Importing cars in Benin

on 03/08/18

To buy a vehicle from abroad and bring it to Benin is not an easy business.It requires a lot of work.For a french speaking country like Benin, the problem begins with which countries to do business with because of language barriers. An importer from Benin would prefer for example to do business with French-speaking countries like France or Belger with whom there will not have language problems.But for-profit reasons people try to investigate with an english speaking market as the USA. So A-1 Auto Transport can be an opportunity for people of Benin who want to do business outside french speaking countries.If we take the case of car purchase, the problems start with the communication. It is difficult for a client from Benin to communicate freely with someone from America for example and make sure that all his questions are understood and his worries are taken into account by the American. So language barrier is the first problem he will have to face.Once he finished off this step and happened to choose the car(s) that he intended to buy then he will have to face the problem of shipping.With shipping, his second problem begins.Since there are many shipping services and companies.There is the choice of company. It is necessary for him to makes research on auto transport company that is available. To pick two to three of them.Compare their prices, the speed of services, warranties, insurance and chose finally one of them which is better. To make sure that the last chosen is registered in its country to avoid any risk of hacking. The question that he will ask himself for doing the best choice is: which one will meet his requirements and transport his car safely and quickly?Here again, the problem of language will intervene because the shipping companies and services may not clearly understand his requirements and at the same time he may not understand the different services he is entitled to.A number of questions are raised: How much is the shipping going to cost to him? What sort of payment is needed?
Although these questions may seem not to be important they are nevertheless worth considering.Many car movers will quote a price by phone or online and want the Customer to give a deposit immediately in case they agree with the services.The conditions of shipping may not be clearly stated by the company right at the beginning or the client may not clearly understand the conditions. In case the two parties Come to an agreement the settlement is another problem to solve.The importer from Benin will have to make some calculations to see how much CFA which is the currency used in Benin he is going to use to meet a price state in dollars. At this changing level, he is going to pay extra charges to turn it CFA into dollars.He may try to compare the cost with French shipping companies. So most of the time the first discussion with the shipping company in the USA, for example, should not be considered as negligment requirement deposit.Asking questions that will help him to understand more about the business is another problem because he will have to pay for a service of someone involved in translation with American partners. This is another extra cost but without these questions, the shipping services may be too expensive for him or not even meet his requirements. All this are important to do.Once the contract is signed the vehicle can be transported.
Now when the car can be transported, it is necessary to make sure that all extraneous materials are removed from the vehicle because it is not done, it will cause extra charges here.The cleared agents will profit from this to increase the clearance charges. Before the shipping, it is important to control the level of the fuel in the car to avoid that the vehicle will be heavy to transport and avoid any risk of accident during the transport. Before all thing, the vehicle must be inspected by someone trustworthy of the client and a company representative.This is to note the state of the vehicle in case some mishaps occurred during the shipping.
Now how the vehicle will be transported???The Customer has the choice between his car will be transported by sea or by air. By sea there are two options: vehicle can be transported by container or Roll in  Roll off.
The RoRo is often used in Benin because it is effective and reduces the cost.With RoRo, to ship the vehicle we just need to move the vehicle on the ship.Any worries to do because the car is fixed to the ship.But with containers when the vehicle is stored in them, it should be secured as tightly as possible to avoid any kind of movement.By air, we have freighter that is used to transport.It is used by a Customers who want that their car arrive to them quickly. Now is the last step.
When the vehicle is already at the port, it comes the delivery of the vehicle. The men who are responsible of the delivery must be careful when they remove the car from the means of transport because the movement of the vehicle must not be too abrupt fear of cause any damage.If the vehicle is removed,it has to be cleared in order to certify that the vehicle has arrived at its place of destination and also in good state.At this step, a company representative must to be wakefull otherwise some cleared agent who are bad faith can wrest some pieces from the vehicle. After the clearing doorstep begins.some companies also take care of the clearing process and the doorstep delivery.The Customer may to choose to pick up him vehicle at the port or has it delivered to him by the transport company .Only after all this (the delivery of car) that the Customer will be without worries.
Many companies ensure the auto transport service. But i prefer to all and recommand to choose the services of A-1 Auto Transport .This company is the best in the auto transport services.It is best and provides efficient services.It can be trustworthy, it is responsible  and upright too.A-1 Auto Transport is fully commited to providing Customer with absolete lowest and affordable prices.Its services are like: door to door, pick up drop off, Roll in Roll off, encloses, freight shipping……
I say: Do with A-1 Auto Transport and you will never be it remorseful because this company is the best and will remain it.I wish to A-1 Auto Transport all the best.

on 03/08/18

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