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Submitted by Connie Francovig
on 03/10/18

I am a freshman in a college that is three hours and a half away from home! And even though it is the first time that I have been about 200 miles away from my family, I found a college that makes me feel safe and academically challenged.  
Being in college, specially out of state, gives me a sense of independence but it also involves a strong sense of responsibility.  I need to be responsible for the classes that I take, for the grades that I get, for the food that I need, for all my personal needs, etc.  I like these challenges even though, at times, they can be very stressful, but going through these experiences, I know, it will build my character and help shape my future, and for all these reasons it makes it exciting! 
Being so far from home I decided that during my freshman year I would not bring my car to college.  I was hoping that I wouldn’t need it much.  The school has a very good transportation system, besides I thought that by attending such a big college it meant that everything that I might ever need I was going to be able to find it there.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely found that my everyday needs (food, shelter, academics) have being very well met through the college campus.  But there are still more things that are interesting to me outside campus and not having my own transportation there limits my participation in those experiences (going hiking, trying a new Church, outside restaurants or shopping for personal needs). 
While I don’t have a car in college I have to rely in those friends (my new friends from college!), who have brought their own cars with them.  Of course, this means that I need to ask for their help with transportation and I need to be mindful of their schedules, and at the same time, I feel that I need to help with gas or food expenses, etc. to compensate, somehow, their time and kindness!  I have been very blessed to have met such a wonderful group of friends, however, I truly miss my car and I have realized that, even though I didn’t want to accept it at the beginning, I really need it!
Another reason for which I did not bring my car to college is because it was made in 2001, meaning that it is about 17 years old.   My dad bought it in 2003 and used it all the time until he passed it to me in my Senior year at high school.  I love my car, it has over 100,000 miles but it has been well taken care for (my dad has always made sure that it met all the necessary inspections and maintenance every year), and for that reason it is in a very good condition.  With that been said, looking ahead to my Sophomore year in college and my plans to bring my car (I know I will surely need it more and more every year) I am having mixed feelings about this decision.
I feel very comfortable driving, I really enjoy doing it.  But I always, since very young age, try to deal with “what ifs” in my life.  And one of the “what ifs” that relates to bringing my car to college has to do with the fear of getting stranded in the middle of the highway on my trips back and forth to it.  The very thought of this has always made me feel uneasy.  But locally, that is not going to happen to me anymore!
Thanks to technology, I got used to researching online whenever I need to find answers to different situations.  While researching, I have learned that A-1 Auto Transport company provides interstate car towing services!  This company helps in the 50 states of the United States and they have professionals trained to provide the best quality of services.  I found out also that in the case that they need to transport my car from point A to point B they can do it and they will cover my car under their own insurance!  What a relief to know that there is a company that offer this kind of services.  
I love my car and I am hoping to keep it for as long as possible.  Now, I don’t have to worry anymore about the possible scenario of leaving my vehicle in the middle of the road due to any type of malfunction.  I can confidently rely on A-1 Auto Transport to take care of it if I need it and when I need it.  The fact that there is a company out there that could provide such reliable services makes me feel at ease.  I am so ready to share all this information with my friends from college, I am sure they will find it as enlightening as I do.  And I know for a fact that even our parents will be so glad and thankful to know that we can count on this company if the time comes that we need their services. 
This is another one of the responsibilities that I need to face now that I am a college student, which will prepare me for my future and educate me in ways to handle the unpredictable.  My parents always encouraged me to be a resourceful person, and more than anything, find solutions instead of problems.  Life can be a challenge, but it can also be an adventure, we need to enjoy ourselves, but we also need to be prepared to face whatever comes our way.  I am looking forward to the rest of my years of college with the feeling of extra independence that having my own transportation can give me.
I am also looking forward to having my car at college so I can have a chance to return the favors of transportation that I have been receiving from my friends all this year.

Submitted by Connie Francovig
on 03/10/18

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