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Importing a Vehicle to the Island of Papua New Guinea From the United States

Shipping A Car To Papua New Guinea

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • The cost of shipping a car to Papua New Guinea from the U.S. is $2,600 to $5,200 depending on the type of car and the availability of transport carriers going to the area.
  • Since New Guinea is an island, there are limited routes comparative to other countries around the world.

Export a vehicle to Papua New Guinea with international shipping methods, essentially RO/RO or container shipping are the most pertinent. When traveling to Papua for an extended length of time, or moving there permanently, having a personal vehicle for travel will be of great assistance. However, in Indonesia car importation is frowned upon unless a person is there for an extended diplomatic mission and while it can be done, it will be rather difficult. All laws on importation must be addressed and professional assistance will be necessary.

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Information in Regards to Papua New Guinea Local Travel

Papua New Guinea consists largely of the western half of the island of New Guinea. It is a province of Indonesia and can be difficult to travel to if large possessions are needing to be shipped, such as a vehicle. Otherwise, arriving by plane or boat isn’t a concern. 

Concerns with Shipping a Personal Vehicle

There are several concerns with transporting a personal vehicle to the island of New Guinea. You will want to thoroughly consider whether having a vehicle shipped there is of importance to you. Here are some of the major concerns:

  • Indonesia doesn’t want their travelers to import a vehicle unless strict guidelines are met.
  • The tropical weather in Papua can wear on a car more quickly than here in the U.S.
  • The humidity, strong winds, and extreme weather make maintaining a vehicle’s health more difficult. It also makes the island’s roadways more prone to deterioration.
Reasons to Ship a Vehicle to Papua New Guinea

Considering there are various reasons to refrain from transporting your vehicle to Papua, there are also some verifiable reasons why having your own vehicle would be beneficial.

  • Having your own vehicle allows you to travel more rapidly, usually reaching your destination quicker.
  • Purchasing a vehicle in Indonesia can be more costly than it is in the U.S., due to the fees associated with the region.
  • Public transportation is accessible but not nearly as reliable as having your own vehicle.
  • You will have the freedom of traveling immediately to wherever you may need or want to go.
  • You can avoid currency issues and language barriers that come with public transit.
Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Papua New Guinea
  1. Purchase invoice
  2. Bill of lading
  3. Passport
  4. Work or residence permit
  5. Packing list
  6. Value declaration from customs
  7. Certificate of origin
  8. Import permit
Shipping Methods: RO/RO and Container Shipping

Seeing as Papua is a part of the island of New Guinea, there are many ports available. RO/RO shipping and container shipping are the most frequently used methods of shipping internationally. There is air shipping, but it is very expensive and nearly impractical.

RO/RO shipping is a roll on, roll off method. The vehicle rolls right onto the ship and right off of the ship. The vehicle must remain empty to be shipped.

Container shipping is a little more costly than RO/RO but it allows you to fill your vehicle with belongings. Your vehicle will be put into a container on the ship. The container is large enough to fit more belongings outside of the vehicle. When traveling to Papua with others, the container can be split. Another person can use the same container for belongings and you can have them split the costs of shipping.

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