Italy Vehicle Registration Process

Italy Vehicle Registration Process | Imported Vehicle Registration

This page explains the details of the process of registering an imported vehicle in Italy. As with most western European nations, importing a car, truck, or motorcycle from the U.S. is easier than it is some other parts of the world, largely due to the harmonization of E.U. auto standards.


Italy Vehicle Registration Process


Required Documents

Vehicles imported into Italy from the U.S. must have a certificate of origin from the manufacturer of the vehicle. The best method of getting the certificate is to contact the U.S. automaker or dealership directly. In addition to the certificate or origin, you will also be required to provide the following documents:

  • Vehicle registration (original & copy, as well as Italian translation)
  • Roadworthiness certificate (original & copy)
  • Customs form
  • Original vehicle title and copy
  • Technical specifications form
  • Passport & copies
  • Receipts for applicable payments

If you’d like to know more about shipping a vehicle to Italy from the United States, click here to visit our overseas transport page for the country! You’ll find information about the cost of shipping a car to Italy, what documents you’ll need to get it done, and what sort of shipping options you have.

Vehicle Inspection & Value Added Tax In Italy

Inspection & Conformity

Any car imported into Italy must first pass an inspection test before it can be registered. Once the technical assessment has been made, you will receive a certificate of conformity, assuming the vehicle passes inspection. For temporary imports, vehicles brought in from the U.S. have a six month period in which they can be used without paying duties. After the six month window has passed, the vehicle must be shipped out of the country or registered locally, in which case taxes and duties must be paid.

Applicable Taxes

When a vehicle is imported to Italy, the owner must pay both a duty and value added tax (VAT). The duty on automobiles is currently 11% of the value of the vehicle with the VAT being applied at 21%. In addition to the exemption mentioned above for temporary imports, Italian residents importing a car can do so duty free if they’ve owned it for a year or more.

Italian Driving & Registration Resources

Driving In Italy – A guide to driving in Italy from the U.S. embassy that covers both public and private transportation, as well information about permits and traffic.

Registering A Vehicle In Italy – An Italian resource that explains in some detail what’s involved in the registration process. It includes information about expected payments and which local offices you’ll need to contact.

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