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The panoramic city of Durres is the second largest city, in Albania. Located nearly 33 km from Tirana, it is one of the hubs of stable economy and is home to Albania’s main port, Port of Durres. After withdrawing from communism, the country is on a path of promising growth. With rapid development and opportunities of new employment, there are a growing number of expatriates moving to Durres.

However import of vehicles has increased over the years and whether for commercial or personal use, proper paperwork is required while shipping any vehicle to the city. This is one of the reasons that collaborating with an internationally licensed and insured auto transporter such as A-1 Auto Transport Service becomes important. There are numerous aspects that need to be considered like custom duties and tariff and specifications lay down by the Albanian government. To have better clarity on these aspects, browse the Embassy of Albania.

Transportation of vehicle

With wet winters, delays are possible so it is best to ship your vehicle such that it arrives during the warm summers. However, as Durres is a bustling port city, delivery of the vehicle is faster. Plenty of detailed paperwork needs to be filed. However, we will ensure that all of this is done and customs are cleared. We work with you at every step to ensure it is hassle-free shipping.  You need to file the accurate documents and pay duty before the delivery process starts. It incorporates the Title 189 custom duties. Some proficient documents here are:

  • Owner’s passport and registration deed
  • Permit of the residence
  • Ownership proof of the vehicle
  • Invoice associated with purchase of vehicle
  • Bill of Lading
  • Vehicle insurance

Procedures to follow

There are two basic methods through which vehicles are shipped abroad namely, Roll-on/Roll-off or RORO method. This is the more affordable method and you can opt for it after adhering to the terms and conditions of it. These are:

  • Steam clean your car to avoid Albanian government’s quarantine
  • Air conditioning gas removal
  • Car accessories/spare part remove
  • Personal items need to be removed from within the interiors

However, it is a rule that you need to have spare tire, floor mats and jack when you choose RORO shipping. The vehicle will be harnessed for limited movement and secured so that it reaches safely. On reaching the port, it will be rolled off the ship.

The more personalized and expensive method is container shipping herein the car along with personal goods that need to be shipped will be enclosed and locked within 20 feet or 40 feet containers and loaded onto the ship. To cut costs, you can share it with someone else. However, this is more secure way of transporting though more expensive. Irrespective of the chosen procedure, the vehicle will reach the Port of Durres safely when A1 Auto Transport service is with you. Emission tests and custom duties in Albania need to be cleared before the vehicle will be handed over only to the owners as listed with the Albanian government and transport authorities. Contact the Embassy of Albania for more information.

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