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Safe And Reliable Utah Car Shipping Services By A-1 Auto Transport

Part of the Four Corners region, Utah is well known for being one of the most religious states in the country as well as a place where you can explore for days on end through the vast terrain and still not get tired of the scenic views. Tourism is pretty big business here because of the plentiful recreational opportunities; however, because of the presence of the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, many people travel here for religious reasons as well. In fact, this is what the state is perhaps most well-known for, as Brigham-Young University is also located here. However, there is much more to Utah than its LDS ties.

Recreation is a big draw here. Many people travel over thousands of miles just to hike the scenic canyons or engage in world-class skiing down one of the many slopes during the colder months. If swimming is more your thing, there’s plenty of it to be had in any number of the state’s winding rivers; likewise when it comes to other water-based activities, such as canoeing or white water rafting, which is a common sight in the state of Utah. The Rocky Mountain chain spans this state, offering great chances for hiking, canoeing, camping and more within the vicinity of the mountains and with these majestic peaks serving as a backdrop. There are a number of other recreational areas around Utah that make it an attractive option for visitors from around the country that are interested in exploring all that this state has to offer. However, to gain access to these various areas of beauty, you may need a vehicle to get from one point to the next. Because of the mountains, there is also world-renowned skiing in this state as well. Utilize a vehicle shipping company to transport your car to Utah so that you can take full advantage of the natural beauty found in abundance in this state.

Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Examples

Shipping To/FromCostDistanceEstimated Time In Transit
Salt Lake City to Las Vegas$421421 miles2 - 4 days
Denver to Salt Lake City$390520 miles2 - 4 days
Salt Lake City to Portland$575766 miles3 - 5 days
California to Utah$579772 miles3 - 5 days
Utah to Texas$749999 miles3 - 5 days
Oklahoma City to Salt Lake City$7121187 miles4 - 6 days
Utah to Louisiana$8971495 miles4 - 6 days
Indianapolis to Utah$9091515 miles5 - 7 days
Utah to Columbus$10141690 miles5 - 7 days
New York to Utah$11032206 miles6 - 8 days
Salt Lake City to Miami$10142534 miles7 - 9 days

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and what type of vehicle you are shipping.

Car Shipping Companies Near Me

Looking for auto transport companies near you in Utah? People move from one place to another every day, and these moves are always a bit stressful and time-consuming. A move will be even longer if you have to relocate a vehicle. 52-thousand people moved to Utah in 2018, making it the fastest growing state in the union. If you’re moving there or looking to find a new place to call home, we can help with transport services. Trust your car with our expert team of drivers who have been working in car transport for years and have served thousands of customers. Head to A1 Auto Transport to compare brokerages and carriers with trucks in your area right now.

Using Utah Car Transport Companies

When you are looking to book Utah car transport services, keep a few key tips in mind.

  • Find the best auto shipping company: When you are shopping around for an auto transport company, look for the one that not only offers the best rates, but also the best policies for your shipping needs. There’s no sense choosing a company with services that you don’t need or want or with prices you can’t afford.
  • Inquire about routes utilized to ship your vehicle: In some instances, longer routes may cost more money. Ask about shipping routes not only so you can determine the cost you will incur to ship your vehicle, but also so that you have an idea of how long it will take to get your car back.
  • Determine whether your car is being shipped to a terminal or to your home: Depending on where you plan to ship, you may not have a lot of options. However, larger cities often provide a chance to ship right to your door or schedule pick-up at a terminal; compare price differences so you can choose the best one for you.

Visit the Utah Department of Transportation website for more information on Utah and the plentiful opportunities in which it can offer those visiting or relocating to the state.

Long Distance Auto Transport to/from Utah

Moving from one state to another requires a lot of planning in terms of packaging, budgeting, and scheduling. It can become concerning if time is limited or if your vehicle needs to be delivered to your new home on a specific date.

If you plan to move anytime soon, you need a reliable auto transport company to assist you. A1 Auto Transport will ensure a seamless process from picking up the car to delivering it right at your new doorsteps. To begin the process, call our staff now.

International Auto Transport from/to Utah

To deliver a car from Utah to another country, here’s what you should consider:

  • Doing it on your is very difficult and time consuming. You also risk making expensive mistakes, so we recommend you use an auto transport company like ours.
  • You should first read the law of your new country regarding car imports. Taxes vary, and you may have to modify your car to meet standards. Make sure it’s not cheaper to buy a new vehicle before you ship the old one.
  • Call our company as soon as possible. Rush orders are naturally more expensive, and due to the nature of long distance shipping, they may not be possible. To make sure your transport goes smoothly, talk to our staff today.

Cheap Car Transportation Options in Utah

When it comes to auto shipping costs, speed is an important factor. The sooner you need your car delivered, the more expensive its transportation will be. To reduce costs, schedule your shipment in a timely fashion.

If you’re looking for lower rates, you may want to ship off season. In cold weather, transportation can be more challenging, so we give out seasonal offerings to help our clientele.

Ask for an open carrier, as they are widely available and cheaper as well. If there are terminals nearby, take full advantage of them. Drive your car over to avoid door to door service fees.

Finally, see if you qualify for any discounts. You may be able to lower your costs this way.

Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in Utah

Exotic, luxury, classic, and antique car shipping requests are frequent at A1 Auto Transport. From experience, we recommend our enclosed auto carriers for these tasks. They offer greater protection to the automobiles and they arrive much faster as well.

Through a combination of white glove service and regular updates on the car’s status, this is the highest quality transportation option. The luxury or antique automobile is not exposed to the weather, as it would be on an open carrier. Our insurance limit for enclosed transportation is also much higher, so in case of an accident on its way to Utah, you’ll be able to recover your losses.

Utah Special Discounts

Our Utah residents benefit from several special discounts, including seasonal offerings given in certain times of the year. Students and seniors can transport their automobiles at a reduced price, and similar offers apply to military members as well. To see what discounts you may be entitled to, we recommend you call us directly.

Auto Transport Safety Measures in Utah

The state of a company’s carriers is a good indicator of the safety level you’ll benefit from. If the carrier’s new or well maintained, it will protect your car from most or all external factors. It will also strap it in, so it won’t collide with other vehicles while on board.

Other than checking the carrier, you may want to exchange some words with the driver. Ask about his experience, the route he will take, his length of employment at the current company, etc. This may calm your mind.

Remember if something does go wrong, you can always recover your losses. All companies have insurance policies set in place in case of an accident. We are required by law to compensate you partially or totally for any damages your car suffers while in our care.

Services And Information

A-1 Auto Transport ships worldwide. Click Here or call to get a free, no obligation to buy, price quote for your shipment.

How to Request a Price Estimate

If you’re looking for an expedited service, are set on ordering auto transportation or your shipping situation is a bit complicated, we recommend calling our company directly. We can give you a more exact quote based on your situation and adjust the transport to match your circumstances. For some clients, we’ve managed to reduce their costs using this method, while for others, we’ve resolved some of their transportation problems before they could escalate.

On the other hand, if you’re just browsing the internet comparing prices, using our online form will give you the fast response you’re looking for. It takes less than 4 minutes to complete. Go to the top of the page, read the instructions in the “Quote Calculator,” and begin.

Utah Auto Transport Companies Directory


DZ Auto Shippers

DZ Auto Shippers offers a wide range of shipping options at a price you can afford.

3439 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, UT


Spider Transport Inc

Spider Transport can provide shipping for luxury and classic vehicles for those in need of specialty shipping options.

1510 South 7th West, Salt Lake City, UT

801-746-5380 ‎


Auto Transport Group LLC

Auto Transport Groups is one of the only shipping service providers in the Ogden area, shipping around the state and the greater Four Corners region.

1621 West 2550 North, Ogden, UT

801-612-1319 ‎


Alpine Auto

This locally-owned Utah auto shipping company provides both open and enclosed transport and maintains an excellent record of customer service.

6995 Union Park Ctr # 390

Cottonwood Hts, UT



Auto Driveaway Co

A nationally owned and operated company, this is a great option if you need shipping around the country.

186 East Main Street #102, Sandy, UT


Vehicle Registration in Utah

Utah’s Division of Motor Vehicles handles all vehicle registrations in the state, be there registrations for new residents, new car purchases or registration renewals.

To get your vehicle registered in the state of Utah, you have to visit the DMV office and submit your car’s insurance policy, the vehicle title, your driver’s license, a inspection certificate and a payment for the registration fees. The fee will vary depending on your car’s weight and year, and on which county you settled residency in. Take note you can register by mail if you are living temporarily outside of the state.

Please note that special types of vehicles (ATVs, custom-built vehicles, trailers, etc.) might have slightly different requirements in regards to the registration process.

Registration for New Utah Residents

When moving to Utah you benefit from a 60 days grace period to get your vehicle titled and registered with the local DMV. You can do both the titling and registration simultaneously.

To finish the registration process, you should submit the following paperwork to the DMV:

  • A fully completed titling application;
  • The certificate of registration issued in your former state of residency;
  • A vehicle inspection certificate;
    • Take note that the VIN can be also completed by an employee of the DMV office during the process of registration.
  • A certificate from the safety inspection or an emissions test certificate;
  • Proof of payment for the fees for registration;

How to Register a Car in Utah

Cars purchased from a dealer

Usually, the dealer submits the car registration paperwork to the DMV in Utah after finalizing a sale. You will also receive a temporary certificate of registration that will make it legal to drive your car until the final registration is done and gets sent to you by mail.

Cars bought from private individuals

To register a vehicle bought from a private individual, you should bring the following documents to the DMV office:

  • The title certificate signed in your name;
  • Your Utah issued driver’s license;
  • Your car insurance policy;
  • The safety inspection certificate and/or the smog test certificate;
  • Proof of payment for all registration and titling fee, as well as the fee for the temporary permit that’s going to be issued in your name.

Until your registration certificate is processed and issued to you, you will be able to drive the recently acquired vehicle onto the streets of Utah using a temporary permit. If you haven’t completed your vehicle’s emissions test or the safety inspection, you will be able to use the temporary permit to perform the required tests and submit the proof of passing to the DMV.

How to Transfer a Utah Car Registration

You can transfer the license plates from your old vehicle to your new one by submitting these to the local DMV office:

  • The license plates of your old vehicle, which will be inspected to verify they meet the legibility requirements of the state;
  • Your Utah driver’s license in copy form;
  • The title of the vehicle signed in your name;
  • A Utah car insurance policy;
  • A certificate proving the passing of a safety inspection and/or a test for emissions;
  • Registration fees paid in full.

Temporary Utah Registration Permit

You can use a temporary registration permit to legally circulate on the streets of Utah while the registration process is ongoing, or to perform the requested inspections for your permanent vehicle registration.

If you bought the vehicle from a car dealership, they will also provide you with a temporary permit. If you buy your vehicle from an individual, you will have to request the temporary registration permit from the DMV by submitting these documents:

  • The title certificate of the vehicle signed in your name;
  • Proof of your vehicle’s insurance;
  • An ID card with a photo;
  • The payment of the temporary permit fee;

Non-Resident and Military Car Registration

For military members

Utah residents that serve in the military have to go through the same vehicle registration process as civilians.

Utah military members stationed in other states

If you are a resident of Utah and are stationed on active military duty in another state, you can preserve your Utah registration and license plates.

You can also benefit from a series of exemptions, given that the vehicle is titled in your name and there isn’t an active lease on it: from emissions inspections, safety inspections, or property tax exemption.

Military members stationed in Utah that reside in other states

While you are stationed in the state of Utah, you can drive your vehicle using the license plates and registration issued by the state where you have your residency. However, if you purchase a car in Utah, you’ll have to pay a use/sales tax, regardless of where you will register the vehicle.

Registration for Residents of Other States

If you are a full-time student at any higher learning accredited place in Utah (college, university, etc.), you are not required to register your vehicle with the local Utah DMV.

However, if you work in Utah and reside in another state (exception being military members and full-time students), you have to get a Utah certificate for your vehicle’s registration if you fall into one of these categories:

  • Your driver’s license is issued by the state of Utah;
  • Your permanent residence is in Utah;
  • You are living in Utah for more than 6 months;
  • Your workplace is in the state of Utah (exception being seasonal workers). - Persons that commute into the state of Utah from other states still fall into this category.;
  • You take on residency in Utah to benefit from state services, like school for the kids.

Registering a vehicle in Utah from another state

You can register your car by mail if you are temporarily residing in another state. You should follow the registration steps for new Utah residents and also contact the DMV to get informed on emissions testing requirements and the amount you need to pay in registration fees, depending on the vehicle you want to register.

Fees for Vehicle Registration in Utah

Any car’s registration tax depends on its weight, year, and residence county (as the use tax and sales tax might vary by location). The year of the vehicle divides the respective fee into 2 categories:

  • An aged-based uniform fee;
    • It applies only to passenger cars and its value is higher for newer cars, ranging from approximately $10 for cars older than 12 years to approximately $150 for cars newer than 3 years.
  • A uniform fee.
    • It applies to motor homes, heavy-duty and medium trucks, as well as to commercial trailers.
    • It represents 1 per cent of the value for motor homes and 1.5 per cent of the value for trucks and commercial trailers.

How to get a duplicate of the registration certificate

Whether your registration certificate is deteriorated or missing, you should immediately get it replaced. To apply for the release of a duplicate you have to submit:

  • Your driver’s license issued by the state of Utah;
  • Proof of payment for the duplicate release fee.

Vehicle Inspections in Utah

Safety inspections: They are are mandatory for vehicles such as: school busses, street-legal ATVs, salvaged vehicles for which there are requests for rebuilt automobile titles, commercial vehicles, vans or buses for hire, three axles or more, and service providers of ground transportation.

Safety inspections can be performed at any inspection station approved by the DPS.

Vehicle identification number inspections

Vehicles on their first registration in the state of Utah must be subjected to a VIN inspection.

Usually, a safety inspection suffices for passenger cars if the inspection certificate has an accurate VIN number mentioned on it.

For the registration of boats, trailers, off-highway vehicles, or snowmobiles, a distinct VIN inspection, performed for free at any office of the DMV, is mandatory.

Emission inspections

Residents of these counties are obliged to submit their vehicles to emissions inspections: Cache, Weber, Utah, Salt Lake, and Davis.

Utah License Plates

At the moment of registration, you will have to decide the design of your license plates. You will be issued the standard design for Utah’s license plates if you do not choose a specialized design. There are various options available and you also have the possibility to get personalized license plates.

Replacing Utah license plates

When you notice your license plates disappeared or are damaged, you are mandated to get them replaced in the shortest amount of time possible.

To apply for duplicates for your license plates, you need to submit the following documentation to the DMV:

  • The current registration certificate;
  • The VIN;
  • Payment for the fees of the license plates.

It is also possible to obtain a duplicate for your license plates through mail. For this process you need to include:

  • A handwritten letter requesting the issue of the duplicate;
  • The certificate from the registration in copy;
  • Payment of the applicable fees by money order or check.

Registering a car that is not operational

You can postpone the renewal of your vehicle’s registration if you’re not planning on driving it on the roads of Utah without being fined for the expiration of the registration certificate.

Other Utah Resources - official government website for the state of Utah.

Utah Wikipedia Page - everything you need to know about the state of Utah.

University Of Utah - Set in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain range, the University of Utah has a vantage point like no other. Inspiring views complement perspectives learned in classrooms and labs, and bespeaks the vast opportunities campus provides.

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