Shipping an RV to Canada

Shipping an RV over long distances can be a difficult task and risky for the average person that isn’t sure what they’re doing. Long distance drives with an RV or pulling a fifth wheel or other mobile home unit behind you can be difficult, especially if you run into nasty weather along the way. That’s one of the main reasons that so many people just rely on shipping services to move an RV from the United States or another country into Canada. Qualified services make the transition from one country to Canada simple, and will help keep your RV in good shape over the journey.

Secure Personal Belongings

Before having your RV shipped, either remove personal belongings or secure them tightly in place if there is anything on it already. Trips across roads can be very bumpy even when the object is on a large transport trailer, and loose items could fall and become damaged during the journey. That’s why it’s best to be careful and make sure everything is reliably secured.


Shipping an RV to Canada


Covering the Duty Costs

There is a duty and tax fee on any RV shipped to Canada that is going to stay in Canada. This is considered an import and fees can amount to $1,000’s depending on the value of the vehicle that you’re shipping. The RV that you want to ship must pass safety tests if it drives and will remain in Canada as well. That’s another consideration that owners need to make before deciding to go through the process of moving the RV to Canada.

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Hire a Qualified Service

When shipping something as important as an RV it’s vital that you locate a high-quality company to handle the work for you. Make sure that you’re dealing with a business that has experience shipping large vehicles like an RV in the past. Get the company to explain exactly how the RV is going to be secured and how it will be shipped from one location to another. Also ask about insurance and protection for your vehicle if something happens during the trip.

How the RV is Shipped

It’s common for qualified services to ship an RV using a large flatbed trailer. The vehicles are placed on top of the trailer and secured in place. Then it is carried the full distance to the end destination in Canada. Depending on the size of the trailer, other RVs may be shipped along with your RV, but with larger units its common for just one to make the journey at a time. That makes shipping it considerably more expensive, and that’s something to think about if you have a long RV.

It can be quite expensive to ship an RV into Canada, which is why it’s a good idea to find out about shipping costs before buying an RV in another country to make sure the math works out and you’re still getting a good deal.

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