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New York Car Shipping Company | Best New York Auto Transport Service

New York (NY), USA

What's in this article?
  1. New York Car Shipping Companies
  2. Safe And Reliable Ny Car Hauling Services - Ny Car Transport Services Near Me
  3. Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Examples
  4. Car Transport Companies New York Near Me
  5. Using New York Car Transport Services - Ship Vehicle To New York
  6. Long Distance Vehicle Transport To/From New York City - Best Car Transporters New York
  7. International Car Transport From/To New York - Car Delivery Service Near Me
  8. Cheap Car Transportation Options In New York City New York Car Shipping
  9. Shipping Luxury And Classic Cars In Ny
  10. New York Special Car Shipping Discounts
  11. Car Shipping Safety Measures In New York
  12. Services And Information
  13. How To Request A Price Estimate
  14. New York Car Transport Companies Directory - Car Movers Services Near Me
  15. All-States Auto Transport
  16. Snowbirds Auto Transporter
  17. Always Affordable Auto Shipping
  18. Auto Shippers Express
  19. Knickerbocker Transport
  20. Tara Shipping
  21. Queens Auto Transport
  22. Vehicle Registration In New York
  23. Registration For New Residents
  24. Cars That Have Liens
  25. How To Register A Car In The State Of New York?

New York Car Shipping Companies

New York Car Transport Cost

Safe And Reliable NY Car Hauling Services - NY Car Transport Services Near Me

Many people refer to NYas the Big Apple. Upstate New York is home to some of the most beautiful rural scenery in the country and many famous people call parts of the city home. There is certainly no shortage of entertainment options here, including shopping, beach mongering, visiting iconic sites such as the Empire State Building and Broadway Theater, or taking the ferry out to Staten Island to hang out at the boardwalk. While NY is home to one of the most sophisticated public transportation systems in the world, it helps to have a vehicle to get around.

Cost & Time To Ship Your Car Examples

Shipping To/FromCostDistanceEstimated Time In Transit
New York to Boston$215215 miles2 - 4 days
Detroit to New York$469625 miles3 - 5 days
Brooklyn to Asheville$525700 miles3 - 5 days
Illinois to New York$682909 miles3 - 5 days
New York to Florida$6901150 miles4 - 6 days
New Orleans to New York$7831305 miles4 - 6 days
New York to Texas$10581764 miles5 - 7 days
Denver to New York$10671778 miles5 - 7 days
New York to Phoenix$12042407 miles7 - 9 days
Nevada to New York$10252562 miles7 - 9 days
New York to San Francisco$11612902 miles7 - 9 days

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and what type of vehicle you are shipping.

New York Auto Shipping Near Me

Car TransportCompanies New York Near Me

Looking for auto transportcompanies near you in New York? People are moving out of New York City in record numbers, nearly 46,000 in just 2017-2018, according to census data. Whether you’re thinking of doing the same, or you’re getting ready to move there for a new job in the city, we have you covered. We help with car moving in or out of the Big Apple, and we are ready to help. We have skilled drivers who get rave reviews from our customers every day.

Using New York Car Transport Services - Ship Vehicle To New York

When you are looking to book NY car shipping services, keep a few key tips in mind.

  • Shop around for car transport rates: Anything you do up north can be a pretty experience; shop around for a car moving company that provides you with the best rates for their NY auto transport services. If you get instant car shipping quotes from different car shipping companies, you are bound to find the one that best fits your personal budget.
  • Get ready to drive in the city: Driving your car is no easy experience, particularly if you aren’t used to it. Prepare for traffic and more aggressive driving than you may be used to if you aren’t from the city.
  • Plot points of interest: There is so much to see and do in the city. Plot out points of interest ahead of time to ensure that you don’t miss anything as you drive around a visit various regions of the state.

Visit the New York Department of Transportation website for more information on NYC and the plentiful opportunities in which it can offer those visiting or relocating to the state.

Long Distance Vehicle Transport to/from New York City - Best Car Transporters New York

Now that trucks can haul more than 10 cars at once, few people bother to auto ship a car by themselves. Instead of driving across multiple states with your family, hiring a car transport service to do it for you is the most practical and cost-effective option.

Using a New York automobile shipping firm will save you a lot of money since you can split the cost of shipping with as many as eleven other people. When you use our New York auto shipping service, all you need to do is schedule it, be present (or send a friend) to hand over the vehicle and show up at the drop-off site when you get the notice announcing your car has arrived, saving you a lot of time.

International Car Transport from/to New York - Car Delivery Service Near Me

Shipping your car to another country can be very easy on your end. After discussing the details with our staff and setting up a pickup date, a driver will come by your house. There, you can sign the contract and the car will be on its way.

Our company is one of the best car shipping companies and we will take care of the rest. We will also make sure you won’t fall into one of the numerous pitfalls that can happen with such moves. Import taxes, customs paperwork, and others often create problems for first-time shippers. We’ve faced these situations before and will help you avoid them.

Cheap Car Transportation Options in New York City: New York Car Shipping

There are a number of factors that determine NY car transport service rates, such as the distance, the size, the type of vehicle shipping service used for car transport, pickup/destination locations, the timeframe, the cost of fuel, and seasonal demands.

New York Auto Shipping Services; A1 Auto Transport, Montway, and SGT

Shipping a car during the high season/summer can be more expensive due to carrier availability, so you may want your NYC auto hauling services conducted during the low season to enjoy a lower car moving rate. You can also consider shipping your car with an opencarrier as it is less expensive. Enclosed carriers are ideal for express deliveries, but for a normal shipment, an open truck is all you need.

If you can be flexible about the pick-up and drop-off locations, you can take advantage of terminal-to-terminal car shipping. You will have to take your car to a terminal near your home and pick it up from a terminal near your new location. This way, our trucks can pick it up, along with several other cars, from one central location. Since this saves us fuel and time, the New York auto shipping cost is cheaper than the alternative.

Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in NY

Transporting luxury, antique, classic or exotic cars can be done in several ways depending on your requirements. If you don’t mind the occasional bump or scratch caused by the weather or road debris, then an open carrier ship is a good option. There is also the risk of theft since the vehicle is visible to all, but such cases are indeed rare.

New York Car Shipping Companies

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best car transport service possible, then we suggest car shipping in an enclosed carrier. Not only will the vehicle be protected from road debris and thieves, but it will also travel directly to its destination, with no time wasted on dropping off other vehicles at their delivery location. Such carriers can easily pick up low-ground clearance vehicles, and your truck driver will send you regular updates during the transport.

New York Special Car Shipping Discounts

When it comes to New York shipping, seniors benefit from special rates. Similar offers are available to students, regardless of their state of origin, and to US military personnel. Everyone else can use our seasonal offering to lower car shipping cost. You may inquire what the best season for moving vehicles over the phone.

Car Shipping Safety Measures in New York

NYC Auto Shipping Companies; A1 Auto Transport, SGT Auto Transport

To ensure safety, the periodic inspection of our carriers is mandatory. Each truck should run smoothly, strap every car in place and offer adequate protection from outside elements.

Due to their design, the open carrier relies on the surrounding beams to protect vehicles from flying objects. However, if you want maximum protection, you can upgrade your service to an enclosed trailer.

In the event something damages your car, you are entitled to compensation from the company. Make sure you check it thoroughly at the drop-off point. Do not sign any papers until you’re sure the automobile is in proper condition.

Services And Information

A-1 Auto Transport Ships Worldwide.

Get a Free, No Obligation to Buy, Auto Shipping Quote.

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How to Request a Price Estimate

If you’re shopping for a vehicle transport company in New York City, we recommend using our online form to get a free quote. We’ve placed the link at the top of each page, so it’s easy to find. Make sure you follow our instructions, so you’ll receive a good one.

Near the form is a phone number you can call if you’ve decided to use our New York car shippingservices. Our staff can answer all your questions and customize the shipment, so it suits your requirements. We offer several types of car movingservices, so if you’d like to minimize costs or need an express delivery, we can accommodate you depending on carrier availability.

New York Car Transport Companies Directory - Car Movers Services Near Me

NEW YORK auto transport company

All-States Auto Transport

The name is just what it implies: a car shippingcompany based in New York that ships to various states around the country. Licensed, bonded and insured nationwide auto shippers with great BBB-accredited customer reviews. Transports automobiles, vans, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats and other heavy hauling with their open and enclosed carriers.

16 West 45th St., New York, NY


Snowbirds Auto Transporter

Those people who go south for the winter just like the birds that migrate from this area of the country might find a kindred philosophy in thiscompany, which can get your car south and back again.

537 West 34th Street, New York, NY


New York Vehicle Shipping Rates

Always Affordable Auto Shipping

Anytime you need car shippingregionally, nationally or internationally, Always Affordable is just what it says: right on time and in on budget.

378 Washington Street, New York, NY


Auto Shippers Express

Express is the key point behind this company’s philosophy: they can get your automobile moved for an affordable price and in a very timely fashion.

954 Lexington Ave., New York, NY


Knickerbocker Transport

Those looking for fairly affordable rates and different shipping options – including temperature control and fleet services – might find just what they are looking for in this New York transport company.

16 West 89th St., New York, NY


Tara Shipping

Billing itself as one of the most affordable auto transport brokers in the industry, the company can take care of all of your vehicle shipping needs.

52 Reade Street, New York, NY



Queens Auto Transport

This car company in New York specializes in moving rare and vintage vehicles, as well as other types of vehicles, including fleets for dealers.

6123 190th St., New York, NY


Vehicle Registration in New York

New York Auto Transport Services

You have to follow these steps in order to register a car with the DMV of New York:

  • Visit the local office of the DMV;
  • Complete the application for vehicle title and registration;
  • Submit proof of ownership, vehicle insurance, and identification;
  • Pay the taxes and fees for the license plates and the title fee.

Registration for New Residents

When you take up residency in New York, you’ll get a grace period of 30 days to register your car with the DMV.

To get your car registered, you must:

  • Submit proof of your identity and auto insurance, as the state of New York only accepts insurance from inside the state;
  • Submit a fully completed application for the car title and registration;
  • Provide the title of the vehicle;
  • Complete a form for an exemption in case your vehicle was bought prior to your move to New York;
  • Provide payment for the applicable taxes and fees.

Cars that have Liens

New York Vehicle Transport Near Me

If your title is held by a lien holder for a loan you got on your vehicle, the DMV will get the information recorded on your title and registration. You should submit the following documentation:

The lien holder sent a car title copy.

  • A letter from your lien holder with the company letterhead, the owner’s information, the make, model, year, and VIN, as well as confirmation that the title certificate in original is in the lien holder’s possession and that the lien holder acknowledges the registration of the car in the state of New York.
  • A card for insurance in the state of New York.
  • An application for the vehicle title and registration.
  • A form for an exemption from taxes valid for vehicles purchased before you took up residency in New York.
  • Payment for the fees of registration.

How to Register a Car in the State of New York?

Vehicles circulating on the roads of New York have to be registered with the local DMV. The registration process might vary depending on the way in which you acquired the vehicle if you bought it from a private individual, or from a car dealership.

Car insurance: Whether you are driving or not, it is mandatory in the state of New York to have your car insured. You must provide proof of owning a car insurance policy if you are trying to register a vehicle in this state.

Vehicles Bought from a Dealership

New York Auto Transport Prices

The registration process is easy for vehicles purchased from car dealerships, as the paperwork is usually submitted in your name by the dealership. Some companies will even issue temporary license plates and certificates for registration.

Due to them taking care of the paperwork for the registration, dealerships may charge a fee for this. If you decide to register the vehicle yourself, you should submit the following paperwork:

Documentation received from the dealership agent at the moment you bought the vehicle:

  • The origin certificate from the manufacturer,
  • The sale bill issued by the dealer,
  • The receipt for the sales tax.
  • Proof of insurance recognized by the state of NY.
  • A completed application for titling and registration.
  • An ID card.
  • Payment for the taxes and fees for registration.

Cars Bought from a Private Individual

If you want to transfer a vehicle title from one person to another, you need to have a car inspection done.

The registration process requires you to submit these documents:

  • The title of the vehicle and the sale bill with the signature of the seller
  • The damage disclosure and odometer statement must be filled on the backside of the certificate of title and signed by the selling party.
  • A vehicle insurance card recognized by the state of New York.
  • Your ID card.
  • A completed application for vehicle titling and registration.
  • Payment of the sales tax.
  • Payment of the registration fees issued.

At the moment of registration, you will receive a sticker as an extension for inspection that entitles you to a grace period of 10 days, within which you have to get your vehicle inspected.

Car Registration for Military Members

New York Vehicle Shipping Company

If you’re a military member that resides in the New York state but is stationed in another state, you should register your car in the state in which you’re currently stationed, and register with the DMV of New York upon your return. If you have to register a car in New York during your deployment to another state, you can register through a friend or family member or using mail.

Tax deferment for vehicles belonging to military members

Military members who reside in New York and are deployed in other states are able to defer the taxes on their vehicles if they renounce their NY residency while they are in another state.

To benefit from the tax deferment, one should complete an exemption form for sales taxes and pay the respective taxes when the military service is completed.

New York Vehicle Transport Near Me

Military residents of other states stationed in New York

Military members stationed in New York can keep the registration from the state they reside in if they don’t request residency in NY.

New York vehicle registration for absentees

If you are a New York resident and it an impossibility to present yourself to the local DMV for your vehicle registration, you can apply by mail or through a second party.

Secondary Party Registration

If you cannot present yourself at the New York DMV to apply for registration, you can ask a family member, a spouse, or a friend to submit the car registration application in your name.

  • You have to fill out the forms mentioned in the Mail Registration section.
  • Your friend, spouse, or family member needs to submit the forms you filled out as well as the identification documents for you as the person who registers and themselves as well.
  • The taxes and fees of registration must be paid.

Mail Registration

The steps that must be followed in the registration by mail process are:

  • Downloading the required forms from the online site of the DMV: application for titling and registration, the instructions on how to complete the registration application, a transaction statement, the tax exemption claim, a lien notice if the vehicle has a loan on it, and a credit of sales to claim credit for taxes paid to other states (if applicable);
  • Gathering the required documents:
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle;
  • Proof of a car insurance policy issued by a New York insurance company;
  • Copies of your ID card;
  • Performing the payment of all registration fees and taxes by including a money order or a check in the envelope.

The above-mentioned paperwork must be sent by registered mail, express mail, or by certified mail to the local DMV office. If you wish to receive the registration to a specific address, and not to the one mentioned in your registration form, you have to include in the envelope a note with the return address clearly mentioned.

Please note the mail will be delivered in a period of a maximum of 2 weeks and that the DMV has a grace period of up to 90 days to process your application and reply.

Fees of Registration in New York

New York registrations cover a 2-year period, given that all the taxes and fees were paid in full. Some of the applicable New York taxes include the fees for the car’s license plates, the sales tax, the fees for the title certificate, the tax for vehicle use, etc. Cars with more than 6 cylinders and electric cars are submitted to an extra fee of approximately $33 that covers the 2-year registration.

Registration of custom-built vehicles

Custom-built vehicles are subjected to a different registration process than regular vehicles. The New York DMV puts at your disposal a special application package that contains the forms you will need to get your custom-built vehicle registered.

Among the steps for the registration of a custom-built car are:

  • Getting the car’s weight certificate.
  • Submitting photos of the vehicle.
  • Obtaining a VIN for the car.
  • Passing the vehicle through a regular safety inspection.

Car Inspections in New York

Vehicles sold by a dealership will get an inspection within the first 30 days from the sale and the responsibility of assuring the inspection process falls onto the dealer.

Vehicles sold by private individuals must be subjected to an inspection in one of the following 10 days after the sale, the extension period being assured by the inspection sticker received on the day of the sale.

Vehicles bought from outside the state will receive a sticker that should be used at their return to New York, before having the vehicle inspection.

Registering Cars Imported from Foreign Countries

Cars imported from other countries must pass the emissions standards of New York state at the Border Protection and Customs Office of the United States. A series of documents must be submitted in order to pass the process and to obtain a proper registration.

Other New York Resources

New - official government website for the state of New York.

New York Wikipedia Page - everything you need to know about the state of New York.

University Of New York - More than 175 years ago, Albert Gallatin, the distinguished statesman who served as secretary of the treasury under Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, declared his intention to establish "in this immense and fast-growing city ... a system of rational and practical education fitting for all and graciously opened to all." Founded in 1831, New York University is now one of the largest private universities in the United States. Of the more than 3,000 colleges and universities in America, New York University is one of only 60 member institutions of the distinguished Association of American Universities.

New York Auto Shipping Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Shipping Routes

No matter the destination, we're ready for your next move.
Here's our most popular routes from New York (NY), USA

New York to Los Angeles
Buffalo to Los Angeles
Yonkers to Los Angeles
New York to Los Angeles
Syracuse to Los Angeles
Rochester to Los Angeles
Hempstead to Los Angeles
Babylon to Los Angeles
Smithtown to Los Angeles
Rochester to Los Angeles
Rochester to Los Angeles
Brookhaven to Los Angeles
New York to Los Angeles
Hempstead to Los Angeles
New York to Los Angeles
Oyster Bay to Los Angeles
New York to Chicago
Buffalo to Chicago
Yonkers to Chicago
New York to Chicago
Syracuse to Chicago
Rochester to Chicago
Hempstead to Chicago
Babylon to Chicago
Smithtown to Chicago
Rochester to Chicago
Rochester to Chicago
Brookhaven to Chicago
New York to Chicago
Hempstead to Chicago
New York to Chicago
Oyster Bay to Chicago
New York to Houston
Buffalo to Houston
Yonkers to Houston
New York to Houston
Syracuse to Houston
Rochester to Houston
Hempstead to Houston
Babylon to Houston
Smithtown to Houston
Rochester to Houston
Rochester to Houston
Brookhaven to Houston
New York to Houston
Hempstead to Houston
New York to Houston
Oyster Bay to Houston
New York to Phoenix
Buffalo to Phoenix
Yonkers to Phoenix
New York to Phoenix
Syracuse to Phoenix
Rochester to Phoenix
Hempstead to Phoenix
Babylon to Phoenix
Smithtown to Phoenix
Rochester to Phoenix
Rochester to Phoenix
Brookhaven to Phoenix
New York to Phoenix
Hempstead to Phoenix
New York to Phoenix
Oyster Bay to Phoenix
New York to Philadelphia
Buffalo to Philadelphia
Yonkers to Philadelphia
New York to Philadelphia
Syracuse to Philadelphia
Rochester to Philadelphia
Hempstead to Philadelphia
Babylon to Philadelphia
Smithtown to Philadelphia
Rochester to Philadelphia
Rochester to Philadelphia
Brookhaven to Philadelphia
New York to Philadelphia
Hempstead to Philadelphia
New York to Philadelphia
Oyster Bay to Philadelphia
New York to Jacksonville
Buffalo to Jacksonville
Yonkers to Jacksonville
New York to Jacksonville
Syracuse to Jacksonville
Rochester to Jacksonville
Hempstead to Jacksonville
Babylon to Jacksonville
Smithtown to Jacksonville
Rochester to Jacksonville
Rochester to Jacksonville
Brookhaven to Jacksonville
New York to Jacksonville
Hempstead to Jacksonville
New York to Jacksonville
Oyster Bay to Jacksonville
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