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Shipping Cars To or From Port of Green Bay

Along the western banks of Lake Michigan lies the Port of Green Bay. The Port offers a cost-effective way of transporting a diverse array of cargo from the Midwest to the rest of the world. Seeing as it transports close two million tons of cargo every year, the port has become a key determinant of the economic health of the Green Bay area.


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Here’s a step by step guide on shipping cars to or from Port of Green Bay.

Step 1: Book an auto mover

To get the best returns for your cash, look for a car shipping company that charts both international and domestic waters. Ensure the company is insured, bonded, and licensed. You can do this by checking its accreditations with the Federal Maritime Commission.

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Step 2: Determine Shipping costs

Other than the auto shipper’s quotation, here are a few other costs you may incur when shipping cars to or from the Port of Green Bay.

  • Demurrage – This a charge levied by the ports to the consignee for holding a vehicle beyond the stipulated time of offloading and loading. It also refers to a charge extended by the auto shipper for failure of picking up your vehicle from the port within the agreed time frame. To avoid the burden of such fees, ensure that you have ironed out every detail regarding delivery to and from the port with your auto shipper. If your budget allows, its best you opt for the door-to-door- delivery method instead of port-to-port.
  • Wharfage – This is the charge levied for the handling of your vehicle by the port’s personnel.
  • Shipping insurance – For your own peace of mind, its best that you invest in a good maritime insurance. Ask your auto shipper if they can extend this service before signing on the dotted line. The standard insurance covers 2% of the total value of the car but you can opt for the 2.5% cover depending on your needs.

Also, note that the larger your automobile is, the steeper the charge quoted to you by the auto shipping company. A standard sedan vehicle usually goes for about half the cost charged to an SUV.

Being a small port, the only mode of shipping available at this port is container shipping which is often higher priced than its alternative RoRo.

Step 3: Have the relevant paperwork

The relevant documents for shipping cars to or from port of Green Bay needed by customs include:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Vehicle Identification number

Note that you may be required to have other documents depending on whether you are shipping a new, used or a junk car.

Another important document is the bill of lading. This a comprehensive report of the status of your car prior to shipping that is signed by the auto shipper. The carrier is basically acknowledging the receipt of your vehicle and promises to deliver it to the desired destination safely. Should your car suffer any damage, this will be the most instrumental document when filing a claim.

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