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The bustling city of Surat Thani is located within the Amphoe Mueang, Surat Thani Province in Thailand. Located 651 kilometers from Bangkok and is the capital of the Surat Thani Province. Geographically, it is situated close to the Gulf of Thailand, just at the mouth of the Tapi River.

If you intend to import your vehicle to Thailand, you might find it quite overwhelming because of the excessive documentation and paperwork that has to be dealt with. You are going to need a reliable and reputable shipping company, such as A1 Auto Transport. We are trustworthy and capable of assisting you at every single step of the way. You will have to get through the paperwork and we’ll help you. If you plan to import your vehicle for less than six months, you might opt for a temporary import but if you intend staying longer, you would need to go through the permanent import procedure. Contact the Thailand Consulate in US to get further details on vehicle imports to Surat Thani.

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Temporary Import.

If you want to import your vehicle on a temporary basis you wouldn’t have to pay custom duties, taxes or fees. All you need to do is pay a bank guarantee or make a cash deposit. When you export the vehicle out of Thailand within the given 6 month period, the amount of money would be returned to you.


  • 5 copies of special good declaration.
  • Vehicle registration.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Re-export details contract.
  • Application for temporary import.
  • Driver’s License and passport of the owner.

Steps to Import.

  • You have to submit all the documents at the Customs at the Port of Entry. We can take care of this.
  • The Thailand Customs Authority is going to check the documents and assign you a persona number for your application. They will calculate the payable taxes and duties.
  • You have to then issue a cash deposit or a bank guarantee for the fees.
  • You have to provide proof that this cash deposit or bank guarantee have been made.
  • Customs will inspect your vehicle and let you through if everything is fine.
Importing a Vehicle Permanently.

If, however, you want to import your vehicle permanently, there are different documents and requirements that you’d have to abide by. With this in mind, let’s start with the plentiful paperwork that you have to go through.

  • Import Permit.
  • Registration documents.
  • Valid insurance policy.
  • Release order.
  • Passport of the owner.
  • Import Good Declaration.
  • Invoice of Purchase.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • House Certificate for used vehicles.

All of the aforementioned documentation is required at the port of entry. The customs are then going to check all the documents and assign you a number and calculate the fees. You have to pay the entire amount accordingly and show the receipt to the customs that everything is being paid for. You would have to hire a professional shipping agency as the documentation that’s required is particularly extensive, as you can see for yourself. There are two different shipping methods for you to pick from – Roll On/Roll Off and container shipping. Both are acceptable but you should pick one based on your particular requirements and needs. RORO is great if you have only your car to import while Container Shipping is suitable if you have other personal belongings as well.

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