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U.S. To Cambodia Car Shipping Basics – What To Know

Shipping A Car To Cambodia


Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • The majority of the cars shipped to Cambodia from the United States are done using containerized shipping. (This is common for international shipping, but roll-on, roll-off transport is an option in many countries.
  • The costs generally fall between $1,600 and $3,400, plus any applicable taxes and duties.

Shipping/Exporting an auto to Cambodia, like many other countries, requires a good understanding of the local laws, customs clearances, and taxes that apply to importing a vehicle into the country. At A-1 Auto Transport we have more than 25 years of experience shipping/exporting vehicles of all types to locations around the world, including Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia.

Like many other countries, Cambodia has limitations on what types of vehicles may be brought into the country, as well as import and value added taxes that apply. One thing that should be made clear about shipping a car to Cambodia: it is expensive.


Taxes on Cambodian vehicle imports are really high, which is compounded by the way in which the value of the auto is calculated. Rather than the cost of the vehicle or its current worth, the value is based on a chart that uses engine displacement and the year of the auto to determine the import tax. As many Americans have found out, the resulting taxes don’t always make sense, often totaling more than value of the car.


*Smaller vehicles, scooters, mopeds and motorcycles can be less expensive to ship to Cambodia due to the lower engine displacement.


Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Cambodia


  1. Certificate of registration
  2. Proof of ownership
  3. Purchase invoice 
  4. Passport
  5. Bill of lading


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Car Maintenance & Vehicle Upkeep In Cambodia

Another consideration when relocating a car to Cambodia is what you’ll do if your vehicle needs a replacement part. Not only is it generally expensive to import a car to the country, but it can be difficult and expensive to maintain if something goes wrong. Spare parts are not easy to come by for vehicle models that are not widely popular and the cost of gas is also on the high end. For this reason, as well as those mentioned above, scooters are very popular in Cambodia.




Who Ships Cars To Cambodia? 

Given the complications and high cost of shipping a car to Cambodia, you may be asking yourself, “Who actually does it then?” You might be surprised! Here are some of our most common international clients that relocate vehicles to Cambodia and all over the Indochina peninsula.

  • Private owners
  • Collectors
  • Expatriates
  • International travelers
  • Businesses & corporate professionals


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Resources For Shipping A Car To Cambodia

Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s international newspaper, which is stationed in Phnom Penh, the largest city and capital of the country.


U.S. Embassy in Cambodia – A good source of information and local resources, the Embassy of the United States in Phnom Penh is a great website to visit for travelers, vacationers and expatri

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