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Ship Your Car To Or From Hungary.

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • Having a car shipped from the United States to Hungary isn’t terribly expensive given the distance, but there are other associated costs, such as import taxes and registration that will add on to your total cost.
  • On average, most cars transported to the area cost between $1,700 and $3,500 to ship.

It is certainly possible to export your vehicle to Hungary. Of course, in order to do so you must be fully compliant with all the government rules and requirements. This means that it is essential to do your research and make sure you are using the most up-to-date information. Each country has their own quirks about the types of cars and vehicles that can be imported along with specific documents and regulations that must be considered ahead of time.

General Information.

The first thing to understand is that it will be much easier to complete this process if you are the holder of a valid Hungarian Residence Permit (or the vehicle is in the name of such a person). This will allow your forms and documents to have a much easier time as they go through the proper channels. You should also bear in mind that due to some of the rules, a US made car or vehicle might need to have some technical modifications before being shipped to Hungary.

Ship Your Car To Or From Hungary

You will, of course, want to use a very reliable shipping company. They can help you to understand and navigate all of these rules and requirements. Make sure they are licensed to operate internationally and have dealt with shipping vehicles to Hungary specifically in the past. This will also ease your mind that they are familiar with the various rules and requirements and can help you to complete the process smoothly.

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Things to Keep in Mind.

There are a number of things to remember even before you attempt exporting your vehicle to Hungary. For example, a car or truck may be imported duty-free as long as it is equipped with a catalysator (a catalytic converter), even on a temporary basis. For this to happen, your Hungarian Residence Permit must be valid. In other words, if you are simply going on an extended vacation and think that having your car to drive the highways and byways outside Budapest is a cool idea, forget about that right now.

Your vehicle should ideally be a newer model. Another main restriction under Hungarian law is that your vehicle should be under four years old. Older model vehicles may be shipped to Hungary, but they will need to pass an environmental examination. The cost will be billed to you for such a test. In some cases, passing such a test might involve the completion of some technical modifications.

Your vehicle will also need to clear Hungarian customs. The good news is that once this happens, you are pretty much finished. After it clears this step, you will be issued a Hungarian Registration number. This number is similar to registering your vehicle at the local US State MVA. It will allow you to drive your vehicle in all the states throughout the European Union, which is a great fringe benefit.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Hungary.

  1. Invoice or value declaration – This must also be signed by the customer or vehicle owner.
  2. Identification – Provide copies of your passport, Work Permit, and Residence Permit.
  3. Original registration papers – For your vehicle.
  4. Liability insurance – This is mainly to cover the shipper and Hungarian government; can be very difficult to obtain in the US.
  5. Bank guarantee – Will need to have your shipping expert explain how to obtain this document.
  6. Hungarian Power of Attorney – This should include the original document along with the signatures of two witnesses.
  7. Drivers License – Copy of your US driver’s license will suffice.
  8. Bill of lading

You will also need to make sure to file your intentions with the US Customs and Border Protection. Normally, this would likely be handled by your shipping company, but always confirm that everything has been handled.

Learn more about registering a vehicle in Hungary.

Retrieving the Vehicle.

Another important point to remember is that your destination is a land-locked country in Europe. That means that whenever shipping your vehicle to Hungary it will need to arrive at a port and then must be transported over land. Typically, your vehicle will arrive at a port in Croatia, like Rijeka or Ploce. From here, your international shipping must arrange transport to your final destination in Hungary.

You, or your representative, will need to actually arrive at the destination in order to take possession of the vehicle. If all of your documentation is in order, this step is usually a formality. Just be sure to have all papers with you, including your own identification.


In order to ship your vehicle to Hungary, make sure to follow all of the guidelines. This means gathering all of the appropriate documents and also using an experience international shipping company. The process will take some effort, but will ultimately be worth it once you are motoring down the highways and byways of Europe. The best option would be to import a newer car that is three years old or less, but even an older car can still work as long as it passes the environmental inspection.

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