Chile Vehicle Registration Process

How To Register A Vehicle In Chile | Full Process

Trying to bring a new vehicle into a country is tough. With the right importer, the process of going through customs and paying the right fees should be a breeze.

Whatever the case, it’s good to know all the processes you have to go through to register and legally drive your car. Below are some of the basic pieces of information to register your vehicle in Chile.

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Getting Your License

The Chilean government has integrated everything under a national number identification system, referred to as the RUT (Rol Único Tributario). The number can be used for bank accounts, groceries, store membership cards and taxes. More importantly, it will help you obtain a license to drive in the country.



Here’s the minimum you need to know about getting a license as a permanent resident.

  • You must be at least 18.
  • The RUN must be in good standing.
  • Meet basic education requirements. These don’t have anything to do with driver’s education so much as having graduated from high school. That needs to be certified by the Chilean consult as well as your country of origin’s consult.

After meeting those marks, you’ll need to pass the written test, the physical test and the practical test. The written test is a 45 minute exam with 35 multiple choice questions, with a passing score being 33 out of 38. If you pass that, you get a medical/physical test.

The last hurdle is the practical driving exam: 10 minutes of driving on your own plus 15 minutes of driving under direction.

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To register a car, you’ll need the following:

  • Have an RUT
  • Have the vehicle’s information ready (make, model, year, color, fuel type, weight, engine number)

After that you’ll have to go to an office of Civil Registry, order a vehicle registration, submit the documents, fill out the form and pay the registration fee. The office will review the record and, if approved, send a certificate of registration. If the application is rejected, the notice will come by mail and the applicant should come to the office to make any corrections.

General Tips

Getting around by car can be challenging in Chile. People drive on the right-hand side of the road but signs will be posted on all corners so keep your eyes peeled. Gas stations are few and far in between so fuel up as much as possible in between stops.

Insurance is also required to drive a vehicle here. It’s obtained through third-party companies.

The country is also full of toll-roads, with local booths accepting cash.

Resources For Driving & Registration In Chile

Getting A Driver’s License In Chile – An online resource with information about getting a local license as a foreigner in Chile.

Driving In Chile – Information from the U.S. Embassy in Chile about how to navigate the roadways and local regulations that apply to vehicles and ownership.

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