How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Truck?

Cost of Shipping a Truck

Shipping a truck is not much different from shipping a car, although it can cost more depending on the size and dimensions of the truck. The weight of the truck is also an important factor since heavier vehicles are more costly to transport.

Cost to ship a truck

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find some prices to give you a more firm idea of what you’ll be facing when a shipping a truck.

  • Size/Type of Truck – Smaller trucks like pickups are pretty much in line with the cost of shipping a basic sedan. A pickup or midsize car generally weighs in the neighborhood of 3,500 pounds, whereas a larger truck can weigh between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds. Going beyond this, semi trucks and heavy equipment can several times as much.
  • Shipping Distance/Location – Just like the size of the truck, the cost of transporting is always contingent on the distance being shipped. It’s an industry wide standard that more shipping distance equates with a lower per-mile cost, but the overall price will still be higher. Another consideration is the specific destination the truck is being transported to. For example, any destination that does not lie along a major highway or artery, isn’t accessible by roads, or requires other types of special services will cost more.

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Previous Prices For Shipping Trucks (In the U.S.)

Trucks don’t really cost more than shipping a car if you’re talking a midsize, something like a Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier, for example. However, if you’re shipping a larger truck like a Toyota Tundra or GMC Sierra, the added weight will cost more. The prices below reflect shipping costs for a midsize truck so you should adjust according if you’re shipping a smaller or larger truck.

  • Los Angeles, CA to Bismarck, ND – $874
  • Philadelphia, PA to Denver, CO – $1,043
  • Seattle, WA to Dallas, TX – $1,078
  • Chicago, IL to Albuquerque, NM – $832
  • Atlanta, GA to Sacramento, CA – $1,250
  • Minneapolis, MN to Columbus, OH – $631

One last thing to consider is the cost of shipping internationally. (To some extent, this also applies to shipping to Alaska and Hawaii as well.) Naturally, it costs more to ship a truck on a boat and there’s usually more mileage involved. There are also other shipping options which are specific to overseas transport, which you can learn more about in our international shipping guide here.


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