method of transportation that the majority of customers choose to transport their vehicles. This is a method of sea shipping where vehicles are driven on and off carrier ships using their own wheels. Ro-Ro sea vessels are equipped with ramps that aid in the process of driving vehicles on and off the ship. Essentially, it is a method of shipping that is best for any item that has wheels or can be safely placed on and off wheels. It is the most convenient and cost-effective way of getting your vehicle to Poland.
  • Container Car Shipping: This is a popular shipping method choice for those who want to send some of their personal items along with their cars to Poland. The vehicle is either collected at one’s home or is delivered to a depot. Depending on whichever price point is more desirable, customers can choose private containers, which usually run 20ft or 40ft in size, and use the leftover space to pack personal items in, or customers may choose to share containers with someone else’s vehicle. This is a slightly more expensive method, as more safety checkpoints and procedures must be met.
  • Car Transportation: This is a land-based and land-locked method of shipping, so it generally takes the greatest amount of time. Cars are insured and routinely inspected throughout the trip, but they must wait for a pending shipping date to Poland before they begin their journey.

Keep in mind, the vehicle must somehow be transported to a U.S. shipping port before it can begin preparations for shipment to another country like Poland. In certain cases, you may be allowed to drive your vehicle to a local port; this will help you cut back on any further expenses.

Upon Arrival In Poland

Once you arrive at your final destination, there are certain procedures that need to be taken care of regarding the safe arrival of your vehicle into the country.

  • Pay the appropriate customs duty as well as all taxes and fees associated with the shipment.
  • Have modifications applied and tested if necessary.
  • Apply for identification plate registration and approval with the Bangladeshi government.

Once you arrive, it would certainly be in your favor to acquire more information regarding driving rules and regulations in Poland.

  • Driving in Poland: You’ll want to know what the traffic and driving rules of Poland are as quickly as possible. Roads are generally well maintained in this country. The only exceptions are when roads are shared with classic dual carriageway systems, which is truly uncommon in the modern world.
  • Driver’s License: You may need an International Driver’s License if you are not from a country that is a part of the European Union.

Any further questions and concerns you may have can be directed to the U.S. Embassy in Poland.

Shipping Of Heavy Equipment & Oversized Cargo To Poland

Carefully transporting your heavy equipment or oversized cargo to another country isn’t at all easy to do without the help of licensed and experienced shipping specialists. Here at A1 Auto Transport, we have access to all the right tools and equipment as well as the latest in shipping technologies. With our networking skills and decades of experience, we are certain we can ship nearly any type of cargo overseas successfully. We even offer insurance coverage to every one of our customers to assure a successful delivery.

There are all types of heavy equipment and oversized cargo yet A1 hasn’t come across anything we can’t ship. In fact, we have shipped everything from agricultural equipment to engineering equipment. Below is a list of examples of some of the types of heavy equipment and cargo we have shipped in the past.

  • Large Vehicles
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Farm Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Pavers
  • Forklifts
  • Skidders
  • Backhoes
  • Motor Graders
  • Trenchers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Cranes
  • Backhoes
  • RVs
  • Motorhomes
  • Pontoon Boats and Large Water Vessels

The Assortment of Shipping Services We Have to Offer Our Customers with Heavy or Oversized Equipment

A1 has several international transport solutions for those shipping large or heavy cargo internationally. The methods available to you strongly depend on what type of equipment or cargo you have to ship to Poland as well as the amount of money you’re willing to spend on services. Fortunately, our transport technicians will help you with your options. They’ll make sure you are well aware of each transport method and how it’s carried out. Since each shipping method is priced differently, we will even try our best to work within your budget. Here are the methods of shipping we have to offer anyone transporting heavy cargo across the world...

  • Flat Rack Shipping
  • Container Shipping
  • Roll On/Roll Off Shipping
  • Lift On/Lift Off Shipping

It doesn’t matter what shipping method you choose or what kind of cargo you have to deliver to Poland, we offer free insurance coverage to all of our customers. Although this is only partial coverage, we do offer additional insurance plans if you wish for further protection on the value of your cargo during its transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important/busiest ports in Poland for car shipments?

While the coastline of Poland is dotted with ports, most of them are entwined with seafaring, rather than for freighting and shipping.

These are the most important ones:

Port of Gdańsk: This is by far the largest seaport in Poland and has two subsections: the internal port and the northern port. The northern port can service some of the largest vessels on the seas, i.e. with a capacity of around 300,000 tons. All in all, the port is as busy as ports get and has an annual cargo tonnage of more than 49 million tons!

Port of Gdynia: This port possesses favorable transportation connections and is the most likely destination for your car shipment owing to its vast capabilities in handling trans-shipping operations. With an annual container volume exceeding 849,123 (last data from 2018), the port services thousands of vessels year-round.

Port of Szczecin: This deepwater port now hosts a free trade zone within, it forms a duo with the port of Świnoujście; this complex is among the largest of its kind in the Baltic. The port can handle almost a million tons of cargo traffic, a major percentage of all cargo-shipping traffic coming to and going from Poland.

How much will my car shipment from the USA to Poland cost me, can you give me a rough estimate?

The average price range for shipping your car from the USA to Poland is between $2,900 and $4,600. This is by no means a fixed range, the price fluctuates based on several factors such as the details of the car itself, the shipping distance, and whatnot.

This is merely a reference for you to prepare yourself mentally for the financial commitment that lays ahead.

Can you please break down the entire cost structure of shipping a car from A to Z?

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the shipping costs:

  • The over-land traveling distance
  • Dues for the freighting
  • Insurance coverage fees if you opted for insurance protection
  • Storage charges (i.e. in wharves)
  • Delivery charges, in case you opted for it
  • Taxes applicable on your shipment, if you don’t fall under any exemptions
  • Customs duties
  • Car cleaning and vacuuming charges
  • Import processing dues
  • Customs broker’s charges; this only applies if you hire one

These are pretty much all fractions of your car shipping cost, in some cases, as you may have already noticed, you can save up by doing things a certain way. For instance, if applicable in your case, you can import your vehicle tax-free and thus save up on the taxes and customs duties.

Ship Car To Poland

Why do the prices for shipping a car from the USA to Poland vary so much, even on fixed routes?

Even on a fixed route, the costs for shipping a car can vary a lot and there are some reasons for that:

  • The make and model of the car, i.e. its details, sizes, etc.
  • The car’s age, i.e. when was it manufactured?
  • Based on the current condition of the car, how much is it worth monetarily?
  • The selected shipping option, i.e. “roll-on, roll-off” shipping is significantly cheaper than container shipping.
  • Whether or not your vehicle is exempt from the taxes and customs duties in the destination, if not, you’ll have to pay a percentage of the shipping price and the vehicle’s cost as tax.
  • If you opt to have insurance protection coverage, you’ll have to pay fees for that a well.
  • The equipment and materials used in this whole process will also affect the final price.

Lastly, of course, there is a difference between the routes as well. For instance, the overseas distance between New York port and Gdynia is shorter than California port and Gdynia. Thus the costs also vary.

I have to plan my car shipment according to my schedule, can you tell me how much time does it take for a car to be shipped from the USA to Poland?

The time frame for your delivery depends on both the overland and overseas distance traveled. For the departure port, you'll have to choose the one that is the closest to the original location of the vehicle, and the same for the arrival port.

For instance, the seafaring time taken to ship a car from the New York port to Gdynia is around 15 days. However, the route connecting the California port to Gdynia takes over a month to travel across.

Thus the exact time span depends on the route taken, and of course, the period we mentioned only covers overseas travel, not over-land.

Can you give me a checklist of documents I need to ship a vehicle from the USA to Poland?

Here’s what you need:

  • Vehicle registration documents from the USA
  • Purchase bill/invoice detailing the car’s specs and price
  • Certificate of title
  • Passport
  • Documented proof of ownership
  • Residence permit for the location being shipped to
  • If the vehicle has been used, you’ll also need to provide a declaration for that
  • List of inventory

How should I prepare my car for shipping from the USA to Poland?

You need to clean the car, both the exterior and the interior, have it spick and span, and make sure that the undercarriage is free of any soil contamination. There are a lot of other things to take care of as well:

  • Note the current condition of the car to compare after the shipment, i.e. take photos.
  • Take off any loose components such as the stereos, GPS tracker, and so on.
  • You can keep your belongings inside only if you plan on using the container shipping option, otherwise, you’ll have to take them out.
  • Don’t have any toll tags or passes in the car.
  • Charge the car battery.
  • Check your tires for air pressure/punctures.
  • Deactivate the security alarm system.
  • Fill up the fuel tank only to the quarter of its full capacity, no more than that.
  • If the car has any mechanical issues, report them to the shipper (documented).
  • Repair the leaks, if any, or at least report them so that the shipper can take care of them.
  • Secure the convertible top so that it doesn’t get damaged during the move.
  • Adjust the vehicle’s fluids, i.e. the coolants and oils, based on what you anticipate weather/climate-wise for Poland.

You can, of course, save yourself lots of hassle by contacting A1 Auto Transport and letting us handle the car shipment for you.

Can US-origin vehicles be accepted in Poland as-is?

US-origin vehicles usually don’t comply with Polish regulations in their default configuration, so here’s what you can do to make them accepted in Poland:

  • External light modification
  • You’ll also have to adjust the exhaust pipes to meet Polish standards
  • The turn signals should be orange in compliance with the traffic laws in Poland
  • Changing the speedometer

You don’t necessarily have to modify these aspects before shipping, you can do these when the car reaches Poland, just don’t delay it because that way you might have to contend with extra fees and, of course, time loss.

Ship Car To Poland

Can you summarize the car shipment process from the USA to Poland?

If you’re new to this, here’s a summary of the whole car shipment process:

  • Find out all you can about the process – you need to research the car shipment process before anything else:
  • Log onto the official websites of the concerned authorities of the Polish government.
  • Ensure that the vehicle complies with the import regulations of Poland.
  • Or at least, find out if it can be made to comply with the Polish regulations through some modifications.
  • Also, find out if you can secure a tax exemption for your case.
  • Gather the documents – you’ll need the following documented evidence before you can legally ship a car from the USA to Poland:
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Sales invoice/bill detailing the specs and price of the car
  • Ownership proof
  • Certificate of title
  • And other related documents
  • Understand the cost of shipping to Poland – here are the factors you need to consider:
  • Freighting charges
  • Insurance dues
  • Storage/transport/delivery charges
  • Duties and taxes
  • Car cleaning/preparation fees
  • Fee for the customs broker’s services
  • Get a reputed car shipping company on board – the A1 Auto Transport is a well-established and trusted international car shipment company; we always strive for customer satisfaction and settle for nothing less than that.
  • Shipping preparations – you’ll have to do these right:
  • Select the appropriate departure and destination ports
  • Clean the vehicle thoroughly and prepare it otherwise for shipping
  • Ensure that none of your effects are inside the vehicle
  • Opt for the shipment option most suited to your situation
  • Vehicle shipment – once all the preparations are taken care of, you can ship your car.
  • Arrival at the destination port
  • Unpacking/import processing
  • Customs clearance
  • Registration – following this, you can use the car legally in Poland.

Can you summarize the customs clearance process for cars imported to Poland?

The customs clearance process is intended to verify whether the vehicle being imported is indeed of the same monetary value as has been stated on the invoice. Also, it is up to the customs officials to determine whether your case demands any exemptions to the taxes and customs duties.

Here’s what you need to clear the process:

  • Original paperwork of the vehicle proving your ownership over it
  • Vehicle registration documentation
  • Bill/invoice, signed by the original owner (if you bought the vehicle)
  • Proof of insurance coverage
  • Documents necessary for importing household items (applicable to cars as well)

Once your car has cleared customs, you can collect it and then apply for registration. Please note that you can’t legally drive the vehicle on the roads of Poland unless you’ve registered it with the concerned authorities.

Ship Car To Poland

How can I register a new, imported vehicle in Poland?

For both new and used vehicles, you can register an imported car with the district authority wherever you’re living. You’ll need to have all of these documents with you to register your imported vehicle:

  • Documented proof of ownership for the said vehicle which shows that the car was sent over from abroad.
  • Documents detailing the specs/information of the imported car.
  • A certificate of conformity (which shows that the vehicle meets the legal requirements for car imports in Poland).
  • You’ll need proof of your payment for the Polish excise duty (or for exemption) in case your vehicle is not classified in the regular categories, i.e. for quad bikes.
  • For cars imported from the USA, you’ll need to provide documented evidence of customs clearance.

How can I register a used/my own car after importing it to Poland?

For used vehicles, you can register the vehicle all the same, but you need the following documents:

  • Documented proof of ownership
  • Documented evidence showing that the car was transferred from abroad
  • Vehicle registration documents (from the USA, if that’s where you’re importing the car from)
  • Evidence signaling that the car is road-worthy
  • Evidence for payment of Poland’s excise duty if your vehicle falls under the “other” category, i.e. for quad bikes
  • Otherwise, you’ll need documented evidence of duty/tax exemption
  • Customs clearance evidence

How can I import my own vehicle from the USA to Poland with tax/duty exemption?

If you had to relocate for your job and now want to import your car to Poland, you can skip the taxes and customs. However, there are some strict regulations in this regard that you must not violate, otherwise, the customs department will penalize you:

  • You can’t sell, lend, or rent the said vehicle for one year
  • You'll have to live in Poland for at least half a year following the import
  • Also, your vehicle must be registered in the USA before the import

You’ll need the following documentation for getting a tax exemption:

  • Insurance coverage proof
  • Documents certifying your ownership over the vehicle
  • A valid driver’s license
  • An inventory list detailing the car’s make, model, and other relevant details
  • Also, your shipment must have an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number
  • Shipment valuation (signed)
  • You'll also need Polish translations of the invoice, vehicle registration, and proof of ownership

In case, you don’t get an exemption (i.e. if your case does not qualify for it – new car purchase), then you’ll have to pay a 22% in value-added tax (VAT).

Other Services




Found on Atlas Int’l “Importing Personal Belongings Into Poland” page. 

(3) (4)

Found on Atlas Int’l “Importing Personal Belongings Into Poland” page. 


(6) (7)

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They started picking a part my car asking me why I still have it. If that’s their opinion of my vehicle, how can I trust they’ll take care of it? If something happened midway, why wouldn’t they just blame it on the car instead of paying up?

So, I cancelled this company as well and turned to A1 Auto Transport. From the get go, they were very different from my past options. Their website was very professional and up to date, full of useful information. I requested a quote using their online form, and I got an email response within an hour. Surprisingly fast!

If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought they were lacking customers, but the email spoke for itself. In just one email, everything I needed to know was there, including a contact number I could use to get more information or confirm the transport.

I called and got things rolling. I was very pleased with the driver. He followed standard procedure and represented his company well. Can’t remember his name, but props to him!

The car arrived in Washington 6 days later in excellent condition. From what I understand, the transport was delayed a bit by a storm, but since the time window was 4-6 days from the beginning, I don’t really care. You have my full support and recommendation!

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Fortunately, I made the right choice with A1 Auto Transport. They are very good at their jobs. I spent more than an hour drilling Joe with various questions, and he never once lost his patience. He saw I was interested, so he bore with me until I was satisfied. The driver was also very courteous and my car was intact on arrival. I couldn’t have asked for more.

By the way, the price we first agreed on stayed the same. There were no delays or unexpected “surprises.” I can safely say this is a legit company that will get the job done.

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We give A1 Auto Transport a big 10 out of 10! We chose them to move our car from California to Vermont, since we needed professionals.

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Kraków, Poland

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Lubin, Poland

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Poznań, Poland

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Warsaw, Poland

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Łódź, Poland

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