What is Diversion In Regards To Shipping A Vehicle?

Generally, once an auto transport carrier determines the route and begins transporting your vehicle, it sticks with it pretty closely. After all, these routes are carefully planned out to ensure that it’s the shortest and most efficient route. Otherwise, the carrier may spend more than it needs to on gas and other various expenses.

In some instances though, you may experience unexpected delays in the shipping process. One of the main culprits is known as diversion. It’s not quite common, but it does occur, and understanding what it is will help to provide more clarity on the situation should you ever experience it.

The Definition of Diversion

Diversion takes place when the route has to be changed or “diverted” due to an occurrence. It means completely changing the planned route and going a different path than had been planned. Because carriers will usually be transporting more than one vehicle at a time, this can change the order in which they are delivered and result in significant delays to you and major decreases in the profit margins to carriers.

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Why Do Diversions Occur?

Diversions occur due to a variety of reasons. The main reason is often due to weather-related issues. When carriers plan out their routes, the weather is not always at the forefront of their minds, unless it’s in regards to a major storm that is gaining considerable media coverage. Auto transport carriers do check the weather and generally have an idea of what to expect based on the route and the season, but sometimes, unpredictable occurrences can take place.

A prime example would be a blizzard or a hurricane resulting in roads being closed or conditions so bad that the auto transport truck would have to wait out the storm.

An additional reason why diversions take place is because of mechanical issues with the transport truck. As they’re quite large vehicles, transport trucks can suffer from a host of problems unless they are properly maintained. A situation such as a flat tire or a broken radiator means that the driver will have to wait for it to be repaired. They will often have to drive to a mechanic’s shop, meaning that they will have to deviate from the planned route. If it’s late at night, they might have to wait until the morning to find a shop that is open.

What Diversion Means for You

Diversion means delays in the delivery of your vehicle. What it doesn’t mean is increased costs for you thankfully, as that economical burden falls solely on the carrier. If a diversion does take place, auto transport companies that are professional should contact you via e-mail, text, or a phone call in order to explain the situation and give you an update as to the new delivery date.

Diversions are certainly an inconvenience, but it is something that auto transport companies try to avoid as much as possible. Sometimes, things happen that are entirely out of anyone’s control.

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