Latvia Vehicle Registration Process

Latvia Vehicle Registration Process For U.S. Imports

The Baltics are a quick way of referring to the nine countries that border the Baltic Sea. Among that group is Latvia, a country squished between Lithuania and Estonia.

If you plan to register your car in Latvia, here are your quick and dirty rules for registering your vehicle there.

What’s what for registering the vehicle

Here’s your quick hitlist for documents you need:

  • Registration document from the previous country where the car operated
  • Proof of ownership
  • If the vehicle is from outside the European Union, proof of the vehicle’s import into the union
  • Identification documents for the registered owner
  • Proof that you paid the vehicle use and natural resource taxes as well as registration payment

For a deeper at look at what’s involved with shipping a car to the country, take a look at our overseas shipping page for Latvia! You’ll find useful information such as what the procedure looks, what you’ll need to do, and what documents are necessary!


Latvia Vehicle Registration Process


Licensing, Permits & Driving In Latvia

Licensing requirements

Short timers in Latvia – tourists and people passing through for a few weeks or months – can get by on a U.S. or European Union driver’s license. If you don’t have that, it doesn’t hurt to have an international driving permit.

You can get that permit through the American Automobile Association.


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For people looking to stay longer term in the country, you’ll have to get a Latvian license. If you do that, you will have to surrender your original license. Fun piece of trivia, that license will be sent back to its country and region of origin.

If you have to get a license in the country, you’ll first want to get a Latvian identification code – a unique code that stays with you throughout your citizenship in the country. And you also have to be 16 years of age. You’ll have to pass the driving exam – written and practical – to get a Latvian license and it is recommended that you get a good teacher to teach you the ways of the road.

Important thing to note: Not having a license while driving may lead to Latvian police automatically confiscating your vehicle.

Here are a few other things you need to do to get a license:

  • Finish a first aid course
  • Pass a medical examination

Getting around in Latvia

The roads of the country are far from ideal, with the country carrying one of the highest rates of auto accidents and fatalities. Driving in the country is much like looking out for yourself in life: You have to do what’s best for you.

  • Headlights have to be on at all times
  • The maximum speed limit for city and residential areas is 50 kph and 90 kph in other areas.

Latvia Vehicle Registration Resources

Registering A Vehicle – A good general breakdown of the steps and documents required to register a vehicle in Latvia.

Driving In Latvia – A helpful resource from the U.S. Embassy in Latvia about navigating the roads, as well as information about licensing and permits.

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