Preparing a Motorcycle for Transport

Save yourself any unnecessary hassle and stress from transportation complications by putting in the time to make sure that your motorcycle is properly prepared for transport. Before you check out the following list of things that you should do, you should first ask the transportation company that you chose what their requirements are. A-1 Auto Transport will work with you to make sure that everything is clearly explained right from the very beginning.

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Document Everything.

 No matter what insurance coverage you obtain for transporting your motorcycle, it’s vital that you make sure that its condition is fully documented before you hand it over. Make sure that:

  • It’s cleaned thoroughly.
  • You take close-up pictures of it from multiple angles.
  • Any damage and/or scratches are fully noted before the transportation process occurs.
  • Any faulty issues in terms of mechanical issues are known.
  • All of the documentation and records have a clear date-stamp on them.

Physically Prepare It.

  • Take out any personal items that may be stored in the motorcycle, including any pictures or things that are hanging from the rear-view mirrors.
  • Remove any accessories that you’ve added to the motorcycle if they’re easily removable. It’s rare that they will fall under the insurance coverage.
  • Check with the shipping company to see if they require you to remove its battery or to make sure that its gas tank is either empty or filled to a certain level. Depending on the method that it’s being shipped, this will change accordingly.

 Check If Your Motorcycle Is Working Properly.

Examine every aspect of your motorcycle to determine if it’s fully functional. Even if your motorcycle is not being transported by a driver, but instead is being placed in truck trailer or ramp, you will need to make sure that it’s running properly. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Check the tire levels and make sure they’re adequately inflated.
  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Make sure there is no leakage from anywhere.
  • Check to see if the signal, emergency, and brake lights all work.

If you follow all of these instructions, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything on your end to make sure that your motorcycle isn’t damaged and that there are no unexpected complications due to poor preparation.

Of course, accidents can occur, which is why you should always make sure that you have excellent insurance coverage no matter what. Thankfully, a transport company such as A-1 Auto Transport will be glad to answer any and all of your questions about the things that you need to do before shipping your motorcycle.

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