Ship Car To Naucalpan

Vehicle shipment anywhere in Mexico is actually rather undemanding. Mexico isn’t as strict as many other countries, making it very possible to have your vehicle shipped over from the U.S. One must make sure that they comply with all of the current policies though, or vehicle shipment will not be permissible.

To ship a vehicle to Naucalpan, contact the Embassy of Mexico. They will give you the latest policies for vehicle shipment. They will also inform of you of the documentation needed. However, one can always assume that two forms of ID will be necessary, as well as the vehicle’s title and registration.

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The Forms of Vehicle Shipment to Select From.

Vehicle shipment can be done in one of three different ways. Not all of these ways are right for everyone. It will depend on your circumstances, as well as your budget. As you will see below, all of the shipping methods vary greatly. Decide which one will be best for you to ship a vehicle to the city of Naucalpan.

RO/RO shipping is the roll on- roll off method, meaning that the automobile must be driven onto and off of the ship. There can be nothing in the vehicle other than a spare tire, floor mats and a car jack. This is the least costly method of vehicle shipment. Not all ports accept this method of shipping so make sure that there is a port nearby that will allow for your vehicle to be shipped this way.

Container shipping require the vehicle to be put inside a large container aboard a ship. This method will allow you to pack other belongings inside of the vehicle as well as in the container itself. This method of shipment is a little more costly than that of the RO/RO method, yet it can be shared with another individual so that the cost can be split between the two individuals. Make sure that all of the possessions being shipped are allowed by Mexican Customs.

Air shipping is another method that can be used to ship vehicles. However, this method is so costly that it might not be affordable.

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