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The largest of the metropolitan cities and the capital of South Korea, Seoul constitutes a large area. It includes the Gyeonggi Province and Incheon Metropolis. It is also the fourth largest among the world’s metropolitan economy. Those looking to ship their vehicles from US to Seoul would need to look at the logistics of the move and that is why hiring international shipping agency such as A1 Auto Transport service helps. We gave over two decades of experience related shipping internationally and understand all aspects of regulations, guidelines, and requirements of South Korea.

It is extremely important to find an experienced company to deal with your vehicle shipment. They will do away with unnecessary delays while making the process effortless. Which port in USA they choose for export will ultimately depend upon the vehicle location. Where do you live? Multiple numbers of port cities are located on all three American coasts. Thus, finding the port that will suit your purpose is not going to be difficult. We offer door-to-port service and will take your vehicle right from your doorstep to the port for further transfer.

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Requirements to ship to Seoul.

As per the South Korean law, as the owner you need to plan to stay for a minimum of 6 months. However, no Japanese cars are allowed within the country. Any car or vehicle that can seat more than ten people cannot be imported. Some other requirements include:

  • should be owned by the owner, for at least 3 months before shipping.
  • Considered household good if imported within 6 months of owner’s move to Seoul.
  • No taxes after custom cleared if considered household goods.

Additionally, there are other aspects that you need to consider including:

  • Full details on the make, model, year and registration deed.
  • Proof of purchase and price receipts needed.
  • Passport of the owner.
  • Insurance on the vehicle.
  • Custom declaration.
  • 1-year valid work permit.

It is important that car needs to clear customs and the Korean Customs Service charges duty and tax on both new and used vehicles. On new vehicles the engine size determines the payable duty. If the car is not considered part of the household goods, there are various checks that need to be completed, including:

  • Vibration/noise inspections.
  • Emission inspection.
  • Korea Automobile Test and Research Institute carries out model and type approvals.

To clear the customs, there are plenty of documents that need to be submitted including:

  • Registration deed and documents.
  • Proof of purchase.
  • Insurance documents.

Auto shipping methods.

If you are looking to save some money in the process, you can take the vehicle to the port. Overseas shipping involves two main procedures namely,

  • Container shipping: In container shipping, your car remains inside the container with other vehicles to distribute the associated costs. Usually these are 20 feet or 40 feet secured containers.
  • RO-RO shipping: Here the vehicle will be driven on and off the ship. Secured on the open deck, you are not allowed to keep any personal belongings.

For documentation of its condition prior to the shipment, you should take images of the car as well. Compare this with the condition once it reaches the destination. If there is any kind of damage, you will be able to identify it immediately. We offer a basic insurance that you may consider additional covers in case of expensive four-wheel ride.

To know more about the latest rules and regulations to ship to Seoul, South Korea, contact the Embassy of South Korea.

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