What Vehicle Shipping Paperwork Should I Expect?

Vehicle Shipping Paperwork You Should Expect?

When shipping a vehicle with an auto transportation company, you must show the appropriate paperwork, so the transporters may confirm you have insurance and the vehicle is your belonging.



Documents required when shipping within the U.S.

When transporting a truck, car, ATV, motorcycle or RV inside the continental part of the U.S., the following paperwork and information is required:

  1. Original Registration and Title: To ship a vehicle, you must have the original registration and title. If the title has a lien on it currently, you must procure from your Lien Holder a permission letter.
  2. Insurance: proof of insurance is a must when shipping a vehicle. The proof must contain valid dates.
  3. Photo: A photo identification is also required. This may come in the form of a state ID or driver’s license, which is still available, or a valid passport if you’re a citizen of another country.
  4. Considerations: If you would like someone else to ship your vehicle on your behalf, you must prepare a notarized letter containing certain required information. This information can include the company doing the auto shipping, the name in full of your representative, the VIN (vehicle registration number), etc.

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Shipping to Another Country, Overseas or Within the Same Continent

Transporting a vehicle to another country or overseas implies additional documents and information besides the ones mentioned above. These are:

  1. Bill of Sale: A notarized bill of sale is necessary to confirm the vehicle is your own. Auto shipping companies are required by law to transport vehicles to other countries only after receiving the owner’s consent.
  2. Proof of Sales Tax: Documentation, proving the sales tax required by the state is paid, is required when shipping an RV, motorcycle, truck, car or ATV. Sales taxes incurred by the vehicle before its shipping must be paid as well.
  3. Import Duty: Depending on the country you’re transporting your vehicle to, you may have to provide proof of paying the duty taxes imposed by that country.
  4. Power of Attorney in original form: When exporting or importing an RV, ATV, car, motorcycle or truck for someone else, such a document is required.

Paperwork Required for Military Personnel

If you are a member in the U.S. military, to ship a vehicle, you will need the following documents:

  1. A VIN (vehicle identification number);
  2. The leasing company’s written approval or an authorizing export from the lienholder if applicable;
  3. Proof of ownership (registration and title), your photo ID and your driver’s license;
  4. If you are shipping a motorcycle, you will need a DD Form 788-2;
  5. If you are shipping a Van, you will need a DD Form 788-1;
  6. If you are shipping an Automobile, you will have to prepare a DD Form 788.
  7. If the automobile is shipped by someone other than the military member, you must provide a certified copy of the power of attorney belonging to the service member, an authorization letter signed by him/her, or any other agreeable evidence from the owner of empowering the third party. Such evidence is not required when the shipping is managed by the service member’s spouse if she appears on PCS orders.

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