Azerbaijan Vehicle Registration Process

Azerbaijan: The Process Of Registering An Imported Vehicle

Azerbaijan is the wild west as far as driving is concerned. With poor infrastructure and little governance of the road rules, driving is not advised for the country.

That said, there are still a means to register a vehicle in the country.

Registering A Vehicle

You can make an appointment to register your vehicle at the local state traffic department. Important documents to have while registering the car are:

  • Passport – It should be translated into Azerbaijani along with having it notarized
  • Residence – Proof that you are a resident
  • Driver’s License – A valid international driver’s license is adequate
  • Records – Proof of the vehicle’s service record
  • Ownership – Vehicle certificate and title

A few other rules to keep in mind are that registration should take place within 10 days of changing your legal residence and within 10 days of passing the customs process. Registration can be done at the State Traffic Police Department. The country operates on a single window principle, meaning the import process and the registration process are done simultaneously.



Once completed, special license plates are issued for imported vehicles. These plates have a yellow background and have the letter “H” in front in front of the license number.

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Rules Of The Road

The minimum driving age for the country is 18 years and vehicles stay on the right side of the road. But experience doesn’t prepare one for the general hazards found on the roads of the Southwest Asia country. Some of the common things you’ll see are:

  • Open manhole covers
  • Sinkholes
  • Potholes
  • Debris
  • Lack of lane markings
  • Lack of signs
  • Lack of warnings

Drivers in the country don’t pay attention to general rules of the road, often not seeing pedestrians or other vehicles.  Accidents are a frequent site in the country and drivers typically travel at higher speeds than is safe. Driving in the country’s capital, Baku, is considered extremely hazardous by the U.S. Embassy and rural roads are often unpaved.

Side note to people reconsidering registering their car, public transportation is poorly maintained and faces overcrowding.

The country has a zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol. Petrol stations are infrequent in the country and it’s recommended drivers have a can of fuel in the vehicle. In the winter, drivers are advised to keep a blanket, shovel, torch and food in the event of vehicles being stuck in the snow.

Some sites suggest not turning left but driving further down to the road to a safe turn around point, making a 180-degree turn and coming back to turn right.

There is also political tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia, with regular gunfire exchanged between the two nations. Some areas are heavily land mined.

Resources For Registering & Driving A Vehicle in Azerbaijan

Rules Of The Road – A good resource for basic driving information about Azerbaijan, as well as some other local resources.

State Migration Service – If you’re making a permanent move to Azerbaijan, this page will help you with necessary documents and requirements for living in the country.

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