Exporting a Car from USA to UAE

Exporting a Car from USA to UAE

Exporting a car from the USA to the UAE is actually easier than one might think. About 50% of the UAE’s imports are motorized vehicles. In fact, they are the second largest automotive market in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). For American citizens looking to ship a vehicle overseas to UAE, the assistance of an international car shipping company is imperative. There is no easier, safer or more affordable way to ship a car to another country.



As your transport company experts, they’ll guide you through the entire process of shipping. After urging you to call the UAE Embassy for details listed in the auto import policy, the shipping specialists will help you gather the proof you need for Customs. This will help tremendously as gathering the proof required is the most tedious part of an international transport. Once all proof is gathered and all duties and tariffs are paid, provide Customs with the documentation to receive a certification for import approval.

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The Safest Way to Ship a Car Overseas

Although enclosed shipping isn’t the least expensive transport method, it is still affordable and worth every penny spent. This transport method provides more protection for the car and extra space for the customer to ship over other belongings to UAE with the vehicle. There are various container sizes to choose from. The transporter will help you choose an appropriate size based on the information you provide them with.

Facts about Container Shipping

  • Container shipping is known for its cost efficiency
  • If you don’t need all the space provided in the shipping container, you can share the transport service with another person interested in shipping to the same location. This lessens the costs of your overseas shipping services
  • Your car is protected from outside harm and is at less likely to become damaged or vandalized during its transport
  • You can ship other household items with the vehicle. Pack all items properly and fit them in the car or the rest of the space within the shipping container
  • There is less preparation for a vehicle being shipped through enclosed transport
  • Enclosed shipping methods are usually accepted at all seaports accepting of imports from the USA

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