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Located in Soccsksargen, Philippines, Malingao is the largest city in the district.  With a brisk marine trade and commerce, chances are high that you are moving to Malingao due to work. And that is why it helps to have your own vehicle to commute in and around the city.

Port of Manila is the largest shipping port in the Philippines and though there are other ports in this area but none are as large as this port. Port of Batangas is a medium sized port that is also used for shipping into the country.  Thus, ease of cargo shipping allows you to import your vehicle hassle-free into the city.

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Documents Needed in order to Import.

As with any international import, there are different aspects to consider when it comes to logistics and legalities of the move. That is why working with A1 Auto Transport comes in handy. We have years of experience in shipping automobiles to Southeast Asian countries for the last 20 years and understand the nuances of government agencies and customs regulations.

If you plan to ship your vehicle from U.S to Port of Manila, you will need to bring with you all the required documents for proof for verification by the Philippine Bureau of Customs. You will need to bring with you:

  • Vehicle title and current registration.
  • Bill of sale or invoice proving that you purchased the vehicle.
  • Passport and driver’s license as proof of ownership.
  • Receipt where you paid all duties owed for importing.
  • A signed release form from the commissioner at customs.

Requirements and Eligibility.

As the owner of the vehicle, you will need to call the Embassy of Philippines to finalize all the necessary documentation needed for importing your vehicle because sometimes rules do change. Most often, the requirements are as follows:

  • No vehicle imported to the port will be over ten years old.
  • All duties owed for importing the vehicle will be paid and a receipt will be issued.
  • All vehicles imported will clear all inspections from the Philippine National Police and Traffic Management Group.
  • Any person importing a vehicle will need to provide their passport, license, vehicle registration, proof of purchase and proof of insurance on vehicle.
  • A copy of the re-export bond if applicable.

Not everyone is allowed to bring in a vehicle to the Philippines for personal use. You are allowed to import, if you are a former Filipino citizen coming back after staying abroad for more than a year or you are an immigrant holding a 13G Visa. If you meet these requirements, you will need to know that:

  • Only one car is allowed per family .
  • You must provide proof that your vehicle is legal in the Philippines .
  • You have registered your car in the Philippines for six months or more.

You will need to pay the customs duty of 40% or approximately around that. You will also need to pay 10-12% VAT and ad valorem tax that can run anywhere from 15% to 100% Ad volorem tax is based on the piston displacement of your vehicle.

Shipping Methods.

There are three ways to ship your vehicle over from the U.S to the Philippines. These methods are Roll-On/Roll-Off method, container shipping, and air shipping. Here are further descriptions of each:

  • Roll On/Roll Off shipping consists of the vehicle being completely empty before transport. The only items allowed in your vehicle will be the floor mats, the car jack, and the spare tire. This is the most affordable way to ship a vehicle.
  • Air shipping is another method of shipping a vehicle to the Philippines. This way of shipping can cost a lot of money.
  • Container shipping gives you the option to ship everything you can squeeze into a container in one trip. The container will first be packed with your vehicle and then any possessions you wish to ship over will be added. You can even place personal items inside the vehicle inside the container. You may want to share the container with someone and decrease the amount it costs you to ship.

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