What Are My Shipping Options to Get a Car from the US to the Czech Republic?

People all over the world take advantage of auto transport services on a regular basis. Some of the most dedicated shipping customers consist of dealerships, manufacturers, and private vehicle owners.

The cost of overseas shipping services is minimal in comparison to what it would cost if you found an alternative way of getting the car to its destination. That is why so many use the assistance of professional international auto shipping companies. It’s the safest and most efficient way to ship a car. By contacting the Embassy of the Czech Republic, you can become informed of the latest import policies and tax rates so that you can prepare ahead of time for the transport.

When you’re looking through the overseas transporters near your home in the U.S., consider your shipping options. You want to make sure that the shipping services you choose are within your budget, yet relevant to your needs. A customer service representative of the company will help you make any decisions to assure they ship your car to the Czech Republic without any hindrance.

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Shipping Options to Safely Get Your Car to the Czech Republic.

Although you will have a lot of shipping services and add-ons to choose from, there are really only two main forms of transport to choose between. There is a third transport method, but this includes transporting the car by a plane which is very expensive and impractical for most.

  • Container shipping allows you to ship your car and any other possessions you may want to have delivered to the country. All items must be lawful in the country. This shipping method offers the vehicle more protection than the other transport option. The car will be kept safe from the possibility of damage caused by rough waters or poor weather conditions. You can split the container space and costs of the transport with someone shipping to the same place if you don’t need the entire container for yourself.
  • The RO/RO shipping method is an open-air delivery service. The car will be driven onto the top of a flatbed ship where it is secured for its journey to the Czech Republic. The car mustn’t have anything but the floor mats, car jack and spare tire left inside. This shipping method is the cheapest option you’ll have and it is highly preferred by anyone shipping multiple vehicles or shorter distances.

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