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Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

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Auto Transport Services Indiana (IN)

🇺🇸 Indiana (IN)

Safe And Reliable Indiana Auto Shipping Services By A-1 Auto Transport

The state of Indiana, or the Hoosier State, is well-known for its correlation to the world of professional racing, with the infamous Indy 500 taking place within the borders of the state. However, there is much more than meets the eye to this northern Great Plains destination.

The largest city, Indianapolis, along with other major cities in Indiana like Fort Wayne, Gary, Terre Haute Evansville and, South Bend is home to several prominent universities, major sport team franchises, and countless entertainment options. When living in Indiana, having a car is a must, so you'll need to ship your car to your destination. For this, you will need reliable Indiana auto transport services.

Indiana In

Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Examples

Shipping To/FromCostDistanceEstimated Time In Transit
Indianapolis to Columbus$175175 miles1 - 2 days
Detroit to Indianapolis$299299 miles2 - 4 days
Fort Wayne to Philadelphia$463617 miles3 - 5 days
New Orleans to Indiana$645860 miles3 - 5 days
Indiana to Florida$6411069 miles4 - 6 days
Texas to Indiana$6661110 miles4 - 6 days
Indiana to Colorado$7121187 miles4 - 6 days
Phoenix to Indiana$10421737 miles5 - 7 days
Indiana to Las Vegas$11211869 miles5 - 7 days
Los Angeles to Indianapolis$10342067 miles6 - 8 days
Oregon to Indiana$10572114 miles6 - 8 days

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and what type of vehicle you are shipping.

Car Shipping Company Near Me

Looking for auto transport services near you in Indiana? People are moving in and out of the Hoosier State every day. If you’re moving or planning to attend one of the many major events held in Indiana this year, like the Indianapolis 500, our team of professional drivers can help get your car transported to your door.


Tips For Handling Indiana Car Transport Companies

When you are looking to book Indiana car shipping services, keep a few things in mind.

  • Time of year: If you plan to move or ship a car during high peak times of the year when you are sure to get a driver and lower rates, then you might want to plan just a little further ahead than usual. This ensures that you get your auto transport services shipping request through in time.
  • Affordability: When you are shopping for Indiana car transport quotes, you want to be sure to find something that fits your budget. Auto shipping companies can quote you a range of prices depending on the type of shipping services in which you are interested.
  • Background info on your chosen Indiana auto transport company: For example, if the Indiana auto transport company in question doesn't have a solid record of customer service, you want to know it BEFORE you book Indiana car shipping services. Do some research to make sure that the Indiana car shipping service you choose is the best one to fit your particular needs. Read BBB accredited reviews online, and see what past customers are saying about their driver, if their car arrived safely, and general information about the services they received.


Whether you’re planning a trip to Indianapolis to watch NASCAR’s finest race around the track of the Indy 500 or you want to explore some of the cultural heritage of the areas like Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Terre Haute, book your auto transport services so you can have your vehicle to explore wherever you would like to.

Visit the Indiana Department of Transportation website for more information on Indiana auto transport services.

Long Distance Auto Transport to/from Indiana

It’s inconvenient to drive your vehicle across the country, especially when dealing with the reason for your move, be it a new job, studies, or home relocation. Car shipping services like A1 Auto Transport operate throughout the country, so you can count on us for long distance Indiana auto transport.

We offer both open and enclosed Indiana auto transport, either through terminals or directly from and to your door. Prices can get even lower than $500, thanks to our solid auto transport system and our carriers that ship a dozen at once. Not only does this auto shipping service save you time, but in some cases, it’s even cheaper than trying to transport it yourself.


International Auto Transport Services from/to Indiana

International auto shipping can be a stress-free experience once in the hands of A1 Auto Transport. We’ll deal with customs for you, prepare the necessary transport and take care of the shipment itself.

All you have to do is provide some basic information about your circumstances, documentation, like an id, the car’s registration, whether you can transport household goods etc. for customs clearance purposes.

Cheap Auto Transport Options in Indiana

Thanks to a well-constructed system, our discounts, and our seasonal offerings, our auto shipping services are affordable to most citizens. If you want to opt for our cheapest Indiana auto transport services, here are the ones that will keep costs to a minimum:

Our terminal to terminal auto transport service is reasonably priced. This is because the driver can pick up all the cars at one central location, and drop it off at another. Since it saves us time, we offer this service at a discount. Those in major cities like Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Indianapolis qualify can pick up their vehicle from a driver at a terminal.

When opting for a low cost, we recommend you ship your car with our open carriers. The larger carrying capacity of the carriers enables us to reduce prices considerably. When combined with our terminal system and our discounts, everyone can benefit from our auto transport services regardless of income.

Luxury and Classic Car Auto Shipping in Indiana

Shipping luxury or antique automobiles to Indiana requires special attention. Of course, you may also transport them the normal way, on an open trailer. But if money is not a problem and you want to ensure they’re fully protected, then enclosed carriers are a better delivery option.

Certain weather conditions such as snow, wind, or rain can damage an exotic or classic car’s body if it’s left exposed. However, in an enclosed carrier this problem is eliminated. Such trucks enable easy loading for low ground clearance cars, so the chances of them getting damaged are minimized. As the owner, you will also receive daily updates from the truck driver regarding your car’s current location from anywhere in the country. You will also be notified as soon as delivery is made to its destination in Fort Wayne or South Bend or wherever it is headed.

Indiana Auto Transport Special Discounts

Military members using A1 Auto Transport’s services benefit from a special discount. Similar price reductions are given to student and senior customers. If you wish to reduce auto transport costs as much as possible, we recommend you call regarding our seasonal offerings. They’re available during certain times of the year (eg memorial day) and can be used by everyone when transporting to a major city like Fort Wayne, South Bend, or Terre Haute.

Auto Transport Safety Measures in Indiana

Accidents during auto transport are a very rare occurrence. Due to technologically advanced carriers and proper safety procedures, a bump or scratch caused by a flying pebble is the most you should expect. Try to get a free car wash before handing it over so you can spot any changes right away.

Cars cannot move while on the trailer and the surrounding beams limit the area exposed to the elements. Also, after you hand over your vehicle to the truck driver, its safe delivery becomes our responsibility. This means in the event a pebble does leave a scratch on your new paint job, you can ask for compensation.

Services And Information

A-1 Auto Transport Ships Worldwide.

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How to Request a Price Estimate

Most of our potential customers use the online free quote form due to its convenience and privacy. You can find it on any page, and it’s very easy to complete. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter to get the right instant quote for the services you require.

If you wish to make contact with us through the phone, you can easily do so through the number listed above. This method is more direct and can save time on both ends. Also, during the discussion, we may be able to arrange cheaper car transport for you. Some of our customers have saved up to 15% after speaking to us.

Indiana Auto Transport Companies Directory

The auto transport industry in Indiana is spearheaded by:

Auto Driveaway

Serving the greater Indianapolis area and nationwide beyond the United States, this Indiana car shipping logistics business provides both local and national car transport service to those looking to move into the Indianapolis area or out of it. Offering door to door and terminal to terminal deliveries. Ship everything from cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, heavy equipment, and more. Licensed, bonded, and insured business. Get a free quote today online, by phone, or by email.

2559 East 55th Place

Indianapolis, IN


Guaranteed Auto Transport

Just as the name says, this car shipping company guarantees a solid customer service experience and a wide array of shipping options, depending on specific needs. Each trained, professional driver ensures delivery in the best possible condition. They only own a couple of auto transport carriers, so book your shipment early. Ratings of this trucking and hauling business are generally good.

6121 North College Avenue

Indianapolis, IN


Guaranteed Auto Transport

Vehicle Registration in the State of Indiana

Indiana state law requires the registration of every vehicle at the BMV in order for them to be legally operated by a driver on the roadways.

Vehicle registration may be realized either online or personally at the office. Regardless of the way of transmission, the following documents are mandatory: title, driver’s license, car insurance proof, payment of the registration fee. In addition to the documentation, take note that emission inspections are due from 2 to 2 years for all vehicles in the state, and new residents must provide proof of completion for a VIN inspection as well.

If you own a legally registered Indiana state vehicle, make sure you keep the plates and registration current by getting informed on the registration renewal policies.

All new Indiana residents have a period of 60 days to complete the registration of their vehicles at a local branch office of the BMV.

However, to apply for a registration, you must own a car title issued in your name by the Indiana state. Make sure to get informed on the policies of transfer for vehicle titles.

Steps to be Taken for Registering an Indiana Car

Dealership-bought: All car dealerships handle the registration and title processes for their clients, as well as collecting the fees for registration - the two being part of the purchase process.

Private Party-bought: You are required to register in person any vehicle purchased from individuals. It can be done:

  • Online – by meeting 2 requirements: having already submitted your title application and the purchase not being older than 60 days
  • In-person at the office – if the purchase is older than 60 days
  • Note that you can apply for the title of the vehicle also by mail.

Online Vehicle Registration

Online registration is only possible if the purchase date is not older than 60 days and you already have a title from Indiana on your name.

During the online registration process, you have to provide:

  • The number of your driver’s license issued by the state of Indiana;
  • The title information of the vehicle;
  • Proof of payment for the fees of registration.

In case 60 days have passed since the acquisition date, you must be present in person at the office of the Indiana BMV to register the vehicle in your name.

In-Person Vehicle Registration

For purchases older than 60 days or for vehicles that are not titled in the state of Indiana on the name of the new owner, the following documents must be submitted in person at any local BMV office:

  • The owner’s Indiana issued driver’s license;
  • The vehicle’s title documentation;
  • If the vehicle is not titled in the name of the new owner, additional documentation submission will be required in order to transfer the old title in your name.
  • Documentation of car insurance recognized in the state of Indiana;
  • Proof of payment for all taxes and fees regarding the registration.

Mail ordered car title: Even though you can’t register your car in the state of Indiana by mail, you have the option to apply for a car title from outside the state. After the titling of the vehicle, you get the option of registering it online through the remote registration process.

Vehicle registration transfer in Indiana: Indiana state authorities give you the means to transfer the title of your old car onto a newly acquired vehicle up to 45 days from the purchase date by paying a small fee. The sole condition is the car’s title must be on your name. If it’s not the case, please take into consideration that you can apply for both the title and the registration on the same day.

Non-resident and Military Vehicle Registration in the Indiana state

The car registration process differs depending on your status:

1) Indiana stationed military without being a resident: If your vehicle is properly registered and insured in the state where you have your residency, you don’t have to register your automobile with the Indiana BMV.

However, if you claim residency in Indiana state, you’ll have to submit yourself to the process of registering a car in it.

2) Indiana stationed military residents: The same terms and process of car registration as civilians applies

3) Military residents stationed outside the state: Apply for care registration by using the online portal of the BMV. If you’re having trouble registering your out-of-state car, contact the BMV Call Center for help and support to find proper guidance.

Fees of Car Registration

The amount of fees and taxes you will have to pay to have your car registered in Indiana depends on car type, its price, age, and county of residency.

Note that Indiana’s fees for passenger cars are standardized, but the fees for truck registration vary depending on the vehicles’ weight.

In the complex registration process, you will find multiple types of taxes, each applicable to different situations: transfer of license plates, late registration, the release of duplicate for the registration document, release of duplicate for the license sticker or plates, change of the type of the license plates, change of the information for the car registration, etc.

Excise tax: The price and the age of your vehicle might determine you to pay an excise tax as well at the moment of registration.

Indiana stationed Military members that do not reside in this state but have their vehicles registered within benefit from an exemption of the excise tax when they renew their registration.

Wheel tax and surtax: Their variation depends on the owner’s county or city of residence.

Car Inspections in the State of Indiana

To keep your car legally circulating in the state of Indiana, you have to submit it to an emissions test once every two years. This inspection is not required at the moment of registration.

However, if your vehicle has never been issued a title in state, a VIN inspection is mandatory. These inspections can be issued by an officer of the law or by the BMV office.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Car Registration?

Any destroyed, lost, or deteriorated registration document can be replaced at any Indiana BMV office or even online.

To submit this request, you will have to provide:

  • Your title information,
  • Your driver’s license number,
  • Proof of payment for the fee of the duplicate.

Indiana State License Plates

Once the taxes are paid and paperwork submitted, the stickers and license plates should arrive shortly. Specialized plate delivery will take longer.

Special requests, like transferring your old car’s license plates onto a new car, are also possible by submitting for a transfer of registration.

Other Indiana Resources and Helpful Links

Indiana Wikipedia Page - everything you need to know about the state of Indiana.

University Of Indiana - a major multi-campus public research institution, grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, and a world leader in professional, medical, and technological education.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my car be insured during shipping?

Do I qualify for any discounts?

Who is responsible for regulating Indiana’s car shipping companies?

Can inoperative vehicles be transported in Indiana?

How can I file a complaint?

Popular Shipping Routes

No matter the destination, we're ready for your next move.
Here's our most popular routes from 🇺🇸 Indiana (IN)

Indiana to New York
Indianapolis to New York
Lafayette to New York
Bloomington to New York
Kokomo to New York
Fort Wayne to New York
Indianapolis to New York
Gary to New York
Evansville to New York
Carmel to New York
Terre Haute to New York
Greenwood to New York
Muncie to New York
Hammond to New York
Fishers to New York
South Bend to New York
Indiana to Los Angeles
Indianapolis to Los Angeles
Lafayette to Los Angeles
Bloomington to Los Angeles
Kokomo to Los Angeles
Fort Wayne to Los Angeles
Indianapolis to Los Angeles
Gary to Los Angeles
Evansville to Los Angeles
Carmel to Los Angeles
Terre Haute to Los Angeles
Greenwood to Los Angeles
Muncie to Los Angeles
Hammond to Los Angeles
Fishers to Los Angeles
South Bend to Los Angeles
Indiana to Chicago
Indianapolis to Chicago
Lafayette to Chicago
Bloomington to Chicago
Kokomo to Chicago
Fort Wayne to Chicago
Indianapolis to Chicago
Gary to Chicago
Evansville to Chicago
Carmel to Chicago
Terre Haute to Chicago
Greenwood to Chicago
Muncie to Chicago
Hammond to Chicago
Fishers to Chicago
South Bend to Chicago
Indiana to Houston
Indianapolis to Houston
Lafayette to Houston
Bloomington to Houston
Kokomo to Houston
Fort Wayne to Houston
Indianapolis to Houston
Gary to Houston
Evansville to Houston
Carmel to Houston
Terre Haute to Houston
Greenwood to Houston
Muncie to Houston
Hammond to Houston
Fishers to Houston
South Bend to Houston
Indiana to Phoenix
Indianapolis to Phoenix
Lafayette to Phoenix
Bloomington to Phoenix
Kokomo to Phoenix
Fort Wayne to Phoenix
Indianapolis to Phoenix
Gary to Phoenix
Evansville to Phoenix
Carmel to Phoenix
Terre Haute to Phoenix
Greenwood to Phoenix
Muncie to Phoenix
Hammond to Phoenix
Fishers to Phoenix
South Bend to Phoenix
Indiana to Philadelphia
Indianapolis to Philadelphia
Lafayette to Philadelphia
Bloomington to Philadelphia
Kokomo to Philadelphia
Fort Wayne to Philadelphia
Indianapolis to Philadelphia
Gary to Philadelphia
Evansville to Philadelphia
Carmel to Philadelphia
Terre Haute to Philadelphia
Greenwood to Philadelphia
Muncie to Philadelphia
Hammond to Philadelphia
Fishers to Philadelphia
South Bend to Philadelphia
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Joe Webster began his journey in the auto transport field by attending the University of Southern California (USC), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Marketing. 

After college, he started his career in the auto transport industry from the bottom up and has done virtually every job there is to do at A-1 Auto Transport, including but not limited to: Truck Driver, Dispatch, Sales, PR, Bookkeeping, Transport Planner, Transport Manager, International Transport Manager, Brokering, Customer Service, and Marketing. Working with his mentor Tony Taylor, Joe Webster has learned the ins and outs of this industry which is largely misunderstood. 

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we've been helping people ship their vehicles, motorcycles, RV's, heavy equipment, household goods and more across the country or overseas without a hitch. Ask us anything.

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Mylene Rutllant
It’s my number one pick in auto shipping to this day.

Due to the nature of my work, I must relocate every couple of years to where my company needs me. Because of this, I’ve tested several moving and auto transport companies over the years.

And my choice in terms of auto transport has to be A1 Auto Transport. It’s in the name, but also in the quality with which they do their jobs. I’ve never had a problem with this company.

The only time my shipment was delayed was during winter when a snowstorm closed down all the major roads. And they still found an alternative and got my car delivered before roads got unstuck.

When I moved to West Virginia, they picked up my car the very day I called them. I like to think they take special care of me considering all the business I’ve sent them. I’ll continue to support A1 Auto Transport. It’s my number one pick in auto shipping to this day.

Luis Rodriguez
You have my full support and recommendation!

I considered selling my car when I moved to Washington. It was old and rusty, but I grew attached to it. So, I called a couple companies to transport it to my new home, but they both fell through.

The first one couldn’t decide on a schedule. He would constantly change the pickup date till I got frustrated and canceled. The second was insufferable, very rude on the phone, even worse in person.

They started picking a part my car asking me why I still have it. If that’s their opinion of my vehicle, how can I trust they’ll take care of it? If something happened midway, why wouldn’t they just blame it on the car instead of paying up?

So, I cancelled this company as well and turned to A1 Auto Transport. From the get go, they were very different from my past options. Their website was very professional and up to date, full of useful information. I requested a quote using their online form, and I got an email response within an hour. Surprisingly fast!

If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought they were lacking customers, but the email spoke for itself. In just one email, everything I needed to know was there, including a contact number I could use to get more information or confirm the transport.

I called and got things rolling. I was very pleased with the driver. He followed standard procedure and represented his company well. Can’t remember his name, but props to him!

The car arrived in Washington 6 days later in excellent condition. From what I understand, the transport was delayed a bit by a storm, but since the time window was 4-6 days from the beginning, I don’t really care. You have my full support and recommendation!

Testimonial by Cristine Benoit
Cristine Benoit
I can safely say this is a legit company that will get the job done.

There are a lot of options for auto transport these days, which surprisingly makes it harder to find a good company. I received more than 10 offers to ship my car, but I couldn’t decide on any of them.

After doing some research, I got even more worried reading about all the scams and accidents that can happen. But, I have work to do and couldn’t afford to drive my newly purchased Mini Cooper all the way to Virginia.

Fortunately, I made the right choice with A1 Auto Transport. They are very good at their jobs. I spent more than an hour drilling Joe with various questions, and he never once lost his patience. He saw I was interested, so he bore with me until I was satisfied. The driver was also very courteous and my car was intact on arrival. I couldn’t have asked for more.

By the way, the price we first agreed on stayed the same. There were no delays or unexpected “surprises.” I can safely say this is a legit company that will get the job done.

David Osallo
We give A1 Auto Transport a big 10 out of 10!

We give A1 Auto Transport a big 10 out of 10! We chose them to move our car from California to Vermont, since we needed professionals.

We were abroad during the transport, so the transport was a bit tricky. The driver had to pick it up from storage on short notice and get it to its destination within at most 10 days. I was happy to note it arrived sooner. We got it 3 days early, right when we got home to pick it up. It made getting around way easier. Awesome service!

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