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Pristina is the largest city, the capital and the administrative centre in Kosovo. It is the district town and municipality. Besides this, it is also the artistic and cultural center of the country. You need to take care of completing all procedures and keep the documents handy for submission at the ports. After you give all the required information to your shipping company, they will communicate the choices and the associated costs. Albania has the closest port city of Durres and from there the car will be driven across to Pristina in Kosovo. After the vehicle arrives at Durres, the Albanian port and you or the shipping company will drive it to Pristina. However, ensure that the vehicle has 3rd party insurance, before you cross the Kosovo border.

When you are importing the vehicle, you or an authorized representative from the shipping service needs to be there to receive the car in Kosovo. The Kosovo Customs Department will clear the vehicle entry and completing the various custom formalities on an average takes 5 days. Before shipping, the Customs Department will ask to see some relevant documents like:

  • Title certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Original vehicle ownership papers
  • Value appraisal or sales bill
  • Passport or passport copy

If you want the shipping company to deal with entry to Kosovo, after collecting the vehicle from the Albanian port, you will have to sign the power of attorney. Some essential facts about vehicle imports to Kosovo include rules that you cannot import any vehicle that is over 6 years old. Additionally, there is an 11.5% mandatory customs fee that is levied on all imported vehicles. Apart from that there is a 16% tax depending upon the minimum vehicular value.

Mandatory Vehicle Regulations

It is necessary to observe Motor Vehicle regulations in Kosovo. Citizens of the United States will be familiar with many of these. When driving your vehicle remain aware of the following.

  • presence of a valid license
  • do not drive without passport
  • vehicular insurance is must
  • registration or circulation permit
  • disinfection of vehicle at border entry

Those looking for additional information can refer to the official website of Kosovo Embassy. The shipping agent can answer various questions that you might have about the different procedures. At A1 Auto Transport service, we can assist you at every step to ensure that the shipping of your transport is done legally and safely.

If you are looking for shipping options, there are two basic methods include RORO and container method. In RORO, your vehicle is driven directly on carrier ship for the overseas transit. It is secured onboard and driven off when at the port of Durres. It is inexpensive, and RORO option is the quickest method to ship. However, in situations where you need to transport various personal goods along with the car, the container shipping works better. It is more expensive as compared to RORO, but it protects your car and household goods better as it is enclosed within a container. To know the latest regulations and laws on vehicle import to Kosovo, contact the Kosovo Customs Department today.

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