Shipping a Truck to Hawaii through a Reliable Transporter

The process of shipping a truck from one state to another is usually done by ground transportation. However, to ship a truck to Hawaii, this would be impossible. To safely have a vehicle delivered to the islands, you must hire a transporter that deals with international delivery or at least has the ships necessary to safely deliver your truck to Hawaii from another state in the U.S.

Shipping a Truck to Hawaii through a Reliable Transporter

Choose Between Enclosed or Open Air Shipping Services.

Container shipping methods are popular among those shipping a truck by boat. The enclosed shipping services are recommended to anyone shipping a vehicle overseas due to the extra protection provided by the enclosure. The thick metal walls block any outside elements while protecting the vehicle and any other household items being transported to Hawaii with it.

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If you choose to ship your truck to Hawaii through open air shipping methods, empty out the inside of the vehicle. Only leave the floor mats, spare tire, and a car jack. Shipping through enclosed methods allows you to bring other items but if you chose open air shipping, you’ll want as little weight in the truck as possible.

The RO/RO shipping method also requires the vehicle owner to have the car repaired if it has any leaks. Hazardous leaks will damage the ship and any other items transporting with the car. As long as the car is prepped according to standard, this method of auto transport is trustworthy of delivering your car to the islands. Make sure you write down and take pictures of any other damages the vehicle may suffer from. You can refer to your notes once the truck has been delivered safely in Hawaii where you’ll give it yet another inspection.

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