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RV TransportA-1 Auto Transport offers expert affordable RV transport services! If you need your to have your recreation vehicle moved across the state, country or even another country, fill out the form at the top of the page and get an instant recreation vehicle shipping quote today!

RV Transport Information

Owning any recreational vehicle can truly be a blessing to many families and individuals. The freedom of being able to jump into your recreation vehicle and go virtually anywhere you want for vacation while maintaining most of the comforts of home is one of the biggest benefits of a recreation vehicle. What happens, though, when you are just buying an recreation vehicle or when it’s time to sell it and you have to have your recreational vehicle transported to its new home? Transporting such a large item comes with some unique difficulties which many people have not ever considered. Traditional vehicle transport services are unable to move recreation vehicles due to their large sizes, so that eliminates options such as using a flat bed truck or even a large vehicle moving truck.


Professional RV Shippers

Most RV transport services will tell you there are really just two main ways to have an recreation vehicle moved. The first way is to have it driven to its desired location and the second is to have it towed. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and knowing these will help determine the best options for your unique situation. Most people will opt to have a recreation vehicle transport service tow their recreational vehicle for them, since that way, everything is taken care of for them and they don’t have to worry about every little detail. Others will drive the RV and tow their personal vehicle behind it until they get to their location and drop the RV off and drive their vehicle back. This option really only makes sense if you were going to be driving in that direction for a vacation or another reason anyway.


RV Shipping Services

While it’s true that most recreation vehicle owners enjoy driving it to new locations, most people won’t want to do that when they are selling the recreation vehicle. Driving the RV to the person buying it could be fun, but rather than just relaxing and enjoying the trip, you would have to worry about making sure you get to the destination on time and also that the RV remains clean for the new owners. With these restrictions and considerations, it is often not worth it to try to plan one final vacation in your recreation vehicle when transporting it to the new owners.

Most people agree that simply hiring a professional recreation vehicle transport service is the best and simplest option. In addition to handling all the details of the move, they are also very efficient and can make the delivery on time and safely every time. Their experience in moving RVs allows them to consistently provide exceptional service to their customers and deliver the RVs on time. The majority of recreation vehicle transport services will tow your recreation vehicle behind their truck to the destination. This method of moving an RV has several advantages, such as ensuring the RV stays clean and in the same condition as when it was picked up so the buyer won’t have any surprises. It also does not put additional miles on the engine of the recreation vehicle, which could decrease the value of the vehicle.

RV transport experts also have the experience needed to safely get your RV from its current location to the location of the buyer. An inexperienced driver may run into problems moving such a large vehicle, but that won’t be an issue for these professionals. Towing such a large vehicle also presents some other obstacles for anyone who is not trained in this area. Turning with an recreation vehicle in tow is much more difficult and requires you to be extra careful to avoid hitting other cars or even light or telephone poles along the way. The extra weight of an RV also requires that you allow extra space for braking and more time for accelerating to avoid potential issues while driving.

Why Would I Need RV Shipping Services?

While buying or selling an RV is the most common reason for needing the use of a recreation vehicle transport service, there are other reasons. Some people may want to use their recreation vehicle for a vacation but are unable to drive to the vacation location. This could be the case when you want to vacation somewhere overseas or just across the continent and you feel it would take too long to drive. Having your recreation vehicle transported for you can allow you to fly into your starting point and then enjoy the use of your RV throughout your vacation. This allows for the best of both RVing and vacationing in a location which is normally farther away than you could normally drive your RV.

One example of transporting your RV for a vacation would be if you lived in Florida and wanted to take an RV trip through Alaska. It is thousands of miles away and may very well take up your entire allotted time for a vacation just to get to Alaska. Having an RV transport service get your recreation vehicle to Alaska so you can fly in and begin your vacation right away opens the doors to many more adventures in your recreation vehicle. In this case, a family could enjoy all that Alaska has to offer to tourists and see the vast amount of natural beauty in America’s largest state without having to take weeks to drive up there, not to mention the time it would take to drive all the way back. For the true RV enthusiast, this is a great way to expand the traditional radius of viable RV vacationing.

Whatever your reason to transport your RV, it is important to know all your options and evaluate your particular situation before choosing which you will do. recreation vehicle shipping services can provide a wide range of advantages over attempting to move your vehicle from one location to another on your own. These professionals can make buying or selling an recreation vehicle much easier, as well as allowing the RV adventurer to explore new and exciting vacation ideas. Fill out our quote form today and we’ll contact you about your RV transportation needs.

Whatever the reason, A-1 Auto Transport is here to ship your recreation vehicle, and you can count on us to deliver your recreation vehicle safely, and in a timely fashion. If you are planning on shipping your RV, call 1-800-452-2880 or fill out the form above to get a FREE RV transport quote!