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Submitted by Warren Alphonso
on 03/06/18

“I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather… Not kicking and screaming like the passengers in his car.”

Hm, maybe that one’s too morbid to be an opener.

How about “A man walked into a car shop and said ‘I need an air filter for a Kia.’ The clerk looked at him and said ‘Okay, that sounds like a fair trade.’”

That one isn’t too bad to start with. Hopefully, I’ll get some momentum with it at the next show.

I love comedy. I’ve spent years practicing my art whenever I got the chance, whether that happened to be in class with the person lucky enough to be sitting next to me or at family gatherings where my jokes usually went unappreciated and ignored. Tough crowd.

Despite my tireless attempts at finding gigs in stand-up clubs or bars, my age is often a deal breaker when it comes to any of the more popular places for comedy in my town. In fact, the only real stable place I performed at was the bimonthly car show in my town. That’s not a joke. I’ve always had a soft spot for cars. When I was five, I loved to zip around the sidewalks in my neighborhood in my bright red pedal car. Before I learned to drive, I would practice naming each car we passed as I sat in the back seat (There’s a Ford Focus. Here comes a Fusion. No way! A Corvette!). When I finally got my license, I would spend almost an hour every day driving around so I could get lost and try to find my way back home.

It’s a shame that as someone who loves sports cars, the first car I got was a hand-me-down 2006 Toyota from my brother. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Corolla, but I was still fascinated with the glossy cars with doors that open sideways. That’s why I was so excited when I finally got the gig at the local car show. I got to combine comedy and cars, my two greatest passions. I still remember my first day doing stand-up at the car show. I struggled to find jokes and nervously made small talk whenever I could. It seemed like most people weren’t even listening. At the end of the afternoon, the manager of the car show slapped me on the back and reassured me that I didn’t have to be perfect; I was only expected to keep things moving along and to answer questions.

To most people, cars are relatively boring. Sure, everyone wants to have the coolest ride, but beyond that layer of pride, most people are indifferent toward cars. Yet, automobiles are probably our single greatest invention. Few things have spurred innovation and revolutionized our lifestyles to the extent that cars have. It’s sad that most people don’t appreciate the impact cars have had on our lives, but this also brings with it an interesting opportunity. What would happen if we were to combine cars with the different interests and passions of others? For me, combining comedy and cars only strengthened my interest in both. Once I realized the importance of making cars seem entertaining and interesting, I took my lowly stand-up gig a lot more seriously. I realized that with my microphone in hand I had a lot of power. With a few well-thought-out jokes and good timing, I could turn the car show into a more enjoyable event. I knew I loved the show and if others gave it a shot, they would love it, too. Though I was originally hired to only fill time with small jokes and answer questions about cars whenever someone asked, my job soon turned into a main event at the car shows.

My jokes, however, were nothing compared to the exotic cars at the shows I performed at. Car shipping companies like A-1 Auto Transport are integral to car shows all across the nation. Without efficient methods of transporting cars, common car shows (like the bi-monthly one I attend) would be a rare occurrence. Of course, car shows use A-1 Auto Transport’s services a lot less than the millions of normal people who need to move their cars, but these car shows provide unique opportunities for any auto transport service. For example, car shows bring the local community of car lovers together in one place. While appreciating these “works of art on four wheels,” people will learn of A-1 Auto Transport’s services. As someone who has experienced the magic of car shows firsthand, I know that everyone there enjoys the work car shipping companies do to make these gatherings a reality.

After my first few days of performing stand-up at the car show, I found myself settling into the community of car lovers. There were people of all ages. Six-year-old boys zipped around the show with small toy cars in their hands while elderly couples slowly walked from exhibit to exhibit, paying extra attention to the antiques. I had never met most of these people before but I could feel the mutual love for cars that brought us all together. And yet, we aren’t just a homogenous group of people that only love cars. Most of us have a variety of interests that happen to include cars. Several students studying artificial intelligence at a local university attend consistently and we always chat about the possibilities of self-driving cars. Another man I’ve met built a private collection of motorcycles with his brother for over thirty years, and every so often he donates a motorcycle to the car show. Even my manager, who at first seemed really uninterested in the show, actually put down thousands of dollars to found the car show about eleven years ago in order to combine his interests in cars and entrepreneurship. Like these people, most of us have a myriad of varied interests. By finding unique intersections with some of our passions, we can find new ways to do the things we love.

Submitted by Warren Alphonso
on 03/06/18

Joe Webster

Written by Joe Webster

Joe Webster began his journey in the auto transport field by attending the University of Southern California (USC), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Marketing.

After college, he started his career in the auto transport industry from the bottom up and has done virtually every job there is to do at A-1 Auto Transport, including but not limited to: Truck Driver, Dispatch, Sales, PR, Bookkeeping, Transport Planner, Transport Manager, International Transport Manager, Brokering, Customer Service, and Marketing. Working with his mentor Tony Taylor, Joe Webster has learned the ins and outs of this industry which is largely misunderstood.

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