Ship Car To Miskolc


Miskolc is a city located in the northeastern part of Hungary and it is generally know for the heavy industry. It is the fourth largest city in the country and it is also the regional center of Northern Hungary.

It is known as an industrial city and the largest upbringing into the economy was provided by the industrialization of the city throughout the Soviet era.

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Ship your vehicle.

In order to ship your car there you have to meet all the requirements. This means that you would have to do your research and to ensure that you have the most relevant information. Each country has different sets of rules for importing vehicles in them and you would have to comply with a lot of documents and specific regulations.

It is important to understand that the process is going to be simpler if you have a valid Hungarian Residence Permit, or the vehicle is owned by a person with such permit. This will enable you to fill out much less complicated forms and documents. You should also be aware of the fact that US made cars may need to be specifically modified in order to qualify for a clearance in Hungary.

You will also want to use a reliable and reputable shipping company. This is going to help you to understand properly the rules and the requirements. You must make sure that they are licensed and that they have shipped vehicles to Hungary in the past. This will allow you to be calm about the fact that they have actual experience with the process.

Import tax exemptions.

There are a lot of things that you have to be aware of when you export your vehicle to Miskolc. If you have a catalysator, you can import the vehicle duty-free, even temporarily. The Hungarian Residence Permit however, has to be valid for this to happen.  Basically if you think about going there on a longer trip and getting your car imported is probably not the best idea that you might have.

Ideally, you car should be new. One of the restrictions is that you can’t bring in vehicle more than 4 years of age. Vehicles over that age have to pass environmental examinations and you are going to be billed for it. Some cases would require you to modify your vehicle in order to pass the test.

You are also going to have to receive a Hungarian customs clearance. Once you are through with it   you are all set. You are going to be issued a registration number of Hungary and it is similar to the local MVA. It will allow you to drive through all countries part of the European Union.

Essential Documents.

  • Value declaration or invoice – signed by the owner.
  • Identification – copies of passport and work permit and residence.
  • Original registration papers.
  • Insurance for liability.
  • Bank guarantee – explained by the shipper.
  • Power of Attorney for Hungary – two witnesses present on the signing.
  • Drivers License – copy will suffice.

You are also going to have to file the intentions to the US Customs agency. This should be handled by A1 auto Transport service.

Retrieving the car.

This is important because Hungary is land locked and your vehicle will arrive at the port in Croatia, and it will have to be driven to the country. A1 auto Transport service will take care of the transportation to Miskolc.

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