What Are Guaranteed Auto Transport Delivery Dates

Auto transport is not often as easy as it looks resulting in confusion if one is not well prepared. Fortunately, various agencies are always on hand to provide guidance on the best way to ease the process and have your car transported to you within the shortest time possible. Even so, there are still challenges that vehicle owners face when it comes to transportation, with the most common being guaranteed auto transport delivery dates. In reality, no company can guarantee the delivery of a vehicle on a specific date, with majority giving delivery or pick up windows that they can adhere to.


What Are Guaranteed Auto Transport Delivery Dates


Although most customers need guaranteed auto transport delivery dates when hiring a company, the best they do is give an estimated range of time. This range is often determined by a number of factors which vary from one company to another depending on their internal policies. Nevertheless, here are some ways in which car transport companies estimate the time within which they are able to deliver your vehicle.

Availability of trailers

Transportation companies that often carry similar vehicles from one point to another usually purchase particular trailers for general use. However, if they receive an order for a special type of vehicle particularly in size, and do not have one within their fleet, they may need to source for a trailer that can be used for its transportation. Most times, the search for an appropriate trailer may take longer than expected resulting in the alteration of delivery dates from those that may have been previously confirmed. In such cases, the time frame may be extended to accommodate the delay in finding the trailer and in some cases a driver that is familiar with it.

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Final destination of vehicle

It is common to find auto transport companies operating within certain routes when moving vehicles from one destination to another. These routes are well known by their drivers, especially if it is within their local area allowing them to move much faster to their destinations and deliver the cars. It is due to this familiarity with the routine that companies can give guaranteed auto transport delivery dates only to disappoint when their driver has to travel to a new destination. Foreign destinations often come with challenges of weather, terrain, and safety issues which may delay delivery. In such cases, the company will give an estimated delivery date but leave a window open for any unexpected delays on the way to the agreed location.

Mechanical trouble

Although majority of transport trailers are serviced on a regular basis because of the long distances they cover, they sometimes breakdown in transit. If the breakdown is minimal and is repaired quickly, it might not affect the overall dates, except maybe for the time, if it was specified. However, when the mechanical problem requires that the trailer be taken out of the road for a number of days, then the delivery date must be changed. Fortunately, transport companies usually have a backup plan that may involve the transfer of your vehicle to a trusted carrier to continue with the journey ensuring that it arrives on time. Also, they may request for another trailer from their local office to transport the remaining cars to their destinations within the shortest time possible.

Natural disasters

Delivery dates by auto transport companies are communicated to clients with an ideal situation in mind. Therefore, the occurrence of natural disasters such as storms or heavy rain can quickly change the narrative and result in late delivery. Although sudden natural disasters are quite rare within local areas, transportation across states or even countries can face such situations. In most cases, changes in delivery dates will be communicated within the shortest time possible to avoid disappointment for clients.

Poor recording of information

Getting the right information, whether through electronic or physical forms is important if guaranteed auto transport delivery dates are to be adhered to. However, there are times when the information captured is not recorded correctly resulting in the delivery of vehicles to the wrong address. In such instances, drivers must liaise with the head office to be directed to the right location which will delay delivery. Also, the client might have mistakenly provided the wrong information about the pick up or final destination resulting in delay and overall change in delivery dates.

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