How To Ship Your Suzuki.

For first timers shipping their Suzuki, questions abound. With this in mind, we decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions by past customers.

Open or enclosed?

The decision between open and enclosed shipment is one often riddled with misconceptions. About 97 percent of shipments in the industry happens on open trailers. Open trailers have been proven statistically safe and offer very few problems. In fact, it is the preferred method for dealerships. However, for luxury of those collector’s item vintage vehicles, it might be prudent to use enclosed transportation.

How much does it cost?

Driving the vehicle cross country might seem appealing, but considering all the cost involved, car shipping is the better alternative. When driving across country, one has to factor in the cost of gas, accommodation, food and other logistics. Handing over the vehicle to a reliable shipping company means one does not have to deal with these costs. However, the actual cost of the shipment will depend on several factors. The choice between open and enclosed will definitely affect the price. Typically, enclosed shipment costs between 33 and 50 percent more than the open transportation. The prices of open transportation also vary with the level on which the vehicle is loaded for multi-car carriers. Top loading, having one’s car on the top deck, is more expensive considering the fact that the vehicle will be protected from damage by road debris.

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When setting up an account, whether or not to pay a deposit is a question many people struggle with. Regardless of the prices agreed upon it is always prudent to pay a deposit. Without the deposit, technically the company is not hired, and they might find loopholes through which to wiggle out of their responsibilities to the client. However, with a deposit paid, the company essentially confirms their commitment, recognizing the client’s faith and having to perform. Paying a deposit is also an incentive for action over those orders that do not have deposits paid.

Door to door or terminal pick up?

Again, the decision between these two will depend on several factors. First, the state of the vehicle can make this process easy. Whether the vehicle is in driving condition or not will determine whether it is delivered to the shipping terminal or picked up at home. Those with the time and resources to deliver and pick up their vehicles at both ends of the journey might consider terminal based pick-up and delivery. Otherwise, even though it might be a little more expensive, door-to-door is the most convenient. In fact, many companies only do door-to-door deliveries.

During the shipping process, one will find that picking up the vehicle always takes much longer than the actual delivery. The majority of orders are shipped in a week, but the actual pick up might take between 2-3 days. After the pickup, not much should go wrong. The delivery depends on the distance. Overseas shipping might take longer depending on whether it is air or freight. Domestic road or rail shipment takes between a day and 7.

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