Submitted by Christina Lois Ansu
on 11/28/17

The true finest convenience for maximum comfort.I was astonished when I came across A1 Auto Transport among scholarship providers.I immediately perceived ‘wow! Ambitious and user-friendly. This made me eager to read more about the company. I found the site very interesting and well designed, giving a deeper insight and knowledge regarding the modern business world. I am with utmost confidence that should current and future businessmen and entrepreneurs desire convenience and comfort of service delivery?without hesitation should endorse A1 Auto Transport since it is the only easy, fast, risk-free and profit assuring price quote company you can ever think of.
I decided to read the part that got me dumbfounded(the scholarship program).Actually, I must commend A-1 Auto Transport. On behalf of all students nationwide, I express a sincere gratitude for this very initiative. It is hopeful of this scholarship program to serve as the bedrock to found many lives in the knowledge of technology and the good wills A-1 Auto Transport has mechanized over 20 years now. Educating an individual has always been seen as undeniably educating a nation.
Its stupendous measures to ensure that visitors to its site are engaged and their interest aroused is commendable towards the acquisition of many new visitors like myself.

A-1 Auto Transport Company has enviably maintained high standard measures and has ensured effectiveness of service delivery due to
A-1 Auto Transport incorporates most of the recent technologies and strives towards efficiency through the economic synchronization of logistics to providing on-the-ground efficiency. With A-1 Auto Transport’s effective and diligent BROKERS and well mechanized modern road fit CARRIERS, efficiency is guaranteed.
Businesses are mostly recognized when they are able to provide a good encoding (giving information)-decoding (receiving information) systems of communication. A-1 Auto Transport is not an exception to this reality. With its advertising agencies especially in the East African Communities such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda where there seem to be often lack of sufficient information and technology about the goods and services available on the market today as well as breaking language barriers to the effect of translating product manual makes A-1 exceptional.During shipments, customers are often informed of progress with GPS trackers. Customer service is mostly held with great value talking of price quotes delivery methods and discount programs that are well explained and communicated to customers online for free.
A-1 Auto Transport has proven beyond doubts to be an environmentally friendly company and has been certified by the environmental protection agency “SMART WAY” as a recognized environment protective company-May 2010.It’s really amazing and there isn’t a lot of other options (Volvo! Promising an all-electronic line-up in the near 2019.China! Has a rather ambitious goal of 5 million electronic cars by 2020).These and much more like self-driving technology makes A-1 Auto Transport more sustainable and the convenience you deserve, a customer in Dubai, with Dubai’s GREEN MOBILITY INITIATIVE.

Brands of automobiles shipped include Alfa Romeo, Cobra, Chrysler, Volvo (The A-1 Auto Transport that was founded in1989 has specialized in car shipping/transport, motorcycle transport/shipping, boat transport/shipping) and all car brand makes and models

A-1 Auto Transport renders superb and awesome services in the following delivery methods
– Door to door, pick up drop off
– International/ Roll-on Roll-off
– Classic and antique car
– Enclosed
– International motorcycle shipping
– Military and armed forces
-Boats and yachts
– Luxury cars
– Freight shipping
– ATV’S(All Team Vehicle)
– RV’S( Recreational Vans) and motorhomes
Ideally in a more secure way for the pleasure and relaxation of customers in an insured manner.
A-1 Auto Transport has proven to be the biggest US base auto shipper. It has its delivery routes covering all 50 States in the US and with international packages. It is proud to boast of many delivery routes and with a network of over 30 terminals and over 30 modern carriers. With A-1 Auto Transport customers are assured timeliness, safety, and affordability of service

As part of the FMCSA regulations, A-1 Auto Transport Company has basic insurance coverage included in any price quote you get to guard against damages that may be caused during shipping of a vehicle. A supplemental insurance for those transporting high value, rare, expensive or one- a- kind cars.A-1 ‘gets you covered’ getting you your desired without extra charges should you request immediate delivery or time- bond delivery. A GPS tracking insurance would provide customers the customer care while awaiting your cherished automobile conveniently. With A-1, every service is secured.

With over 20 years of experience, A-1 has achieved the status of being the most customer oriented company(gives a wonderful site where information is ideal. A-1 has the resources, the established delivery routes and professional services available to make overseas transport safe easy and convenient for customers with considerable discounts with the A-1 Auto Transport’s discount programs.

In other to design a perfect, user-friendly nationwide and international shipping services, A-1 Auto Transport is fully committed to providing customers with absolute lowest prices for higher quality automobile shipping on the market today. Surely A-1 ensures
– Military discount programs
– Students discounts
– Seniors
– Snowbirds
– Seasonal
– Multi-car discounts
-Online booking discounts,
to maintain the apex as the customer friendly company among transport companies.
It’s amazing how A-1 Auto Transport seeks the comfort and the well-being of all individuals, l will continually commend them for such generous offers of which I am particularly concern about the ‘A-1 Auto Transport Annual Scholarship’

The more overwhelming among A-1 Auto Transport’s programs.
A-1 has ensured a scholarship program with encouraging packages to help students meet their education-related expenses. I am glad that a scholarship of three awards would be awarded under A-1 scholarship program yearly.
The scholarship has a flexible eligibility assessment( applicants must be current full-time or part-time student of a recognized institution and must have a minimum accumulative GPA of 3.0 with no requirement of minimum age) this is of no doubt a philanthropic philosophy and more surprisingly is the student discount.
As an applicant, I hope to be considered for such a scholarship to enable me meet my educational expenses to have a peaceful readiness to complete my course outline and to also prepare my next article ‘ The Philanthropic philosophy of A-1 Auto Transport Company’ with a testimony.

I am proud to be an African and that A-1 Auto Transport has not looked down on us for it has sought to explore the East African Countries. I am of the view that should A-1 expand its tentacles throughout Africa it would succeed.I would plead that the ‘foreign motor vehicle import requirements(PDF) on the site be made accessible. If the US-Africa international car shipping rate calculator of $2,200 is reduced as stipulated in November with further remunerations for customers in the underdeveloped and the developing countries it would help strengthen the Roll- on/ Roll- off delivery routes terminals in Africa. I write to emerge the West African countries to benefit from the Roll-on(vehicles driven unto air freights or oceanic boat carriers and secured for delivery)/Roll-off(vehicles driven off carriers at destinations) service. With that, most African especially Ghanaians would purchase price quotes at high demands. I personally have envisioned enjoying the services of A-1 Auto Transport Company and would, therefore, put in all maximum efforts to become an achiever and a prospective customer. I, therefore, hope the committee finds my article outstanding and award-winning to enable me to become a successful salary earner or likewise wage earner to fulfill my dream and to even venture into multi-car shipping.I am also optimistic that per the current software application that makes purchases possible over the internet in Africa such as the Tonaton and others if A-1 should move into rendering their services, not for only Roll-on/Roll-off but also international within Africa, like an individual seeing a vehicle online and desiring to have it transported from East/south/North to West Africa and vice versa.Lastly, I would say that being an employee of A-1 comes with many benefits but I have got to know A-1 as always in need of the best employees per the requirements posted on the website. I therefore suggest that though there may be on-the-job training/orientation for successful applicants for employment, A-1 can have the best it deserves by establishing training centers in the US and further across the world especially in Africa to impact the needed competence to everyone who desires to be an employee in an automobile shipping/transport company then A-1 can employ those who pass out of the training successfully. I don’t expect successful trainees to look down on the offer of working for A-1 under such enormous benefits. Financial difficulties for establishing such training centers could be lessen if the requirements to benefit from a student scholarship program which I believe A-1 would be proud to initiate is adjusted at least for now (a high school diploma with specified grade point, and driving license as a primary requisite, clean driving record, attention to road signs and a basic understanding of car mechanics) I believe A-1 Auto Transport would be undoubtedly well of.
From my point of view, A-1 Auto Transport Company is the best and would always be the ultimate.
Submitted by Christina Lois Ansu
on 11/28/17

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