Dually Truck Transport

Dually truck transport often requires specific equipment and knowledge from the transport driver, so it is no surprise that it tends to cost more than standard size vehicle transport.  A dually is a heavy duty truck with four rear tires, whereas standard trucks usually just have two tires in the back.

These trucks are built for heavy lifting and towing, so they have tougher shocks, brakes, and suspension than standard trucks.  If your truck fits in a regular car carrier, you probably won’t need to worry about an increase in price, but if it is much larger than standard, you may need to explore the possibility of shipping it on a flatbed carrier.


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It is very important when arranging the transport of your dually truck that you find a company familiar with these types of vehicles.  Some companies do not like to take on the responsibility of shipping large trucks, while others consider it their specialty.  It is definitely in your best interest to research and finds an auto transport company with a lot of experience with these specific vehicles.  Your dually truck hauls and transports so much for you that you will want it in the best hands possible for its own transport.

As previously stated, you may find that your truck will cost more to ship than standard size vehicles, although the price difference may be negligible if your truck isn’t too big.  Some drivers, unfortunately, do not handle dually trucks, so it does cut down on the number of people willing to take on the responsibility.  If the auto transport company you contact is familiar with this type of specialized vehicle, they will take into account this fact when you first contact them and give you a quote based on past experience.  Overall, it is extremely important to thoroughly vet any potential transport company before agreeing to have them ship you dually.

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