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Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

Joe brought me peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough for being so reliable and trustworthy

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Mobile Home Transport

What's in this article?
  1. Mobile Home Moving Companies
  2. How Much Does It Cost To Move A Mobile Home?
  3. The Distance Of The Move
  4. The Size Of Your Home
  5. Packaging Help
  6. Moving Insurance
  7. Mobile Home Weight
  8. What Are The Average Costs Of Moving A Manufactured Home?
  9. How Do You Reduce Moving Expenses?
  10. Start Planning Early
  11. Look For The Most Convenient Route
  12. Throw A Packing Party
  13. Be Flexible
  14. Book Early
  15. Do You Need Mobile Home Insurance During A Move?
  16. How Do You Find The Best Mobile Home Mover?
  17. How Many Years Have They Been In Operation?
  18. How Much Do They Charge?
  19. Do They Have All The Licenses?
  20. Are They Insured?
  21. Are They Ready To Sign A Contract?
  22. How Do You Prepare Your Mobile Home For A Move?
  23. Remove Exterior Features
  24. Remove Easily Damaged Items In The Interior
  25. Turn-Off All The Utilities
Mobile Home Transport

Picture this; you decide to move a mobile home because you assume it's an easy task. You pick the cheapest truck. You are thrilled you will save those bucks. You hit the road successfully, pulling a 1400+ pounds object down the interstate for hundreds of miles.

But through the journey, the giant load rolls off because there were no precaution measures. People get injured. Your home gets damaged. It is at this point you learn of home transportation licenses. So the authority gets on your neck, and you face multiple charges.

The mere thought can be traumatizing, right?

That is what would happen if you fail to plan carefully. Even though there is a lot of planning needed from your end, why not hire professionals to help with your mobile home transport?

Mobile Home Moving Companies

Mobile home moving companies such as A1 Auto Transport provide stress-free mobile home transport services seamlessly and efficiently. They have perfected the art and know what needs to be done to ensure safety and compliance.

But what are their charges? What preparations should you make before a move? This article will break down everything there is to know about mobile home transport.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

To be clear, we are not talking about packing up your stuff and moving. We mean physically relocating a house: a crazy but necessary move in some situations. So, you can imagine how complex and expensive the process can be. To do so, you may have two options, hire a mover or do it yourself (which we do not recommend).

If you decide to hire a mobile home moving company, you will note that the price varies. The common factors affect the overall cost of moving a mobile home across the board.

The Distance of the Move

Obviously, the shorter the distance, the less the transport charges and vice versa. For instance, if you are moving between towns, the cost to move will be lower compared to long-distance moves. Keeping in mind that moving a 1,500+ pound load requires a powerful truck that sucks tons of fuel, you will have to pay more for the services.

Besides, you may need police escorts or escort cars(according to your state's regulations) once on transit. The move automatically means more costs for long distances.

The Size of Your Home

Mobile homes vary in size, which drastically affects the moving costs. The cost incurred moving a single-wide mobile home is not the same as relocating a double-wide. Same case if your rooms have a complicated layout since it will be a daunting task for the movers.

But how do mobile units vary in size? Let's break it down.

  • Single-Wide Mobile Homes. They range between 600 to 1300 square feet and have an average length of 90 feet and 18 feet in width. Typically, single-wide homes have one to two bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Double-Wide Mobile Homes. A double-wide mobile home has an average of 2,000 to 2,500 square feet. They also have an average width of 20 feet and 90 feet long. Additionally, they usually have two to three bedrooms and bathrooms. Double-wide mobile homes also have additional features such as dining rooms.
  • Triple-Wide Mobile Homes. Triple-wide mobile homes have an average of 4,500 square feet and are 90 feet long. They have more than three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and other additional features.

Note: moving a double-wide or triple-wide mobile home requires a large truck or heavy-duty towing vehicle adding to the costs. Besides, it may even take more than one lane and several pilot cars during transit. So expect to pay more money for escorts or even temporary road closure if moving a double-wide home.


Packaging Help

Before moving a mobile home, you need to pack all your items, a process that requires a lot of planning and costs a lot. If you do not have enough helping hands, you will be forced to turn to a moving company and pay for their services.

How about the packaging supplies? You may need boxes, packing tapes, or even hiring equipment such as dollies; again, additional costs. If you have antiques and delicate items, movers will charge you more for that. So at the end of the day, these costs are likely to pile up if you have unique requirements.

Moving Insurance

Most manufactured home movers have basic moving insurance that covers a set liability amount, not the total cost of your item. What if the worst happens and your high-value items are damaged? Who will be held reliable?

So, you need to ensure your high-value items with your insurance. However, you can choose a moving company that offers complete protection. They cover total damage costs if the item breaks under their care. The downside is you will have to pay more for their services.

Mobile Home Weight

Typically, a mobile home can weigh anywhere between 35-50 pounds per square foot. Therefore, a mobile home with a massive weight will impact the equipment needed to lift, move materials and the truck size. Basically, the more the weight, the more it costs to move the home.

What Are the Average Costs of Moving a Manufactured Home?

Generally speaking, the average costs of moving manufactured homes range between $ 1,000 to $20,000, depending on the factors we've just mentioned. If moving a mobile home for 20 miles or less, you are likely to pay between $700 to $1,000. Most movers have a flat rate for shorter distances. Other companies charge $5-$15 per mile after a certain distance.

How Do You Reduce Moving Expenses?

Keeping the moving costs as low as possible is crucial, especially if you have a tight budget. Here are some brilliant ways to achieve this.

Start Planning Early

You can reduce the cost if you start planning early by stocking empty boxes. Go round the neighborhood or your local grocery store and request empty boxes (they must have some they want to get rid of). Get them for free and save the cost of buying new ones.

Also, do not wait for the moving day to start packing. Start packing the stuff you rarely use early enough. You won't need to hire packing services if you pack most things on your own, right?. also, consider hiring a storage unit to make the relocation process more manageable.

Look For The Most Convenient Route

Talk to the mover beforehand and discuss the shortest and most efficient route to reduce costs. The most convenient way will save you fuel, the largest culprit in transportation costs.

However, remember the shortest route is not always the best, so keep all the considerations such as traffic and other obstacles on the table before deciding.

Throw a Packing Party

As crazy as it may sound, throwing a parking party is perfect for cutting costs. Have your friends and family come over and provide free food and drinks. Make it a social event or come together party. If you treat them right, they will happily help you pack.

Be Flexible

Moving during the peak times of the year is costly. The demand for home moving services is exceptionally high during summer, the first and last days of the month, and when kids are off school. So, try to move during winter and avoid school holidays and weekends.

Book Early

Ensure you shop around for quotes early enough. Booking during the last minute can cost you more, especially if the demand is high. Also, getting a few different quotes will help you weigh the best option that will give you value for your money.


Do You Need Mobile Home Insurance During a Move?

Mobile home insurance provides financial protection in the event your home is damaged. However, the coverage depends on the type of policy you secure. Generally, mobile home coverage pays to replace or repair your home and personal belongings, medical bills, and legal fee.

The coverage has different policies that work to safeguard you from the unexpected. they include;

  • dwelling coverage. The policy covers the repair and replacement of your modular home is damaged by rain, wind, fire, snow, lightning, smoke, or vandalism.
  • Medical payments coverage. The covers cater to small medical bills for guests injured on your property.
  • Personal liability coverage. The cover pays for lawsuits filed against you by other people in case of property damage or injuries.

As you can see, mobile home coverage is similar to typical homeowner insurance. It provides the primary coverage any homeowner requires. So, does it mean your insurance company cannot insure your manufactured home during transit? Typically, mobile home coverage has additional covers that homeowners can take or do away with. Trip/transportation coverage is one of the optional covers but very essential for homeowners who plan to move their manufactured homes.

Trip/transportation cover secures your home against collision damages in case of an accident. The cover also protects your home and its content from upset damages that occur while on transit. So, trip/transportation coverage is not a basic cover that requires mobile homeowners to consult their insurance company and negotiate for the additional cover.

How Do You Find the Best Mobile Home Mover?

A manufactured home mover is a vital factor in the moving process. They are the people responsible for that item that hold immense value. If you hurriedly choose a mover, be assured it is a disaster in the waiting.

Why? They may lack the expertise needed to pull the complex task to the end. So, should you wait until they pull your house away or when it is too late? The right thing to do is to pick professional movers. How? Here are some thoughtful questions you should ask.

How Many Years Have They Been in Operation?

To move a mobile home is not the same as moving other loads. The mover MUST be well-skilled to do so. For instance, they must assess, inspect and replace the existing axle if not in good shape. They must also know how to maneuver on tight corners and properly jack the house to avoid surprises.

What of emergencies and complications along the way? Can they handle a broken axle while on transit? It takes years to learn such skills. So, choose a mover who has moved mobile homes countless times and has mastered the art of dealing with transit challenges.

How Much Do They Charge?

Moving a mobile home is not a walk in the park. It is an endeavor that requires specialized equipment and professional planning. However, you will have to pay a fortune to get the job done. When looking for the best mover, you will meet some who charge very low. Do not celebrate; take that as a red flag. The mover might be inexperienced or have a lousy record.

Others will give inflated quotes that will scare you away. Remember, substantial transport costs do not necessarily mean excellent services. So, what is the best course of action? Get several estimates from different companies and compare. Of course, don't let the cost be your primary concern. Look at their professionalism, experience, licenses, insurance, and more.

Do They Have All the Licenses?

Working with a licensed mover is not something to take lightly. A license is one document that tells if the mover knows what they are doing or not. It keeps them on their toes since a governing body is on their neck monitoring their activities. Enquire if they have local and state transportation permits that are up-to-date.

What about non-licensed movers? The regulating body will do nothing for you if the unlicensed mover fails to honor the end of their bargain. So, get ready for unending excuses and hefty losses if you go down that road.

Additionally, the driver should be licensed to move between states(if you are moving from one state to another). If not, a new driver will have to take over in the new state, adding to the cost.

Are They Insured?

Even with a top-notch planner and the best mover, things can still go wrong. The SURE WAY to protect your valuable possession is by insuring it. If the mover has a comprehensive cover, there is no need to worry; the cover will protect your mobile home. If they cover part of the liability, purchase liability coverage before the big day.

Are They Ready to Sign a Contract?

A mover who agrees to sign a written agreement should be your preferred choice. A contract is a binding force that ensures the mover delivers to the last detail—signing that one document will spare you last-minute surprises. You can check with the Better Business Bureau if any complaints have been filed against them. However, read the document carefully and ensure all your interests are documented. If not sure of some clauses, consult a legal mind.

How Do You Prepare Your Mobile Home for a Move?

If you have all the planning and logistics ready, it's time to prepare your mobile home for a move. Your home will be lifted and placed onto a flat-bed truck when transported. So, it means exposure to a lot of elements while on transit.

Nonetheless, both you and the moving company have one goal in mind; moving the mobile home to its destination in one piece. To minimize the damages, here are some guidelines you should follow.

Remove Exterior Features

Suppose you have items such as awnings, lanterns, a porch, flower baskets, lights, or any item that can fly off during transit, remove them before the mover gets to you.

As it is, your home will be exposed to high winds, blowing off the exterior attachments, which can lead to loss or damages. So, remove the items and store them in a safe place. If you have enough room, keep them inside your home.

Remove Easily Damaged Items in the Interior

When your mobile home is lifted into the truck, expect the interior features to move back and forth. They will also probably be thrown around, especially if the truck takes a bumpy route. Chances are, most will fall and break. To prevent such liabilities, remove loose items or anything delicate and breakable.

Some moving companies will only move a mobile home if large appliances, oversized furniture, hanging interior decor, chemicals, and flammable liquids are removed. So, always enquire about their terms before committing.

Turn-off All the Utilities

To move a mobile home safely, turn off all the utilities such as gas, water, and electricity. Also, disconnect all the telephone, television, and internet cables to minimize the chances of damaging your lines. Consider also applying a winter seal on all your pipes to prevent freezing if you are moving during winter. Frozen pipes can burst quickly, and the cost of repair or replacement can be very high.

So, before you turn off the heat, protect your pipes from the cold weather.

Secure the Exterior

Why would you want to expose your home's interior if there are simple steps you can take? First, check all your windows and doors. Tighten the bolts and shut and lock them before the move. Your roof and sliding too should be secured, fixed, or reinforced if loose. Again, these measures will minimize damages and liabilities and reduce costs.


Contacting the moving company and the driver throughout the transit period is vital. How will they communicate in emergencies if your phone is off? Also, before the driver hits the road, give clear instructions on what the driver should do once they reach the destination. Write all the necessary information down and have the driver read them.

The vital yet straightforward move will eliminate misunderstandings and ensure a smooth relocation process.

Check Out the Weather

The last thing you want is to subject your home to extreme weather, especially if it is not a rigid structure. So, check the weather forecast and discuss with the mover about rescheduling the move. It's better you wait rather than have a significant impact on your home, right?.

Learn of Existing Laws

Although relocating laws vary depending on the area you are moving to, here are some of the basics you need to learn.

  • Get a moving permit. Before you relocate, you must acquire a permit from the municipal government and a tax certificate from the county treasurer. Some states also require a copy of the property ownership certificate.
  • Get professional help. The law does not allow anyone to move home without the help of a licensed, insured, and bounded mover.
  • Ensure your home is up to code. The codes are legal requirements for placing the mobile home on the map. Ensure your home's code is in the municipal's internal system before moving.
  • Check the laws of the town you are relocating to. If your property does not meet the bar, the new state may prevent relocation.

So, consult a legal mind first and put all the papers in order before planning the move.

Looking for the Best Mobile Home Moving Company?

Are you a stressed mobile homeowner wondering how possible it will be to move a mobile home? Are you worried about the cost of moving your home? Or are you relocating and can't leave your mobile home behind? Worry not; A1 Auto Transport is here to make the moving process seamless and easy for you.

We are a professional moving company that offers exceptional mobile home relocation services at an affordable rate. We have mastered the art of moving any home regardless of the size, location, and distance.

Why Choose Us?

If you are still wondering if we are your right choice, here are the reasons behind our success and why we've remained on top for more than 20 years.

We Are a Full-Service Provider

Imagine hiring a mover who delivers your home, collects their bucks, and leaves. The stress of looking for installation, flooring, or roofing services can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, most of the guys out there are not full-service movers. A1 Auto Transport understands that moving to a mobile home is stressful enough.

We try as much as possible to relieve you of the burden. So, apart from moving your mobile home, we also offer other services at an affordable rate. Our team of experts' roofing, flooring, installation, and plumbing knowledge is unmatched. They are committed and ensure everything is fixed and working perfectly before calling it a day.

We Are Professional Movers

We've heard stories of mobile home movers who promise five-star services but leave homeowners with regrets and tons of complaints—some cut corners by not securing the permits, licenses, and insurance necessary for the move.

The results? Homeowners end up spending more due to delays, fines, and damages. Others give a million excuses for a failed mission. Luckily, A1 Auto Transport is the master when we talk about professionalism.

From our first encounter, we ensure transparency at every stage. We understand what needs to be done; hence, we secure moving permits and all other legal documents needed for the move. We are also a licensed moving company. Having met all the requirements, be sure we have all the tricks to get the job done.

We Offer Affordable Costs

We are transparent, and we will surprise you with hidden charges at no one point. Unlike other modular home movers, we are upfront with our pricing. We give you personalized estimates based on factors such as location, distance, size, and condition of your home.

Our quotes are detailed, and we break down the transport cost for you to understand what you are paying for. Our set-up costs are competitive and the most affordable in the market. Besides, we offer regular discounts for our esteemed customers to appreciate the trust they have shown us over the years.

Excellent Customer Care Services

Have you ever been served with care, love, and affection by the customer care desk? That is who we are; leaving our customers happy and satisfied is our primary goal.

Our customer care experts are available 24/7 to offer you the services you need. Whether you are enquiring about our services or the progress of your load, they are always ready, waiting for your call to offer the help you may need.

So, Are You Ready for Your Mobile Home Move?

So, are you ready for a full-service? Give us a call today, and let us give you the best deal in the market. We will care for your home like our own and deliver it safely. We are here to serve you.

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