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Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

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Pilot Transport Reviews

What's in this article?
  1. Pilot Transport Reviews Section
  2. Review 1
  3. Review 2
  4. What Services Does Pilot Transport Offer?
  5. Enclosed
  6. Open Trailer
  7. Flatbed
  8. Factors To Consider When Looking For A Shipping Company
  9. Open Or Closed Shipping
  10. Check Their Experience-How Many Years Have They Given To The Service?
  11. Read Online Reviews
  12. Extra Charges
  13. Refunds And Cancellations
  14. Tracking Options
  15. Shipping Insurance
  16. Benefits You'll Enjoy By Hiring Pilot Transport
  17. Proper Planning
  18. Saves Time
  19. Vehicle Protection
  20. Easy Traveling All Day Long
  21. Door-To-Door Shipping
  22. Saves Money
  23. Lower Insurance
  24. You Can Move Multiple Vehicles
  25. Professional And Reliable
Pilot Transport Reviews

Pilot Transport is a company that specializes in shipping cars from one place to another. They ship all types of cars and are primarily known for transporting vehicles that need special care or have critical transport schedules.

Pilot Transport offers three types of services: open, enclosed, and flatbed. So, if you want to have your car shipped safe and sound, you should consider using Pilot Transport.

No matter where you intend to send your cars, Pilot Transport will ensure they get there on time and without damage. With the best technology, they have an efficient system called OVISS that helps them track orders and deliveries. This system gives real-time information. They take their commitment to serving their customers seriously.

Pilot Transport has proven with their commendable services that they are the only company certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a "Smartway" organization. This certification means they use fuel-saving techniques and always look for ways to improve environmental conditions.

In this article, we will discuss various services offered by Pilot Transport and examine how they can benefit you. So, keep reading to learn more! Let's enter the world of the latest technologies.

Pilot Transport Reviews Section

Let's first see the reviews of what their clients have to say about the company:

Review 1

I had a great experience with Pilot Transport from the first time I came across it. I ordered a kayak for my wife from Dick's Sporting Goods, and they used Pilot as a third-party shipper. A friendly representative contacted me to schedule a delivery when it was in their warehouse. I stayed at my place during the 4-hour window and was surprised to get a call from the driver halfway through the window time. What a service!

The kayak arrived at my doorstep just 20 minutes after the driver talked to me. I was worried because of 1-star reviews and was expecting unprofessional behavior, but it was a great experience. I am so happy to report that all parts are in excellent shape. A big thanks to the Pilot's professionalism and responsible attitude!

Review 2

I happened to use the Pilot delivery service for a couch delivery. It was a wonderful experience when they called me to set up a delivery schedule until the dispatched day.

They are highly professional as they contacted me over the phone and even called me to set up an earlier delivery and asked if it was alright. I said why not. The lady who called was very nice. It was a curbside order, but she informed the driver that I lived on the first floor, and two handymen arrived to carry both huge parcels and brought them right up the stairs and into my residence. The drivers were highly cooperative. I offered to help them because of the heavy boxes, but they said they would manage. Everything was in excellent condition, so I tipped them in appreciation. Very happy and highly recommend it!!

What Services Does Pilot Transport Offer?

Pilot Transport offers three primary services: open, enclosed, and flatbed. Each has its advantages that can be helpful according to your needs. Let's look at each service in more depth:


You can invest in an enclosed trailer if you want to transport your cargo safely. Pilot transport is an expert in this field, so they offer retained services to their clients. These trailers are versatile, spacious and can be used for many purposes, such as

  • Hauling tools
  • Setting up a mobile business
  • Storing expensive items

For example, you can transport equipment and fragile items from one place to another without hassle.

Enclosed cargo protection is highly recommended in severe weather, like snow and rain. They are also helpful in keeping your belongings safe from thieves.

Your cargo can risk getting damaged when transported in an open trailer. However, this problem is solved with enclosed trailers offered by Pilot services.

So, if you want to transport valuable items safely, get your hands on this service without giving it a second thought. It will provide you with mental satisfaction when traveling long distances with expensive items.

Open Trailer

An open trailer is the cheapest and most common type of trailer. It doesn't offer much protection for your belongings, but it is excellent for hauling more minor items.

If you are transporting something that is not valuable or fragile, an open trailer is a great option to stay on a tight budget.

An open trailer doesn't have walls or a roof, so it needs less washing, waxing, and maintenance.

Furthermore, an open trailer is lighter than other trailers on the market. It makes it easier to move and can save on fuel. So, if you want to save some bucks, the ideal option is an open trailer.


Flatbeds are a significant part of the services offered by shipping companies.

A flatbed trailer has a flat surface. They are perfect for hauling oversized and heavy items. Flatbeds are ideal even if you want to transport your vehicles like cars or motorcycles.

They have open beds and can carry heavy loads. It means they play a massive role in transporting cargo.

If you invest in a flatbed truck, you can carry a lot of cargo in one go, so you won't need to make as many trips. This makes it cost-effective too.

For example, tractors can be difficult to fit into a closed truck. If the tractor will work, it is most likely that only a single tractor will fit. When you use a flatbed truck, other cargos may also be able to be on the car.

From a customer's point of view, a flatbed trailer is also an excellent option if you want to transport something too large or heavy that's impossible for an enclosed or open trailer.

Pilot Transport offers flatbed facilities at lower prices as it is also helpful if you need to transport something challenging to load by other means.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Shipping Company

If you're planning to ship your vehicle, you'll need to find a shipping company with a lot of experience in shipping cars. Also, check the company's service policies and look for online reviews.

When choosing car shipping services, it is essential to compare the shipping costs. But there are other things you need to consider as well.

Let's discuss them in detail.

1. Open or Closed Shipping

There are two types of shipping when transporting cars. The first type is less expensive but can cause damage to your vehicle, which is not what you want.

The second type is fast shipping; this is more expensive but will protect your car from the elements. So, deciding which type of shipping is right for you is essential.

2. Check Their Experience-How Many years Have They Given to The Service?

When looking for a shipping company, it is crucial to choose one with experience. It is because an experienced company will have a better understanding of the shipping procedure and will be able to provide a more efficient service.

In addition, an experienced company will have a good reputation and be more likely to offer good customer service.

3. Read Online Reviews

One way to know whether a company is reliable is by reading reviews and testimonials from their previous clients.

You can check online for reviews or ask the company for referrals. A company with a good reputation is likely to offer a good service. You can even get help from friends or family who have used cargo in the past to give you a deep insight.

On the other hand, a company with bad reviews is likely to offer poor service. Please don't rely on online reviews as sometimes they can be fake.

Ensure to ask for opinions from people you know who have used the company's services.


4. Extra Charges

Ask about any additional charges that may not include the quote. For example, some companies charge for fuel, while others have it in the price.

There might be several other charges that are not initially quoted. Make sure you know all the extra costs, so there are no surprises later.

Getting the total verified once you get the final quote is essential.

5. Refunds and Cancellations

Find out the company's policy on refunds and cancellations. Some companies may offer a full refund if you cancel before the car is shipped, while others may only return a partial refund.

There are also hidden charges you may want to find out about.

So, be very vigilant while giving a contract. Knowing the refund policy in advance is essential to making the best decision for your situation.

6. Tracking Options

Be extra cautious about asking about tracking options so you can keep an eye on your car during transport. In this way, you get to know the exact location. Some companies have apps that help track your shipment.

Some companies offer GPS tracking, while others will provide updates via text or email. Choose a company that offers the tracking option that you are most comfortable with.


7. Shipping Insurance

Make sure the company you choose offers shipping insurance. It will protect your vehicle in case of any accidents or damage during transport. Check the body and the interior parts yourself before giving them for shipment.

One of my friends even took pictures of his car before sending it. Clever, isn't it?

Insurance is essential as it will give you peace of mind knowing that your car is covered if anything happens.

Benefits You'll Enjoy by Hiring Pilot Transport

Vehicles are essential possessions, so people often take them along when they move. You can also take your car on vacation.

There are several ways to do this. The first way is to drive it on your own. However, this can be time taking and tiring, but it is also the cheapest option. You can also consider hiring a car shipping service. It is more expensive, but it is also more convenient.

The company will help you with the pick-up and drop-off of your car. Added comfort!

You can choose where you want it to go. There are many benefits of this option. Car shippers will save you time and hassle. They will also make sure your car arrives safely at its destination.

If you hire Pilot Transport, you will get the many benefits that are discussed below:

  • Proper planning
  • Saves time
  • Vehicle protection
  • Makes travel easy
  • Door-to-door shipping
  • Saves money
  • Lower Insurance
  • You can move multiple vehicles
  • Professional and reliable
  • Affordable rates

Let's discuss them in detail.

Proper Planning

You'll need to prepare your car for the trip if you're driving. It includes ensuring you have enough gas and stopping at places to rest and eat.

Ensure a plan B if your car breaks down or there is road maintenance work that makes the trip longer. And don't forget about dealing with other drivers on the road! Pain in the neck sometimes!

You don't have to worry about shipping your car if you hire Pilot Transport. They have reliable professionals who can do it for you.

They will make the arrangements, and you will not have to stress out about anything. You can also ask for enclosed shipping to protect your car from debris or weather.


Saves time

Another reason people choose a company to ship their vehicle is that they don't have enough time to manage all the traveling hassles and exhaustion at the end of the trip.

If you're busy every day and don't want to spend several days driving across the country, choosing a Pilot Service company will be best for you.

You'll spend less time behind the wheel and can focus on other things. If you need to ship your car, you can choose a time window for when it will arrive.

You can also fly to your destination and have your car arrive simultaneously. It will be a much faster process. So, these are the reasons people choose professional companies to ship their vehicles.

Vehicle Protection

Traveling many miles may harm your vehicle. It can lower the value of your car when you go to sell it, and it also means that you'll need to do more maintenance.

You will be stress-free about extra mileage if you choose to ship your car. Shipping your vehicle also protects it from environmental hazards. If you are thinking about driving across the country, your vehicle will be exposed to many weather conditions.

Shipping it will keep it in the same condition as when you left. A wise way!

Easy Traveling All Day Long

Long car rides can be dangerous because of bad weather and driving. You can also be very uncomfortable because you must sit in the driver's seat for an extended period. Let alone the danger of sleeping that can be a cause of accidents.

A better idea is to let a car shipment company transport your car for you. And you can book a flight for yourself to reach your destination. This way, you know that both you and your vehicle will have safely arrived at Point B from Point A.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Nowadays, every company offers door-to-door services. A significant relief indeed! It means the driver will come to your house to pick up your car and take it to the place you want it to be delivered. However, this is very convenient for people who want a comfortable experience.


Saves money

Choosing a car shipping company is almost always cheaper than driving the vehicle, especially when you examine the cost of gas or fuel, food, and lodging costs.

Car shipping companies can also offer discounts. You could save money by using a car shipping service. It is because you will not have to spend money on traveling expenses. Also, you don't have to spend money on repairs or maintenance needed before and after a long car trip.

You won't have to miss any days at work if you use a car shipping service. You can keep working and leave your car transport to the experts.

Lower Insurance

Your car insurance rates might increase if you go on a long road trip. If you get into an accident, it would be even more expensive. It is cheaper to ship your car instead of driving it. Pilot Transport provides insurance coverage when they send your vehicle. A big bonus for you!

It means you don't have to worry about anything happening to your car while it is transported.

The truck driver who picks up your car will inspect it when it arrives at its final destination for any damage. The company will pay for the repairs if there is any problem or injury.

You can Move Multiple Vehicles

Hiring a shipping company can be cost-effective if you own more than one car. A shipping company that allows you to move not just one but multiple vehicles will save you time and money. You can transport all cars in one trip.

It is incredibly convenient if you are moving long-distance or across the country. So, Pilot transport can be the best solution to your car shipping needs. Pilot Transport has a wide range of services that can accommodate your specific requirements, whether shipping one car or multiple vehicles.


Professional and Reliable

Pilot Transport is very reliable and professional. They have a great team of drivers who are punctual and possess expertise.

The transportation company will use the proper equipment to ensure your car arrives at your desired destination safe and sound.

They offer various transportation services that are sure to fit your budget.

Whether you need a one-time trip or an ongoing transportation solution, Pilot Transport has a plan for all types of clients.

Affordable Rates

Pilot Transport offers very affordable rates without compromising the quality of their service. They are dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible experience and customer service.

They have online customer representatives who keep you informed about the whereabouts of your vehicle at a cheap rate.


Using a vehicle shipping company is the best way to ensure your car arrives at its destination on time and without damage.

Considering the factors we've discussed, you can choose the right company according to your needs and be confident that your car will be delivered safely and promptly.

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring Pilot Transport for sending your car from one place to another. They have the experience to get your car or truck from point A to point B cautiously with care. They also offer various services that will meet your specific needs, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

Pilot Transport is the best yet affordable option for shipping your car. They are reliable and provide excellent customer service. You will be satisfied if you choose them to transport your vehicle.

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Joe Webster always knew the auto transport industry would be a great career option. And with decades of experience, Joe is now an established consultant for A1 Auto Transport.

Joe was born in Santa Cruz, California. During high school, Joe worked as a mechanic; a job continued to work part-time during his bachelor's degree.

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Cristine Benoit
I can safely say this is a legit company that will get the job done.

There are a lot of options for auto transport these days, which surprisingly makes it harder to find a good company. I received more than 10 offers to ship my car, but I couldn’t decide on any of them... Fortunately, I made the right choice with A1 Auto Transport.

David Osallo
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We give A1 Auto Transport a big 10 out of 10! We chose them to move our car from California to Vermont, since we needed professionals.

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