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If you are looking to transfer your vehicle from the US to Incheon, you would need to take a look at the logistics of the process. This is where a shipping agency like the A1 Auto Transport comes in quite helpful.

The company has over two years of shipping experience. This makes the company perfectly aware of the regulations as well as the requirements that the country of South Korea has set forth.

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Legal requirements and documentation.

As per the stipulations in the South Korean law, the owner of the car has to plan to stay in the country for at least 6 months. Nevertheless, Japanese cars are not allowed. There is also a limitation regarding the seat places – if the vehicle can seat more than 10 people it’s not allowed in. Other requirements are as such:

  • The car should be property of the owner for at least 3 months prior to shipping.
  • The vehicle is considered as a household good if it is imported in the first 6 months of the owner’s arriving to Incheon.
  • If considered household goods the shipment is free of taxes.

There are also some other details that you need to consider:

  • All details regarding the make, the year, model and the deed of registration.
  • The purchase proof as well as the cost bills.
  • The owner’s passport.
  • Vehicle’s insurance.
  • Declaration from customs.
  • Work permit valid for at least one year.

Vital vehicle inspections.

It is vital that the vehicle has to get custom clearance and the Korean Customs Service charges duty as well as tax on new cars as well as on used ones. The payable duty on new cars is determined based on the engine’s size. If the car isn’t considered as a household good there are other procedures that have to be gone through such as:

  • Noise and vibration inspection.
  • Inspection for emissions.
  • Korea Automobile Test and Research Institute is going to carry out approvals of the model and type.

There are other documents that you would need to submit in order to receive custom clearance such as:

  • Purchase proof.
  • Registration deed and documents.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Auto Shipping methods.

Freight shipping methods.

If you want to spare some money throughout the entire process, it is recommended that you drive your vehicle to the port yourself. Overseas shipping has two main methods which are:

  • Container Shipping: Using this method entails that your vehicle is shipped within a container which is placed on a carrier ship traveling from the US to the receiving port. This method is a bit more expensive than Ro-Ro Shipping but you are going to get more value if you have to ship other personal items besides your car. Containers are available in different sizes in 20ft or in 40ft. Some people may choose to share a container with other person if the latter is shipping to the same port. However, this may delay the entire process due to different customs inspections.
  • Ro-Ro Shipping is the second and most used method of shipping to the country of South Korea. With this method the vehicle is driven on to the ramp of the carrier ship at the point of acceptance and is going to travel towards the receiver’s end. Ro-Ro shipping is the safest way because the vehicle is fastened to the ramp. It is also a lot cheaper.

In order to document the condition of the car you should take images prior to shipping it. You can compare these after you receive it in order to see if the condition is proper. The company offers insurance that would additionally cover damages. You must make sure that you have filled out all the required paperwork prior to the shipping. Once you have done this you would need to hire the company for the shipping process. In order to find out different specifics you can contact the Embassy of Republic of Korea or the U.S Customs that would direct you to acquire and fill out the proper paperwork.

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