How To Ship Your Zotye.

Cars, SUVs or vans, Zotye has always produced quality. With such good cars, it might seem like a good idea hitting the open road after buying it. However, considering the potential costs and the sheer number of things that could go wrong in such a scenario, the only option that remains is to have it shipped home.

Still, knowing this leaves the car owner with the job of choosing a company for the job. Only a reliable car transport company should be chosen to ship the vehicle home. Here are some of the more important characteristics of a truly reliable car transport company.

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Not every single company in the industry is as committed to the provision of quality services as we are.Among the numerous companies that offer car shipping services, there are a number of companies only interested in making the quick buck, and not necessarily in offering the best possible service to their clients. This is the reason why we hold integrity in our services in such high regard.

When customers look at review websites, they will often find that they are filled with scary stories of drivers taking longer routes, damaging the vehicles under their care or colluding with untrustworthy individuals who then end up stealing their vehicles. When customers commit themselves to working with us, they are committing to unprecedented quality, and a promise to give exactly what we claim to do on our website and adverts.


It is sometimes difficult to assign responsibility for one’s shipment especially given the fact that a lot of the transactions in the shipping industry is done by middle men and brokers. Brokers connect the drivers with the customer and take a cut of the total cost.

Brokers are only interested in the highest bidder and their cut. They are the contact person, but will not be the individuals directly involved in the important part of the business, the actual move from point A to B. however, at our company, we run our own operations and have our own equipment. The contact person will normally be in a position to give information as and when it is required. Furthermore, we have free and accurate car tracking services which add to our credibility.

Competitive rates.

We offer some of the most affordable car shipping services in the industry. When looking for an auto shipping company, many people will always go for the lowest priced. However, it is not always that cheap is the best. Our prices might not always be the lowest in the industry, but we make sure our customers get what they pay for, and then some.

Value for money is our pricing mantra, and we are always looking to provide service worth the amounts we charge for it. Whenever we give out quotes, we always make sure they are all inclusive, covering everything from the cost of insurance to customs for overseas shipment.

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