Ship Car To Kiribati

Importing A Vehicle To Kiribati From The United States.

Shipping A Car To Kiribati.

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • You can expect to pay between $2,000 to $4,600 to ship a car to Kiribati from U.S.
  • Since it’s an island nation in the Pacific, there are is somewhat limited availability for transport service to the area, which can also increase the cost depending on the time of year.

Having to ship a car internationally can seem like a formidable task to undertake. When you need to have your vehicle in Kiribati with you, it doesn’t have to be a stressful situation at all. When you hire a professional International Automobile Transport Company all of the painstaking worried will be taken care of in a professional and simplified way. You’ll need to provide the agent with documents that will show your identities, such as your Driver’s License and Social Security Card, as well as your vehicle title and registration, insurance papers and passport.
You’ll also need to sign a Power of Attorney form to allow the company to transport your vehicle over land in the United States to the major shipping port nearest your location that ships out to Kiribati. You will also want to contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency to be referred to mandatory documents you will need to provide to export your vehicle to Kiribati prior to shipping as well as to go through customs once you reach the country. Another good thing to check into will be the annual weather conditions so you will know when the rainy seasons may be and what the statistics for roadway flooding are. Roadways in Kiribati are quite modern and travel throughout the country is easily accessible for all types of vehicles.

Popular Shipping Destinations.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To Kiribati.

  1. Import permit.
  2. Passport.
  3. Bill of lading.
  4. Registration paperwork.
  5. Purchase invoice.


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Kiribati Import Regulations.

Kiribati is a tropical island nation located in the Pacific Ocean and is accessible by seaport when shipping a vehicle. The island has several sea ports that you can ship your vehicle to when importing. You will need to provide the customs department in Kiribati with a copy of your vehicle title and registration, proof of insurance that will cover you while driving in Kiribati and your vehicle paperwork must include your vehicle make, model, manufacture year, engine and chassis numbers, and emissions report. You can contact the customs division of Kiribati prior to having your vehicle shipped to gain insight on taxes and duties that must be paid and other documentation that will be required to have your vehicle cleared through customs when entering the country.

Customs checks can take up to a week for clearance, so having all necessary paperwork in hand is advised to shorten the length of time for clearance. The Federal Maritime Commission in the United States is a great resource for information on shipping internationally and you can look up information as well as contact them through their website. Before your car can be released at the entry port, you will also need to provide the Original Bill of Lading from the overseas transport company and your Import Entry Form that will need to be filled out by you and the agent at the entry port to assess taxes that will be due on the shipment. You’ll need to make 5 copies of both of these forms to provide them to Customs (2 copies), the KPA Warehouse( 2 copies), the Exit gate( 1 from the KPA Warehouse will be provided for exit) agent as well as a copy for yourself.

Best Ways to Ship to Kiribati.

With the available access to open sea ports along the coastline of Kiribati, the most economical way to have your vehicle shipped to the country will be by sea. You can choose from either Ro-Ro Shipping or Container Shipping. If you don’t have any personal household items to ship with the vehicle, Ro-Ro is the least expensive and quickest way to ship overseas. You’ll need to prepare your vehicle for Ro-Ro Shipping by having it thoroughly cleaned inside and out and you’ll need to ensure that no personal items or paperwork are left in your car prior to shipping.

If you have items that will need to be shipped along with your vehicle then your best choice for shipping will be in a container. Container Shipping allows for your vehicle as well as any items you need to ship with it to be loaded into a secured container and then transported overseas on a freight ship. The time for container shipping may take a little longer than when using Ro-Ro but it is very beneficial when you are relocating and need to have your personal household items shipped as well.

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