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Car Shipping Rates From A-1 Auto Transport

Finding the best car shipping rates may seem like it requires a lot of research which you don’t want to spend any time doing, but if you know where to start when it comes to researching auto shipping rates, you may be able to end your search there as well. A-1 Auto Transport provides its customers with  FREE auto transport rates to compare, which will give you a good indication of how much shipment of your vehicle will cost.

Auto Transport Rates Information

The cost to ship a vehicle can vary greatly depending on many different factors. Some of the factors which can affect the final price are the type of automobile, such as a small vehicle, truck, van or even RV. The value of the automobile can have an effect as well because it will cost more to insure or guarantee the safety of a more expensive automobile during transportation. One of the things that will have the largest effect on your prices will be the distance it needs to be shipped. It will, of course, be quite a bit cheaper to ship a vehicle just across town versus across the state or country. Add in international services and even overseas car moving and the price will jump as well.


Car Shipping Rates By A-1 Auto Transport

How Are My Car Shipping Rates Determined?

Your prices will be determined by a combination of all the different factors involved in each transaction. Of course, some things like the distance of the job will weigh more heavily on the price than something like the difference in value of two mid range vehicles. With that in mind, it is important to try to find the right balance of cost and quality when choosing an auto transportation service. It may be wise to find several companies that can provide this service and ask for a  rate quote from each of them. Asking if there are any additional perks involved with choosing one over the other is smart as well. Some companies can guarantee faster ship times than others or may provide some other advantages, like local car pick up.

No matter the cost, the most important thing to consider when choosing a company is their ability to safely deliver your car to the destination you want. Without this ability, there is no reason to attempt to have your automobile shipped in the first place. Most pricing will include the option of having insurance added to the job. This will provide some peace of mind that if the car is damaged or destroyed during the vehicle transport process, you will get the value back so you don’t lose your investment. Whenever buying this type of added insurance, make sure to read the fine print, as some of them will only pay out if the damage is done by the negligence of the company and not in the event of an accident, which is much more likely.

When moving cars long distances or especially when moving cars overseas and internationally, you may not have quite as many options, since some auto transport companies do not offer these services. While it may be difficult, it’s still important to make sure you are dealing with a very reputable company with a lot of experience. The additional complications associated with long distance and international shipments will certainly add to your auto transport rates, but that is to be expected due to the additional expenses the company will incur having to transport the car such a great distance. Despite this fact, you don’t want to get ripped off by paying an extraordinarily high amount to the first company you contact. If possible, get quotes from several companies that offer this service as well.


Deciding On An Auto Transport Company

Once you have all the price options available, it is time to make your choice as to which company to go with for your car shipping needs. If the price and reputation of several companies are quite similar, there are some other things you can take into consideration to help make your final decision. The first thing to look at may be how close the vehicle transport company is to your current location. If you have to drive the car a significant distance to get the automobile to the company, it will add on a lot of expense and hassle which you will want to avoid whenever possible. This extra expense should be added to your rate quotes to get a more accurate picture of the actual final cost of transporting your car.

Another item to look at is how long it will take to get the car from its current location to the final destination. Each company should be able to provide an estimated time of arrival for the car and this amount of time could vary quite a bit. In some cases, this can be very important if you have promised the car will be delivered by a certain date or time. If you are in a situation where it must be delivered on time, it is also possible to have the auto transport companies add in a delivery time guarantee to the prices so you can have some compensation if the delivery date you requested is not met.

One last item to consider before making a final decision on whom to hire to help with your auto transportation needs is the age of the company. If an auto transport company has just recently opened and you can’t find many reputable reviews of the company, it may be best to avoid hiring them if possible. This is especially true if you are shipping a high value automobile or moving one a great distance. It is best to leave nothing to chance when moving any car for any distance and hiring a new and possibly inexperienced company to assist you in this area could be a problem waiting to happen.

No matter what your reason for wanting to ship a car, no matter the type of car you need shipped and no matter how far you need it shipped, it is important to take the time to ensure you get the right company to help you through the process. Getting car shipping rates from several companies is one of the first steps in this process to ensure everything goes smoothly and you are happy with the results. So give us a try – fill out our quote form today!

If you have any questions regarding auto transport rates or car shipping in general, call A-1 Auto Transport’s customer service department, and we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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