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If you have never had to transport a vehicle outside of the country, the process may seem a bit arduous. Transport companies use seaports in various locations throughout the U.S. to ship vehicles to different destinations around the world. Gabes is one of the largest industrial cities in the country and a great place to buy famous Tunisian spices.

You can get your vehicle transported overseas in one of two ways. If you would like to save some money, you can simply ship your vehicle on the open deck of a ship. If the vehicle you’re planning on shipping doesn’t meet Customs’ standards, you will be required to use a container. Another yet even more expensive shipping option is by air, but not all shipping services offer this method.

Paying Import Duties

Any taxes stipulated by the government will need to be paid such as import duties and offloading fees. Every country has their own set of standards when it comes to importing and exporting vehicles, so be sure to contact the Embassy of Tunisia for clarification on when payments must be made. Typically, Shippers will pay for these added fees once they have presented all the proper paperwork.

Things that Affect the Cost of Destination Charges

The method in which you use to transport your vehicle will affect offloading fees. Offloading a container generally costs more but offers a vehicle more protection while it is in transit. If the car is out of gas or has a dead battery, the shipper will be subject to paying extra fees. Cars that leak oil, coolant or battery fluid will also be charged for the inconvenience.

Customs Shipping Fees

When you work with a reputable shipping service, they will handle the shipping process with U.S. Customs. To make things simple, a representative of the shipping service will add clearance fees into the original quote. Consider hiring a Customs clearance broker if you would like professional assistance processing paper work during the offloading process.

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