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The capital of Bahrain, Manama is its largest city. Home to approximately 157,000 people, it has long enjoyed the status of being the crucial trading hub of Persian Gulf. With people from different parts of the world coming here and settling, it offers veritable potpourri of cultures and traditions. An expansive road network connects different parts of the city to various other parts of Bahrain as well. Traffic situation being quite congested, developments are underway to ameliorate this problem.

Those who want to import their cars from US to Bahrain will be heartened by the fact that government regulations have made it quite easy for you to do so. There are no customs duties for Americans. Manama is a busy port with frequent departures to and from USA. So, shipping becomes an economical and easy choice. And when our team from A1 Auto Transport service is hired to assist you ship your vehicle, we ensure that your car will arrive in Manama, as it is the most prominent seaport, trading centre, capital city, and the most populous metropolis in Bahrain.

Know about US regulations

Some of the documents that you will need before shipping your car out of U.S.A are the following:

  • original title or ownership proof
  • for under lien vehicles, you require consent for shipping
  • sales bill and insurance
  • bill of lading

Associated import regulations

Importing American vehicles to Manama is quite easy and exempt from any tariff; however, importing cars that are over eight years old is not permitted. To enjoy quick clearance at customs, you must make sure to submit declaration form obtainable from customs and technical traffic inspection with clearance certificate. Besides this, you will need to produce the lading bill, identification card, delivery order, insurance documents, and relevant vehicle details. You will need to show your license plates, for export and inspection, while the latter is done by Manama Traffic Department.

You, as the owner, will have to be present there to receive your vehicle, or you may send your authorized representative. We can be of assistance and when authorized, one of our company representatives can clear the dues and take delivery of the car.

Available shipping method

Roll on/roll off (RORO) shipping method is the most economical way to transport your car. The car will be driven over the ramp on the ship and driven down in Manama. However, if you are trying to import a luxury or antique vehicle, you may consider enclosed container shipping method instead. It offers added protection to the car and helps limit any damage.

Get the best results from shipping

You must make transportation smooth by removing everything from your car prior to shipping, followed by thorough cleaning so that your vehicle is not quarantined. You can get the vehicle condition attested and obtain relevant signed forms. The fuel tank should be ideally quarter full during transportation. To know the latest about shipping cars to Manama, it is best to get all the information at the Embassy of Bahrain.

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