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Shipping Cars To Or From Port Of Vancouver

In North America, there are two ports named Vancouver. One is in Canada’s British Columbia province, and the other one is in the US state of Washington. This article concentrates on Port of Vancouver USA. It is located on the northern bank of the Columbia River. The port is a collection of five marine terminals managed by the local government. It opens foreign trade routes between the city of Vancouver and the rest of the world. Shipping cars to or from port of Vancouver is one of the commercial activities at the port.


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Why the port of Vancouver is good for international car shipping

Shipping cars to or from port of Vancouver is convenient for the following reasons;

  1. Access: The port is accessible via water, air, road, and rail. Car shipping companies prefer road for domestic transportation and water for overseas transportation. The carrier trucks access the port via Interstate 5 highway which runs north/south along the west coast, and Interstate 84, which runs east/west.
  2. Auto dock: Terminal 4’s berth 10 is the port’s auto dock. This floating dock is a contemporary facility proficient in managing the loading and unloading of any size or number of roll-on/roll-off (RORO) cargo. RORO ships are specifically designed to carry wheeled cargo, which explains why car dealerships and auto manufacturers prefer them. In fact, Subaru imports its models to America through this dock.
  3. Direct route from the Pacific Rim to Midcontinent: The port also serves as a direct route between the Midcontinent of the US, and nations in the Pacific Rim. Individuals and companies as far east as New York use this port to import and export cars to overseas nations such as China, Japan, and Australia.

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Services provided by port of Vancouver auto transporters

Several local and nationwide car carriers provide shipping services to and from the port of Vancouver. You will need an auto transporter to ship from the current location to the exit port, from the exit port to the entry port, and from the entry port to the final destination. The following services provided by automobile shippers will facilitate auto shipping through the port of Vancouver;

  • Domestic car transport: Domestic car transport is car transport within the US, and sometimes includes the states of Alaska and Hawaii. You will need domestic auto transport services if you need the car transported from the port to inland locations, or to the port from inland locations. The service can be provided via enclosed or open carrier trucks.
  • International car shipping: There are two types of international shipping services provided by US-based auto transporters through the port of Vancouver. Most carriers solely transport cars from the US to overseas locations. Some transport cars from the US to overseas and vice versa. Such are the car transporters you should look for when shipping a car from overseas to the port of Vancouver.
  • Door-to-door service: This is a convenience service where the carrier picks the car from its current location, transports it through the port, and delivers it to your doorstep or any other location you prefer.

The complexity or straightforwardness of shipping cars to or from Port of Vancouver is determined by the auto shipping company you hire. Hire an experienced, professional and reliable company such as A-1 Auto Transport for quality services at affordable rates and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free process.

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