Submitted by Sameen Merali
on 02/27/18

Whether it is shipping electric or gasoline cars, motorcycles, classic & antique cars or even luxury ones, boats and yachts to terrain vehicles, military vehicles to heavy equipment and freight gear, trucks, SUVs or even snowmobiles to preparing legal paperwork and other shipping documents in advance, A-1 has everything covered for their customers. In simpler terms, it is a reliable, well trusted, eco-friendly, diversified auto transport company that focuses on meeting customer needs and requirements by providing state of the art services to transport all types of vehicles with utmost safety and security without any worries.

To start with, A-1 Auto Transport Inc. is one of the largest U.S. based auto shipping company that operates worldwide with office and storage facilities located in major cities and metro areas of United States as well as overseas. The company employs highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional, well-trained shipping staff to provide efficient support and services at any given time. A-1 aims to make the complex process of shipping a car as simple and straightforward as possible for customers whether it is shipping a vehicle to another state, across the country or to another part of the world.

Choosing the right auto transport company to transport any type of valuable car or vehicle can be a daunting task for anyone. From prices and reliability to the safety and risks as well as legal frameworks associated with such companies and their services, every step is a very necessary step when choosing the right shipping company. A-1 Auto Transport has made every possible effort to ensure that the above-mentioned points are well noted and taken into consideration.

Why A-1? Firstly A-1 is a company that has been part of the shipping industry for a long time and has therefore established itself as one of U.S.’s largest shipping company, shipping variety of vehicles, private, military or even office-related not only within U.S. but also to other parts of the world with their offices located at every major, metro area where the vehicle is shipped to, along with professional staff to provide service and support at any time. Therefore, due to the years of experience, positive feedback, knowledgeable staff and their diversified items of shipping, A-1 successfully matches and completes the first requirement when choosing a reliable and trustworthy auto shipping company.

Secondly, A-1 provides several methods of delivery and auto transport options, whether it is shipping a single car for an individual to an entire fleet for a company or organization. The most common method of delivery is the ‘door to door’ service option where customers can decide the pickup and drop off points which will then be taken care of by their licensed driver carriers. Other types of reliable services include open air and enclosed auto transport trailer services, terminal to terminal, luxury, exotic and high end, as well as electric vehicle shipping.

Along with that, A-1 prices are fair and affordable and reflect the level of service that the customers want and need most because they understand how time and money both are so valuable. Therefore, A-1 also provides the ease and convenience of getting a FREE national or international shipping quote right online and not only do they provide ease of getting a quote but they also offer the lowest competitive price rates for any of their services.



Customer service is also available at all times for support and the online website also provides all the necessary information without customers having to run around. Requests can also be made by customers who want their auto to be transported quickly on a specific date and no extra fees will be charged. A-1 also takes full responsibility for the vehicle/auto while in their possession with their cargo insurance policy covering the vehicle for full replacement value.

Additionally, A-1 has also been working on advancing its services through the use of latest technology. Whether it is for the benefit of the company drivers in the form of utilizing GPS and navigation systems to determine the best route to take or even providing detailed GPS tracking for their customers so that they can track their vehicles while they are being shipped to their allocated destination and also stay in touch with both the auto transport carrier and the broker without much delay. A-1 has also built its own cloud-based system where databases or important records and details can be accessed at any place and time. For example, drivers can be provided with real-time instructions, brokers can utilize this technology to make the whole shipping process faster for consumers, allowing contact to be made with carriers at much faster rates.

Furthermore, A-1 Auto Transport Company is a green company, simply meaning that it is a company that takes environment into consideration while providing its services. It has taken a big step in ensuring green transportation and reducing its impact on the world environment. Some notable steps that A-1 has taken are, minimizing paper wastage by using email and internet for correspondence, having reusable and recyclable cookware and utensils in the canteen and kitchen area, minimizing power wastage and saving electricity by turning off all lights and systems when offices are not in use, promoting responsible use of energy and natural resources, for example, by ensuring trucks are fuel efficient to cut down on annual cost of fuel as well as the amount of emissions leaked into the atmosphere, and many other positive practices. Fuel technology has also advanced, therefore allowing transportation trucks to get more mileage per gallon. Various alternative energies are starting to be utilized such as hybrid transport vehicles. Overall, this means that low fuel costs can result in cost savings for the customers and better fuel efficiency which eventually leads to the company becoming greener and reducing their carbon footprint.

To conclude, A-1 believes and very much does its best to follow its philosophy, that is, being efficient, good communicator and environmentally friendly. Whether it is ensuring efficiency during service and delivery, efficiency when utilizing latest technologies, efficiency involving fuel or even efficiency in optimizing time and money of the customer, A-1 makes every possible effort to maintain this discipline. The company also understands that communication is very crucial during such processes and it has therefore utilized I.T and latest technology to be in touch with staff and customers at any place and time. Real-time satellite tracking systems are installed on every shipment and drivers are provided with real-time GPS routes and navigation systems to choose the best and the safest routes to transport, and A-1 has several branches located all over the world with best customer service and experienced staff and are therefore just a street, area, phone call or email away. Lastly, A-1 not only ensures commitment to their clients but also the commitment to the environment by being a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Program. All in all, the above-mentioned points support to prove the fact that A-1 Auto Transport Company is the most reliable, trustworthy, eco-friendly and safest auto transport companies present in the world today and in the near future.

Submitted by Sameen Merali
on 02/27/18

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